Road to Redemption: 40. Chapter 38

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40. Chapter 38

"You know you should feel grateful that Maedhros did not inherit his father's irrational temper; otherwise, Elrond would need to find a new minstrel!  Tell me, when was the last time you saw your *lover*?

Lindir's opalescent hair hid his down cast face.  "He came by while I was practicing yesterday," Lindir stated as way of excuse.  He lifted his eyes briefly, then lowered them again.  He could not bear to see the disappointment in the advisor's ebony eyes.

"Perhaps, I should rephrase that…when was the last time you gave Maglor you attention?  Did you even notice he did not sleep in his quarters last night?" 

Shocked eyes looked up.  "I, I stayed in the healing wing.  Where did Maglor sleep?"

Erestor could not help but put a bit of fear in the minstrel's heart.  "He slept in another's room," he raised his eyebrows suggestively.

 Lindir's heart sank.  After pursuing the Noldo relentlessly, having the Valar directly involved and bringing the elf back to civilization, how could he be so stupid?  Maglor had every right to leave him.  He pushed, or rather, ignored the most important elf in his life and now he had lost him.

Erestor took pity on the young elf.  It was clear that Lindir thought he had lost Maglor and felt horrible.  "He stayed with Maedhros."  Lindir face lit with a smile.  "Maedhros stopped by and found him drunk.  Since it was clear that you would not be returning anytime soon, he took his brother back to his rooms for the night.  He did not want to leave Maglor in his state."  The raven-haired councilor held up a hand to stop an interruption.  "Then, first thing this morning I have a visit from the one elf who has captured my interest, only to find that he sought me out for information; information about the nature of your relationship to Legolas!  What could you possibly have been thinking?  If a dear friend of mine lay near death, I would want my lover with me, supporting me."  Erestor plopped down next to the remorseful elf.

"I am so sorry.  I really did not think…I know it is no excuse.  I love Maglor with my whole being.  I guess I assumed that he knew that.  He never said anything to me."

Erestor rested a hand on Lindir's slumped shoulder.  "In most cases, I would agree that the average elf would have confronted you or at least joined you in your vigil; but you must remember who you chose as a lover.  Maglor has blamed himself and denied himself for so long that he truly came to believe that he did not deserve any kind of relationship…especially of the intimate kind."  Lindir looked into the dark eyes and his heart broke.  He had wronged Maglor terribly, now he could only hope it was not too late.  Erestor continued, "He still doubts that you could love him…that the Valar would give him the gift of love.  He is resting in Maedhros' rooms right now."  Leaving it at that, the councilor stood and left the hall.  Lindir allowed the tears to fall freely now.  *He* did not deserve the gift the Valar gave him.


Elladan and Rúmil galloped into the courtyard, nearly trampling Erestor as he headed back to his study.

In one swift motion, the older twin slid off his mount and approached the shaken advisor.  "Erestor!  What has happened?  Where is 'Ro?"  Rúmil dismounted and handed both sets of reins to a groom who came up from the stables.  He also cast one last look at the horse that was responsible for giving him one of the greatest nights in his life.  The horse snorted and followed the groom to the stable.  The Silvan elf then stepped up to Elladan and Erestor.

"He is alright, but gave your father quite a scare.  He and Haldir went to meet the Mirkwood delegation and found them under attack."  Erestor read the question in Rúmil's eyes.  "Haldir is fine, however Elrohir hid his injury.  He later collapsed in his room.  If Haldir had not been passing, I fear we would be mourning his death."

Rúmil put a comforting hand on Elladan's strong shoulder.  "What was he thinking?  He is never so irresponsible…What about the delegation?  Was anyone lost?"

Erestor sighed, "A Mirkwood guard now rests in Namo's halls and Legolas arrived here near death himself."  The advisor let out a weary sigh.  "Your father will be glad to have you home.  I hear he did not handle Elrohir's situation very well.  Took it out on Haldir AND Glorfindel." 

"I had better see Ada first.  Since that dimwitted brother of mine escaped death, he can wait until I see Ada and clean up."  He and Rúmil chuckled; Erestor just shook his head and excused himself.  He was now quite behind on the day's work.

Elladan wrapped a possessive arm around Rúmil's waist and pulled him towards the main house.  "Come, we will stop by my Ada's study and then we can clean up and I will wash your hair if you will wash mine."  Rúmil blushed and hoped Elrond would not keep them long.


