Road to Redemption: 44. Chapter 42

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44. Chapter 42

And so it was that the day for the Welcoming Feast arrived; all the honorees were finally hale.  Erestor and Lindir busied themselves with the preparations.  The dark haired advisor directed and re-directed, set-up and tore down, decorated and redecorated.  The house staff chuckled as Erestor rushed about as the proverbial chicken with its head cut off.  It was fortunate that Elrond's chief advisor was well liked and respected for the cooks and servants took his periodic agitation in stride.  Erestor stopped, only briefly, at the entrance to the Hall of Fire.  Closing his eyes, he let Lindir's sweet voice calm his frayed nerves.

Lindir and his fellow musicians practiced long hours, preparing for the feast.  Lindir worked extra hard for he wished his lover to be impressed.  The bard was finding it difficult to be partnered with one of Arda's most renowned minstrels.  Furthermore, since the night he found Maglor in Maedhros' rooms, Lindir and Maglor were never far apart.  The silver haired minstrel wanted to assure his lover that there was nothing to fear; Lindir would not make the same mistake twice.  Unbeknownst to the two, there was often a sulking shadow following them.

Elladan and Rúmil made certain that Legolas had little time or energy to meddle in the affairs of others.  The young prince even seemed to accept his 'punishment' with some amount of humility.  However, things are usually not as they seem.  The cold glint in the fair prince's eyes was the give-away, but with everyone wrapped up in festival preparations, no one noticed.  Legolas had not given up on his goal.  He had a plan and was merely biding his time.


"Would you *stop* already!" an exasperated Elrohir cried.  "I am fine; you heard Adar."

"I know, muindor."  Elladan laid a hand on his brother's shoulder.  "I only want you to rest some before tonight."  A devilish smirk graced the handsome face.  "I am sure you do not wish to be too exhausted to properly entertain a certain March Warden, would you?"  The younger twin blushed and threw a pillow at his presumptuous other half.  Dodging the attack, Elladan sat on the side of his brother's bed and sobered.  Something troubled the younger twin.

Elrohir let out a sigh.  "What am I to do?"

An infamous eyebrow rose question.  "Did you not pay attention when Ada had his little talk to us before our majority?  First you kiss and caress and then…I thought you have done this before."

The younger elf rolled his eyes.  "I am not talking about *that*.  Please, 'Dan, I really need your help."

This was serious.  Elladan wrapped a protective arm around his brother.  "What troubles you so?"

"He is going to leave, eventually.  How will I get by if I follow these feelings I have?"  Pleading eyes looked up.  "My heart will surely break when he leaves."

"I assume you speak of Haldir."


"Ro, are your feelings so strong for him?  You have only just recently spent time with him."

"Aye, I have always had a bit of a crush on him.  Now that I have been able to spend some time with him, I find myself looking for any excuse to be with him.  I want to deepen the relationship, but…"

"You are afraid."  Another nod.  "What is it that you fear?  I am sure he would return your feelings and he is an honorable elf, despite the rumors."

"I trust his fidelity.  I only can not bear the thought of being so far from my heart's desire."  He held up a hand to stay his brother's next comment.  "I am not cut out for long distance relationships.  I am not like Ada.  I would pine away."  Nervous fingers played with the hem of his tunic. 

Elladan embraced the forlorn elf.  "Just enjoy tonight, Ro.  Come morning we will sort this all out.  We will think of something, I promise."  A knock interrupted the tender moment.  Elrohir quickly wiped at his eyes that had begun to release tears as Elladan went into the other room to answer the door.

"Ah, Haldir, come in."  The dark haired elf moved aside.  Glancing into the bedroom, he sent all the compassion he had to his brother.

Haldir looked between the two.  "Am I interrupting something?"  He looked to Elladan, concern evident in his eyes. 

A gentle smile graced the noble face.  "Oh no.  I was just getting ready to leave."  He crossed the threshold and turned momentarily.  "Uh, might you know where I can find that beautiful brother of yours?"

The Silvan chuckled, "I believe he is in our room already preening."

