Road to Redemption: 42. Chapter 40

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42. Chapter 40


"STOP THIS INCESTANT RAVING AT ONCE, PENNETH!" Elrond's deep voice barked.  It worked, all be it briefly.  Erestor bowed to his lord and moved aside, coming to stand next to Glorfindel.  "What is the meaning…"

"Penneth?  How dare you address me…"

"Do NOT interrupt me, princeling."  Legolas' eyes went wide at the intended insult.  "You will *not* come into my lands, my home and behave in such a horrible manner.  I can not be certain what your father will put up with, but I will have none of it!"  Elrond's gray eyes turned stormy as he looked down at the prince.

Legolas was worked up beyond reason and continued his disastrous path.  "You have no authority over me, half-elf!  *I* am a prince, from a direct lineage.  My father is a king.   If he chooses to let you entertain him, so be it…"  Elrond grew flushed with anger and stood with fists clenched as Legolas continued.  "…but you will be wise to remember with whom you deal!"

That was the last straw.  Elrond strode to the bedside and slapped the arrogant prince soundly.  An eerie silence ensued.  Taking a calming breath and offering no apology for his action, the Lord of the valley turned to his advisor and captain.  "Find him a room in the guest wing; away from any others he might disturb.  Glorfindel, it appears the penneth has a bit of pent up aggression.  Would you please assign him an appropriate sparring partner?  My son perhaps?" Elrond smirked.  Glorfindel bowed to his lord as he smiled mischievously.  "Now," the elf lord began, turning again to face his sulking patient, "get dressed.  If you are well enough to throw things about, you are well enough to leave *my* healing wing.  Erestor will fetch you when your room is ready."  With a sweep of robes and his friends in tow, Elrond stormed from the room.

"I want Lindir!" the prince yelled after them.  This stopped the raven-haired councilor in his tracks.  Turning angry eyes to the 'brat', Erestor ground out that Lindir was unavailable.  Elrond and Glorfindel turned to check on Elrohir while Erestor continued on to the main house.  He understood Elrond's unspoken instruction regarding the prince's accommodations.  He was told to get a room ready, not a suite.  He could not help the little smile that crept on his face at the thought of Legolas' reaction.  As Erestor instructed a servant to ready the room, he thought to inform his staff that no one was to fetch Lindir for the Prince; however, seeing as how Lindir was in Maedhros' rooms, the advisor figured no one would be able to find him anyway.  However, that brought about another dilemma.  Now, what to do with the strapping Noldo for the night.  A wicked gleam lingered in Erestor's eye long after he schooled his features.


After Elrond gave his youngest son the all clear, he agreed to let Elrohir return to his suite.  The condition was that someone would check on him regularly to be certain he had not snuck out.  Haldir quickly agree to help Elladan with that since the older twin was going to have to "entertain" the visiting prince.

Knowing the March Warden had feelings for his brother; Elladan asked if Haldir would help get Elrohir set so he could coordinate with Glorfindel.  Soon, everyone went their separate ways leaving Elrohir and Haldir alone.

"You really do not have to baby sit me.  I promise not to sneak out."

Haldir chuckled as he placed a supporting arm around the younger elf.  Carefully, they walked towards the exit.  "I do not mind.  I have had plenty of experience in 'babysitting' as you put it.  I must admit, however, this is the first time I volunteered." 

Elrohir blushed slightly at that.  "I do not want to keep you from anything."

Haldir stopped and turned to look into the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.  Raising his free hand, he gently tucked a lock of hair behind a delicately pointed ear.  "You are not keeping me from anything.  I was hoping to be able to spend some more time with you."  Now the dark-haired twin blushed all the way to the tips of his ears.  Haldir resumed their slow walk back to the house.


Elrond caught up with Erestor just after the advisor had escorted the none-too-happy prince to his room.  It was not a pretty sight; Legolas ranted, raved and threw anything he could.  Erestor simply asked a servant to clean up the mess and to make sure there was never anything breakable in the young elf's room.  This only infuriated the blond more.