In no time, Rúmil found himself being dragged up the main staircase, into the family wing and through Elladan's chamber door.  As he was virtually flung into the center of the room, he saw a predatory grin cross his lover's face as the lock on the door clicked ominously.  

"Now, Elladan…" The twin advanced on the archer.  Smirking as he passed Rúmil, Elladan headed to his bathing chamber and began to draw a bath.  Rúmil came to the door and leaned against the frame.  Turning to face the silver haired elf, Elladan began to remove his sword and belt.  He took a step towards the door.  The twin's tunic fell to the floor and he advanced another step.  By this point, Rúmil had dropped his sword belt and his quiver.  His dark gray tunic followed.  His eyes never left Elladan's as the older elf sauntered forward.  Stopping about halfway through the room, Elladan beckoned the slender elf toward him with his finger.  Rúmil obliged, his hands moving to the laces of his shirt.  Hands made swift work of the laces on leggings as Elladan slowly pushed the leather over his hips.  He stood before Rúmil clothed only in his pale blue silk shirt; it fell seductively to just past his firm arse.  Rúmil's eyes darkened with desire, in two strides had reached the twin, and claimed the willing mouth in a searing kiss.  Elladan's hands worked their way beneath the soft fabric.  Slowly, he pushed Rúmil's shirt up.  Breaking the kiss for only a moment, he lifted the shirt over Rúmil's head before locking his lips with their soft counterparts.  The silver haired elf moaned as strong fingers tangled in his long hair. 

Moving backward slowly, the two elves managed to get to the tub side, leaving a trail of clothing along the way.  How they got into the bath, washed and before the fire was all a bit of a blur.

At the moment, Elladan sat before the fire, enjoying the feeling of Rúmil combing his hair.  Rúmil could not resist; he pushed the thick curtain of silk to the side and placed a gentle kiss to the pale neck that was revealed.

Feeling a little guilty, Rúmil wrapped his arms around the warrior before him and quietly asked, "Are you not anxious to see Elrohir?" 

Elladan chuckled.  "Well, I was this morning, but since we arrived, I have felt him in a peaceful sleep.  He is no longer in danger so…"

"You wanted to get cleaned up first."

"Something like that."  Elladan turned his head and captured Rúmil's lips in a loving kiss.  "Now, let us go see what my crazy little brother was thinking."


Lindir knocked hesitantly on Maedhros' door.  He hoped the eldest son of Feanor was not at home.  He wanted to make amends to Maglor before having to face Maedhros.  When he got no response, he pushed the handle down and quietly entered the chambers.  As he came to the bedroom door, he could not help the tears that filled his eyes.  His lover was as pale as the sheets on the bed.  His eyes were red rimmed.  Lindir moved to kneel at the bedside.  Taking a cold hand in his own trembling one, he bowed his head and kissed the cool skin.  Maglor stirred.

"Brother?"  Maglor's voice was raspy and weak.  Rising to sit on the side of the bed, still holding his lover's hand, Lindir spoke up softly.

"No, my love.  It is only I."

Maglor's eyes went wide as he focused on the beautiful face he had come to love.  Wiggling his hand out of the gentle grasp, the worn elf raised it shakily to finger a lock of silver-white hair.  "Lindir?"

The minstrel could not stop the tears from falling.  "I am so sorry, melethron.  I was so worried about a friend that I shut you out completely.  Please, forgive me.  I,  I…"  Lindir's voice failed.  Maglor wiped a tear from a pale cheek.

"Shhh, do not cry."

"I was so thoughtless.  I have no right to ask, but please, do not leave me."

"Leave you?  I have no desire to leave you.  I just…" The hangover was catching up to him and Maglor had to pause.  "…I did not know who…why.  I though you had grown tired of me.  You are young and beautiful and deserve so much more than a…"

Lindir placed his fingers over Maglor's lips.  "Do not.  Please, I want you.  I love you.  There is and never will be anyone else for me.  I am so sorry to make you feel like that."  Lindir leaned down, rested his head against the Noldo's chest and sobbed.  "I am sorry; please say you will give me another chance."

Maglor stroked the soft hair.  He was too tired to really do more but the pain in his heart had lessened.  He wrapped his arms around the young elf and looking over to the door of the bedroom, gave a small smile. Maedhros smiled and left as silently as he had come.  It seems something or someone finally got through to the slight elf.  As Maedhros left his quarters and headed back to the forge a thought struck him…unless he wanted to sleep in a chair again, he needed to find a new room.  Maglor was still exhausted did not seem to inclined to move at the moment.  It seems he was going to be paying a certain dark eyed beauty another visit.

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