Road to Redemption: 41. Chapter 39

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41. Chapter 39

Elrond read the letter carefully.  He sympathized with his lover's concern.  However, while his ionnath were a handful at times, always pulling pranks and pursuing anything on two legs, they were not what one would call spoiled.  Their hearts were big and they were always willing to help.  As far as he knew, they never used their position or family relations to get what they wanted.  Legolas, it seemed, according to the letter, was now lacking that internal integrity.  Elrond sighed.  He felt honored that Thranduil trusted him so, but what was he supposed to do?   The Lord of the valley pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling a headache encroaching.


Elladan entered the healing house with Rúmil in tow.  Walking into his brother's room, he was pleased to see that his twin had color.  His eyes were glazed with sleep only and his breathing was even.  A young healer entered.

"Oh, forgive me," she said with a blush.  "I did not know Lord Elrohir had visitors.  It is time for him to eat, if he will wake," she added with a sigh.

Elladan gave the elleth a wicked grin.  "Do not worry, we will wake him for you.  Just make sure his meal arrives soon."  The healer cocked her head and studied the dark haired elf for a moment.  It seemed to Rúmil that she was reluctant to let Elladan wake his brother.  "Go on, I promise I will be gentle.  Even I know when to be sensible."

Rúmil could not contain a snicker and the healer rolled her eyes.  Once she had left, Elladan approached the bed. He sat on the edge and stroked his brother's dark hair.  "Ro, come on.  You must wake and eat.  I promised the healer you would awaken."  He leaned forward and kissed the smooth brow.  Rúmil stood transfixed near the door.  The tenderness he witnessed made his heart swell.  Elladan may be a bit of a cad and overly jovial, but he loved his family dearly.  Orcs fled at the sight of the twin sons of Elrond; Elladan's sword was known to all dark creatures.  Here that same hand, that can kill effortlessly, was bestowing the gentlest caress.  Rúmil was almost jealous that he was not on the other side of the caress, but quickly reminded himself that he had been the recipient of Elladan's tenderness.  He was brought out of his musings when the older twin made a threat.

"If you do not wake right now, little brother, I will douse you with a pitcher of water."

"You would not do such a thing!"  Rúmil gasped.

"Oh, yes I would.  He has slept long enough.  If he does not eat, his strength will begin to fail.  That in turn will make your, dear brother, quite distraught and we all know how Haldir is when he is…displeased."

"Let me fetch the pitcher for you."

"That…will not be…required," a soft whisper spoke up.  "It is impossible to sleep with this loud…*deep breath*…mouth sitting next to you."  Elrohir gave his brother a tired smile. 

"You know, your lack of judgment made a lot of sane elves act quite insane.  Okay, only one elf."

"Sorry, El.  It was foolish; I thought I could handle it myself.  I did not want anyone to fuss over me or think I was weak."

"By anyone you mean a certain tall, strong, immensely handsome Lórien captain who shall remain nameless but whose brother is gracing my…well, never mind that."

Rúmil approached, a blush fading from his cheeks.   "How are you feeling?" he asked from the foot of the bed.

Elrohir shrugged.  "Alright.  A little tired and sore; but I will live."  At that moment, a loud ruckus in the hall drew their attention.

"I will see what is the problem."  No sooner did Rúmil turn for the door there was a loud crash.  The silver haired elf slipped through the door and into the hall.

"This is UNACCEPTABLE!" came a shout.  "This room is not for someone of my station!"

"My Lord…" *smash*

"Get me proper quarters and fetch Elrond.  Only he is to tend to me!  Where is Lindir?  I know he has been sitting with me.  If you sent him away, you will be spider food!"

"No, my prince.  I did not.  I will see what I can do.  Please, just be patient."  Rúmil saw the Mirkwood captain hurry from the room.  He looked apologetically at the gathered healers.  "I am sorry.  He has his grandfather's temperament.  I do not wish to be difficult, but could someone find Lord Elrond?" 

"Rúmil, fetch my father.  I will handle the *prince*."  By this time, Elladan came out of his brother's room.  Rúmil nodded and sprinted to the main house, hoping Lord Elrond was available.  He had never met Prince Legolas, and at the moment, he had no desire to change that.