"A moment, mellon nin, please."

"Of course, Elrond."  While they kept up formal behavior during work, Erestor knew that Elrond wanted his friend right now, not his chief advisor.  The raven-haired elf followed his lord into Elrond's personal study.

"I can not believe I hit him," Elrond said, sinking wearily into the nearest chair.

"You did not hit him, you smacked him and he deserved it.  If Thranduil were here, he would do far more."

"Yes, but he is Legolas' father.  I am not." 

Erestor got up and moved to the sideboard.  He poured a glass of wine for them both before sitting in a chair opposite his exhausted looking friend.

"Why was he sent here in the first place?" Erestor asked.  "I am certain that this is not a social call."

"It seems that his betrothed left him." 

The advisor's eyes bulged.  "She left him?  Why?  I thought it was a match made in heaven."

"Hardly.  It seems Legolas wanted a trophy wife to look pretty, bear him children and keep her mouth shut.  Soon she learned that that also meant dealing with his lovers.  She was expected to be faithful, but Legolas felt he should be able to bed whoever he chose and he expected her to join them on occasion."

"What!?!"  Erestor could not believe his ears.  "He wanted her to participate?  He actually thought she would agree with this arrangement?"

"He thought he could bully her into it.  I guess he figured she would be so honored to be the one he chose to marry that she would agree to anything."

"Well, I am glad the elleth had enough common sense to break the betrothal."

"That is when things got nasty.  It seems Legolas spoke untruths about her, making sure no one would wish to be with her.  It got so bad that the poor girl left for the Golden Wood.  Thranduil was beyond embarrassed and did his best to help the situation.  He saw to it that there was a talan and work waiting for the elleth and her family once they arrived in Lothlórien.  He even sent his personal guards to escort the family and gave her an impressive dowry."

"And he sent Legolas to you because?"

"He has always been impressed by the way I handled the twins, especially after their mother passed.  Legolas however, was spoilt by his mother so when she passed, he rebelled against his father, older brother, and his people.  He became more shallow and irresponsible.  Thranduil was so happy when the betrothal was announced and horrified when Legolas voiced his demands."  The two friends hashed things out until Anor began to set.  At that point, Erestor was anxious to find Maedhros before the elf had a chance to make other arrangements for the night.  Bidding Elrond a good night, he quickly headed towards the forge, hoping to catch the tall elf there.


Erestor nearly ran to the forge, dark robes billowing behind him.  He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Maedhros and his foreman looking over what appeared to be a finished gate.  Straightening his robes, he calmly approached.

"Ah, Master Erestor.  Come and tell us what you think about your new balcony gate," his friend called out.  Erestor approached.  His mouth dropped when he realized that it was the gate Maedhros had showed him.

"It, it is beautiful."  He looked to the tall smith and smiled, "You did not tell me you were working on my gate."

"I wanted it to be a surprise.  Do you really like it?"  The smaller elf nodded enthusiastically.  "Good, for it is ready to be hung.  I would be happy to take care of that for you now."

The head smith chuckled, well aware of the growing attraction.  He was very happy for

his old friend.  He liked Maedhros a lot and it was easy to forget who his father was.  Erestor deserved someone like the re-made elf.

"That would be wonderful.  If you do not mind a bit more work tonight."

Maedhros grabbed the iron gate as if it weighed no more than a sack of grain.  Erestor felt his heart speed up at the show of strength.  It amazed him that this powerhouse was the same elf that kissed so tenderly.  They bid the Master Smith 'good night' and made their way back towards Erestor's room.  Suddenly the younger elf felt nervous about his plan.  How was he going to keep from acting like a fool?  Erestor sighed.

"Is something troubling you, Erestor?" the tall elf asked when he noticed the advisor's trouble look.

"No, not really."