Erestor rounded the corner with determined strides.  He felt remotely bad for chastising Lindir that way, but the minstrel had to have his eyes forcefully opened.  Legolas was a troubled youth and their friendship had been a bit one sided.  The raven haired advisor could not…would not let a spoilt brat destroy a perfect match.  So lost in thought was he that upon turning the corner, he was brought up short by an impenetrable obstacle.  Said obstacle had surprisingly strong hands, which kept the startled advisor from landing on his posterior.  As his biceps were grabbed to avoid a fall, his hand instinctively came up and encountered a warm, taught chest; a finger ghosted over a bared nipple. Looking up is surprise, Erestor found himself quite speechless.  Amused eyes looked down into his dark pools.

"Forgive me, Lord Counselor," Maedhros said formally, although he did not relinquish his hold on the smaller elf.

"No need to apologize.  I was being careless," Erestor replied breathlessly, his hands still splayed over the vast expanse of the other's chest.  Erestor again locked eyes with Maedhros and as some strange surge of confidence swept through him, slid his hands up the smooth skin, reaching the neck and pulling down.  Standing on tiptoe, the normally reserved elf stretched up until his lips encountered their counterpart.  The Noldo was too startled to pull away and by the time Maedhros realized what Erestor was doing, he had no desire to stop it.  Slowly he slid his hands around the slender waist, pulling the elf of his dreams to his body.  Erestor could not stop the moan that escaped and pressed forward.  Feeling the tall elf smile, the advisor pushed aside any hesitation and pressed his tongue against Maedhros' lips, which the re-born warrior opened, letting the tentative tongue explore his mouth.  Neither elf seemed overly concerned that they stood in the middle of the hall that housed both Elrond's and Erestor's office.  Cupping the back of the advisor's head, Maedhros turned the tables and took control of the kiss, tasting every corner of the warm cavity beneath him.  Erestor moaned again, a warm heat pooling between his loins.

Rúmil came to a skidding halt at the opposite end of the hall.  He was certain he was seeing things.  That certainly was not Elrond's chief advisor kissing a strange, shirtless elf.  Hearing the startled gasp, the two lip-locked elves separated both showing signs of embarrassment.  Turning toward the sound, they found a crimson-faced guardian at a loss for words.

With as much decorum as he could muster, Erestor inquired, "Yes, Rúmil?  Was there something you needed?"

"Yes, a, Elladan, that is Lord Elladan sent me for his father."  Rúmil stuttered.  "Legolas…I mean Prince Legolas is having a bit of a tantrum in the healing wing and demands to see him…Lord Elrond, that is."

Maedhros chuckled as Erestor rolled his eyes.  Leave it to Legolas to mess up a perfect moment that did not involve him.  "I believe he is in the gardens at the moment."  The advisor cleared his throat.  "If you fetch him, I will see what can be done about Legolas."  Erestor did not miss the anger that flashed through Maedhros' beautiful eyes.  Resting a hand on a powerful forearm, Erestor got the former warrior's attention.  "He is a handful, but I assure you, there are no romantic feelings…"

Maedhros smiled and placed a gentle kiss on the sweet lips.  "I know; I came here to thank you.  I do not know what you said or did, but Lindir is presently with my brother."

"I am glad it has worked.  As much as I hate to leave, I really should rescue Elladan from the Prince's tantrum."  Erestor moved forward and gave the mahogany haired elf a hug.  Holding the embrace a moment longer, Maedhros whispered into a delicately pointed ear.  "I also will need a place to sleep as my brother and his lover have made themselves at home in my bedroom."  Before he could answer, Erestor found himself alone, listening to the soft footfalls of his would be lover retreat down the other corridor.  Erestor removed the smile on his face and schooled his features into his stern 'advisor' look.  Moving forward, he advanced through the hall and left the way Rúmil had entered.

Stopping before actually heading to the healing house, Erestor decided to fetch Glorfindel, just in case.  The Balrog slayer was about the only elf that could instill any form of fear in the obnoxious penneth.