"Yes there is, but you think it is not worth sharing."  Erestor smirked.  The ancient elf was certainly on the ball.  "Come Erestor.  Share with me.  I do not like to see worry lines on your forehead."  Maedhros waited quietly for the shy elf to speak.  When they reached the main house, they proceeded to the balcony stairs outside Erestor's quarters.  The smith removed his tool pouch and began to hang the gate.

Finally, the silence got to Erestor and he spoke up.  "Well, it is just that Elrond spoke to me about Legolas earlier.  He has been given a room in the guest wing."  Maedhros' growl at the mention of the prince went unnoticed.  "It seems his behavior at home has been less that appropriate.  His betrothed left him after learning the real reason for his desire to wed.  Can you believe he only wanted an elleth so he could have an heir?  He had no intention of staying faithful to her!  I just do not understand how someone could be like that.  The poor dear and her family have moved to Lothlórien."  Erestor dropped down to sit on a step, just below where Maedhros was working. 

Tightening the last bolt, the mahogany haired elf sat down also.  "Not all elves behave as they should.  Position and wealth can bring out the worst in a person.  Believe me, I know," he finished with a bitter chuckle.

Erestor's eyes sought out the other's gentle cinnamon eyes.  "I am sorry.  I did not mean to…"

Maedhros wrapped a strong arm around the smaller elf and pulled him close.  Kissing the ebony head, he spoke softly, "You have nothing for which to apologize.  My own foolishness caused my demise…and that of my kin.  I am just glad that Maglor was never like that.  He followed out of love and loyalty to his father…and me."  Erestor rested his head on Maedhros' shoulder, content to be held this way.  Suddenly, he remembered his plan for the night.  Feeling like things were getting too 'heavy', he addressed the sleeping arrangements.

"You know, I had planned on giving you rooms in the guest wing.  But, since Legolas is there, I do not think that would be wise."  Here he let his voice drop off.

"I concur with that.  I will sleep on the couch in my sitting room, and hope the two love birds are not too loud."  Maedhros could feel Erestor shake with silent laughter.

"You can not sleep on a couch!  You have had a long day and should have the opportunity to get a sound night's sleep."

With Erestor's head nestled against his shoulder, the advisor missed the smirk that graced the Noldo's handsome face.   "Then what do you suggest?" he asked innocently.

"Um…you could stay…you could stay with me," the little elf suggested.

"I would not want to inconvenience you by sleeping on your couch."  It was hard for the re-made elf to hold his laughter.  He was having fun goading the advisor; he only wished he could see the blush that surely graced the fine Elven features.

Erestor suddenly stood and looked down determinedly.  "Who said anything about a couch?" he said firmly.  Maedhros looked down into the most wonderful chocolate eyes he had ever seen.  "Oh, well, if you do not mind me using your guest room, I thank you for your hospitality."

Erestor squared his shoulders and responded before he lost his nerve.  "I have no guest room."  Erestor could not believe the vision before him.  Maedhros' hair shone burgundy in the soft moonlight.  The bared chest was smudged with soot from the day's work.  A delicate eyebrow was raised in silent question and smirking lips just begged to be kissed.  Erestor cleared his throat.  "I meant you could stay with me in…that is, share my…," he began to falter.  What was he thinking?  The stoic advisor was never this forward in personal matters.  The Elven prince must think him a silly little elfling.

"You mean share your bed?" the tall elf inquired.  Erestor nodded his head, his raven hair falling like a curtain around blushing cheeks.  "Hmm.  I think I like that plan."  Maedhros stood, now really towering over the smaller elf.  He moved aside.  Erestor lead him into his quarters.

The rooms certainly screamed 'ERESTOR', although they held genuine warmth.  Not wanting to scare Erestor, Maedhros stayed in the center of the room, looking around, waiting for the young elf to make the next move.

Erestor walked through an adjoining room and returned holding towels.  "You may take a bath if you like while I acquire some clothing from your suite.  I am afraid nothing I have will fit."  Elrond's chief counselor busied himself around the room, avoiding the piercing glance of the smith.  "I will place these in the bathroom and see about getting something to eat as well, perhaps a bottle of wine."