Glorfindel was sparring with Haldir, knowing that a certain Galadhil was watching every move he made, and not for training purposes.  Unfortunately, this thought was just enough for the great warrior to loose focus and find himself flat on his back with a sword pointed at his throat. 

Haldir grinned.  "I think I will keep you around whenever I have to spar with Glorfindel.  It seems, my dear Orophin, that you pose quite a distraction.  I wonder why that is?"  He looked down at the Balrog slayer still at his feet before continuing.  "I hope I do not have to defend my brother's honor," he smirked.

How quickly the tides change.  Haldir heard Orophin laughing as the Lórien captain now stared up into deep sapphire eyes.  Glorfindel tapped the tip of the sword against Haldir's chest.  "Never turn your attention away from a potential enemy and certainly, never insult their honor…or lack there of."  Glorfindel reached down and helped the chuckling March Warden to his feet.  Glorfindel handed Haldir his sword and moved toward the edge of the training ground as Erestor approached.

"My dear councilor. To what do I owe this unexpected visit?"  He asked with a sweeping bow and cheeky grin.

"Save it for those who fawn over you, you oaf.  Legolas is causing a scene and I would like you to join me in the healing wing.  If you are done playing that is."  In a swirl of midnight blue, the chief advisor to Lord Elrond turned and swept back up the path.



"He most certainly has not," came a cold reply.  "However, it seems you forget who *Lord* Elrond is."

"He is my father's bed warmer." the blond prince spat. 

"How dare you speak of my Adar like that!" Elladan hissed, moving towards the bed.  Before anything could happen though, Erestor arrived taking control of the situation.  He ordered everyone from the room, including a rather angry Peredhel.  Glorfindel entered behind the slight councilor, arms across his chest.

Rage shown from eyes black with contempt.  There was one sure way to find one's self on the wrong side of Erestor (who fortunately, at the time, carried no weapon) and that is to insult someone the advisor cared greatly for and held in high esteem.  Of course, Erestor did not take kindly to any rudeness or disrespect shown towards any undeserving elf.

Stalking into the room, followed by an irritated blond, Erestor could be heard throughout the healing wing telling the young prince exactly what was thought of his behavior.  By the time Rúmil returned with Elrond, Elladan and the healers were having a good laugh about it all.

"It is funny when it is not you to whom he is speaking, is it?" the Lord asked, quickly erasing all traces of mirth from the hall.

"Sorry, Ada, but listen to him.  I think Námo himself would be quick to send Erestor back should the Vala find himself victim of the sharpest tongue in Arda."

"Mind your manners and do not joke about a Vala that way!" Elrond chastised.  All he needed was for his ever 'speak-before-you-think' son to upset the Powers That Be.  The older twin looked slightly repentant.  Elrond steeled himself for a nasty situation and entered the room, ducking as a glass flew past and shattered against to door.  The door quickly shut behind him.

By this point, the hall was crowded with an odd group of elves.  All three of the Lórien brothers were there with Elladan.  Several healers remained in case they were needed.  Elrohir leaned against his doorframe.

"You know," he said quietly, "you can hear much better from my balcony."  The odd group laughed.  Elladan, followed by the Guardians returned to Elrohir's rooms.  Haldir helped support the younger elf back to bed since Elladan had walked right past him.

"Has anyone gone to get Lindir?  He can always quiet the raving lunatic."  Elrohir asked getting comfortable in bed.  Haldir propped pillows along the headboard before seating himself next to the recovering half-elf.

Orophin spoke up.  "I do not think it would be wise at this time."  The others looked for him to continue.  "I do not know exactly what is going on, but Glorfindel mentioned Lindir and Maglor were having some issues.  I came across a couple of minstrels talking about Erestor giving Lindir a piece of his mind."

Haldir continued for his brother.  "Lindir was here almost constantly while Legolas was in a healing sleep.  I never saw Maglor with him."

Elladan shrugged his shoulders.  "Well, all I know is that I am starved.  Want to order some supper?  We can keep my wayward brother company.  AND be on hand should Ada need additional help".

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