"Thank you, Erestor.  That sounds wonderful, however, a cup of tea would be preferable," the older elf replied.  Erestor gave a small bow and left the room.  Maedhros sighed.  The young elf was a gem.  How he could have been so lucky as to find such a wonderful elf was beyond him.  Actually, he was amazed at the whole of Imladris' response to the Sons of Fëanor.  He felt his eyes sting and quickly shook the emotional thought from his mind.  This was not the time to slip into melancholy.  Moving towards the bathroom, Maedhros glanced through an adjacent doorway.  A massive bed of dark Jacobean wood, rich sateen and velvet bedding met his eyes.  He felt a fire begin to burn as he thought of being laid out on the bed, writhing beneath a remarkable raven-haired elf.  The fire grew as he thought about Erestor filling him, thrusting in and out.  The excited elf quickly moved on into the bathing chamber and began to draw a not to hot bath.  Examining the various bottles along the side of the sunken tub, the Noldo finally settled on the crisp scent of Eucalyptus Spearmint.  Stripping quickly, he settled into the warm water with a sigh.  He could feel the tingling of the menthol relax his sore muscles.  Wielding his sword had been nothing compared to wielding the massive hammers used in ironwork.  Sliding below the surface, Maedhros wet his red mane, letting it float weightlessly in the water. 

Feeling rejuvenated, he finished his bath and left the now cold water. Drying off, the invigorated elf realized that he had no robe or such.  Grabbing a large towel, he wrapped it around his narrow hips and left the bathing chamber.  Servants had come and stoked the fire, leaving an array of cheeses, fruit and bread as well as a kettle of tea.  Seizing a wedge of cheese as he passed, Maedhros settled before the fire and finger combed his wild mane.  When Erestor entered his chamber, his heart stopped.  Sitting before the fire, Maedhros looked like a Vala.  A muscular back tapered down to a narrow waist.  Small drops of water dripped from hair that caressed the small of Maedhros' back.  A well-defined calf was visible under the towel and Erestor felt his groin tighten.  He cleared his throat as he approached the fireside.  The older elf twisted around to smile up at Erestor.  Slowly he stood and advanced on the dumbstruck elf.  Taking his clothing from a non-responsive arm, he casually draped them over a nearby chair.  Taking the advisor's hand, he moved back toward the warm glow of the fire.

"Come, join me by the fire.  I was hoping I could trouble you to comb my hair.  I seem to have a rat's nest in the back that I just cannot seem to undo." 

Erestor was speechless.  His mind was screaming that he was behaving like an elfling, but his body did not seem to care.  All it was responding to was the mellow voice, sexy physique and images of running fingers through the silken mass.  Finally, he came out of his daze.

"Give me just moment to get out of my work robes and I will join you."  Vanishing into the bedroom for a moment, Erestor returned, comb in hand.  Now it was Maedhros' turn to stare.  Erestor was clad in snug dark blue leggings and a pale blue shirt that hung mid-thigh.  It was almost sheer, hiding little of what lay beneath and moved sensually with every movement Erestor made.

The advisor positioned himself behind the former warrior.  Carefully sectioning off some hair, he began to comb through it.  When he reached the knot Maedhros had spoken of, he carefully set to work.  The red-haired elf could not believe how wonderful it felt to have someone comb his hair…someone other than family. 

Finishing with the knot, Erestor comb through it all to smooth it into place.  Maedhros' hair reminded him of Glorfindel's hair, thick, lush and subtly wavy.  It was unlike his own hair that hung in straight wisps down to his tailbone.  Although not thin, it did not have the same volume as the Noldo's.  Not wanting to give up the intimacy, the advisor continued to finger comb the mahogany locks.  The action was not lost on the older elf.  A tremor ran through Maedhros' body, delighting in the sensation.  Feeling the body before him tremble, Erestor was filled with a sense of desire and his courage swelled.  Gently pushing the re-made elf's hair over his shoulder, Erestor placed a loving kiss to the bared neck.  He soon found himself placing another kiss and then another. Soon he had moved from the neck up to the sensitive ear-tip.  Maedhros moaned and leaned back into the warm chest behind him.  He could feel Erestor's hardened nipples through the flimsy shirt.  He sighed.

Erestor, filled with want, continued his torturous ministrations, reaching a hand around the other elf to caress the planes of the taut chest.  His fingers soon found a hardened nub.  Brushing his thumb over it caused Maedhros to moan and arch into the touch.  It had been so long since the re-made Noldo had been intimate (to any degree) with someone; it had been long before his fiery demise.

"Erestor," he breathed. 

Although the advisor's actions were bold, the touch remained shy and explorative.  Maedhros found himself melting into a puddle of goo.  Suddenly he felt the soft rug against his back and Erestor staring hungrily down at him.  Their eyes locked before Erestor bent to take the warm lips with his own.  As the raven-haired elf pressed his body down, Maedhros came to realize that the towel he had had wrapped about his form was quite open.  He moaned as his flesh came in contact with Erestor's soft suede leggings.  The fact that the smith had not eaten supper became a non-issue.  All the great warrior wanted was to feel Erestor's body moving above him.

Gathering what strength or reason he had left, Maedhros pushed Erestor away.  The shock and fear in the onyx orbs broke his heart.  The poor elf thought he was being rejected. Before he could explain, Erestor was up and backing away.  A sort of horror shone in his eyes.

"I…I…I am...I thought…" the normally eloquent counselor stammered, wide eyed as he looked upon the powerful and naked body reclining on his hearth rug.  Erestor came to an abrupt stop when his calves hit the edge of his couch.  Startled, he plopped down, fighting tears of embarrassment threatening to fall.

Maedhros quickly re-wrapped the towel and in a graceful movement not expected from a body so massive advanced on the crimson-faced elf.  Dropping to his knee and using two fingers to lift the lowered chin, he explained, "You misunderstand, my beautiful darkling, I only wish to move to more comfortable accommodations.  One does not make love for the first time on the floor," he let what he felt for the advisor shine through his eyes.

"You mean…you want to make love?  To me?"

"And to no one else."  Standing up, he reached for Erestor's hand and pulled the elf up quickly.  The result was a lithe body coming up close and personal to a wall of muscles.  A heated kiss followed.  Erestor then pulled back and taking a callused hand in his, led his soon to be lover to his bedroom. 

Entering the room, Erestor turned quickly and abruptly yanked the towel from the slender hips.  He licked his lips in appreciation as he took in the toned body with a very erect elfhood that was standing before him.  He lifted his eyes to see those delicious lips curved into a hungry smirk.

"How is it that I am naked and you are still completely clothed?  I believe this works best if both parties are divested of all clothing."

 He stepped up to Erestor and unlaced the neck of his shirt.  Bending down, Maedhros kissed the now bared collarbone.  Sucking on the hollow at the base of the neck, he slid his hands under the silk shirt and up Erestor's soft back.  A moan escaped from them both.  Sliding his hands up the small elf's sides, the Noldo pushed Erestor's arms up, maneuvering the shirt up and off.  Dropping to his knees, Maedhros began to suckle a rosy nipple, relishing the gasp it brought forth.  He let his hand drop to cup what turned out to be a very pert arse.  The smith's other hand came forward and began to work on the laces of Erestor's leggings.  Erestor thought his legs would give out from the sheer pleasure.

Leaving the nipple behind, Maedhros kissed a trail down to dip his tongue into a quivering bellybutton.  Erestor could not stop the giggle that escaped.  The re-made warrior smiled as he slid the dark blue leggings to the advisor's ankles.  Before Erestor could register the cool night air on his pulsing flesh, it was engulfed in the most wondrous moist heat.  He looked down at the burgundy head and his knees buckled.  Erestor was not completely ignorant of the ways of the flesh, but never in all his failed relationships had anyone ever made him feel like this.  Sensing Erestor's leg failure, Maedhros let go of the delicacy he was enjoying to lift the slight elf and deposit him on the enormous bed.  Before joining Erestor, he took in the beautiful body.  It was a bit of a shock to see an advisor with so much lean muscle.

"You are beautiful, my little darkling," the elf said, lowering himself onto the bed.  Propped up on an elbow, Maedhros looked into chocolate eyes turned onyx with desire.  It was taking all his will power to not simply ravish the vision below him.  Still, he wanted to do right by Erestor.  This was not intended to be a one-night experience.  "Come here," he said, pulling Erestor onto him as he rolled to his back.  The kiss that followed was filled with passion and promise.

Erestor blushed as he confessed, "I have no experience beyond this."  The smirk or chuckle he expected to hear never came.  Instead, his words were met with a soft, "Then I will teach you."  This caused Erestor aching shaft to twitch in anticipation.  Erestor went to maneuver on to his back, prepared to be taken.  Maedhros stopped him.

"You learn nothing unless you experience it first hand."  The strong elf relaxed into the soft bed and let the questing begin.  "Do as you desire."  Erestor nodded.

First fingers ghosted over Maedhros' body.  Next lips followed, licking and tasting every inch of the willing body.  Repeating the action Maedhros had demonstrated so adeptly earlier, the advisor took a nipple in mouth and began to suck and lick it to a tight peak.  Maedhros groaned and arched, fists grabbed at the bedding as his body was excited beyond belief.   The ancient elf did not think he would last much longer and he yelled out Erestor's name when his elfhood was swallowed.  A hand unconsciously found its way to the head nestled between his legs.  He caressed Erestor's head in a silent encouragement.  The younger elf smiled, knowing it was he who made the powerful elf below him come undone.

"Erestor.  Please, melethron.  Oil?"  he said between moans.  Erestor lifted his head and reached into his night table.  Rummaging blindly, his fingers finally closed around a small vial of oil. 

"Here," he handed the vial to the experienced elf and again made to take the submissive position.  He was surprised when a hand slathering his shaft with the oil stopped him.  He looked Maedhros in surprise.

"As I said, you learn by doing," the elf said with a loving smile.

"You would have me take you?  But I have never… you're a prince…"  A hand over his mouth stopped the rambling.

"Yes, I desire you to take me.  I know you have never and I am simply an elf who has lost his heart to the most wonderful elf in all Arda."  Erestor hesitated.  "Trust me, Erestor.  Coat your fingers with oil," Maedhros instructed as he let his legs fall open.  "Good.  Now… oh...OH YES."  Mahogany hair spilled over the pillows as a confidant finger breached him.  Instinct took over and soon Erestor had three finders thrusting in and out of the tight channel.  With each thrust the magic bundle of nerves was brushed, causing Maedhros to cry out and writhe wantingly.  "Oh Valar…mhmmm...Erestor!  Now, take me…I want to come with you in…Ahhh..."  The quick advisor took the hint, his own desire boiling over and in one quick thrust found himself buried to the hilt in the tightest velvet glove.  He never thought it would feel so divine!

"Aye, Maedhros.  You feel.  I want…need to move."

"By all means, do so, my precious darkling."  Erestor began with slow thrusts.  The two elves fit so well together.  All other lovers faded from Maedhros' memory as the true owner of both his fëa and his heart took him.  With a smile, he screamed out his lover's name as he came so hard, light exploded behind his closed eyelids.

Erestor thrust with more force as he felt the body below him give way to the passion.  "I…Aye…I love you, Maedhros!"  Erestor cried out in completion.  His trembling body collapsed into the waiting arms of his lover.  A possessive embrace was the last thing the Chief advisor of Imladris remembered before fading into the most blissful rest imaginable.

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