"Well then, excuse me.  I think I shall go and offer my assistance," Elladan said with a wink.  He looked past the other elf and gave his brother an encouraging smile before closing the door.

Haldir turned.  His instincts and intuition were well honed and he knew something was not right.  Before he could speak, he found his arms filled with a mass of lean muscle.  Eager lips pressed his with a passion that sent shocks through the guardian's body.  He moaned as a questing tongue demanded entrance and, being no fool, the silver haired elf obliged.  His arms came up around Elrohir's back, pulling the warm body closer.  One hand rested on the small of the back as the other moved up to stroke the soft silken hair.

Elrohir's hands were pressed against the powerful chest before one moved to cup the back of Haldir's head, effectively deepening the kiss.  The sable haired elf poured all his befuddled emotions into the kiss.  His other hand caressed and traced the muscles hidden beneath the tunic.  His finger brushed a nipple, causing Haldir to gasp. 

When the need for air finally drove them apart, the March Warden pulled back just enough to smile and ask, "What, pray tell, did I do to deserve such a greeting?"  Elrohir blushed at his sudden boldness, cast his look down and attempted to pull away.  Haldir would have none of it.  Quickly tightening his grip about the twin's waist he held fast to the fleeing elf.  "What is it, pen muin(dear one)?"

Elrohir only shook his head and rested his cheek against Haldir's thrumming heart.  "Please, tell me what troubles you so.  It pains me to see you so upset.  Have you and your brother fought or have I done something to cause hurt?"

At that last comment, Elrohir looked up in wide-eyed shock.  He carefully reached up and caressed the soft cheek and put on, what he hoped was, a convincing smile and replied, "No, of course you have done nothing.  It is a trivial matter."  His voice faltered, "Nothing of importance."

Haldir leaned in to kiss the belying lips.  The younger elf readily parted his lips to allow Haldir's tongue to taste him.  His body hummed with desire and Haldir's answered in kind.  Haldir walked him back until his legs encountered a large reading chair.  Maintaining the kiss, the taller elf managed to turn them around and dropped into the chair, pulling Elrohir down as well.  Breaking from the kiss to gasp for air, the dark haired elf found himself sitting sideways across the March Warden's legs.  The kiss re-engaged causing the heat to build.  Hands began to stroke and pull at clothing, desperate to feel warm skin.  Elrohir turned to wrap his arms around Haldir's neck as he felt a hand slide up between his thighs.  It came to rest at his groin.  The Silvan elicited a moan as his thumb idly caressed the swollen mound it encountered.  The twin was delirious with passion.  His body ached for the strong warrior who held him. 

Working of their own accord, nimble fingers began the arduous task of undoing the clasps of the March Warden's tunic.  Managing to expose a smooth column of flesh, the ebony haired elf pulled out of the kiss and began to nibble and lick his way along the strong jaw line, down the neck and finally coming to rest, or rather suckle, at the soft spot at the junction between the neck and shoulder.  Haldir let his head rest on the high back, allowing his partner better access. 

As the Silvan elf's body was assaulted in the most divine way, his hands were far from idle.  One hand had managed to un-tuck the younger twin's shirt and was presently drawing patterns on the warm back.  His other hand went from soft caresses to gentle massaging of the rock hard shaft now straining within Elrohir's leggings.  Elrohir squirmed at the sensation, moaning his desire.  Leaving its present toy, and chuckling at the mewl of protest; Haldir grabbed the twin's shirt hem.  In one fluid motion, breaking contact for a mere second, he pulled the shirt up and over, dropping it onto the floor.

Haldir's member twitched at the alluring sight on his lap.  "Aye, you are beautiful."  He whispered.  "So strong, so…" Words failed him.  Using his right hand to support Elrohir's back, the blond began his oral assault.  He kissed the hollow of the neck, moving up to lick and suck a delicate ear-tip.  All the while, his other hand traversed the lean chest, stopping on occasion to play with a rosy nipple. 

Elrohir was beside himself and would have felt embarrassed had he not felt Haldir's own erection pressing against his bottom.  The thought alone cause a groan.  Growing bored with the stiff nipples, Haldir let his hand drop back to rub the rippled abdomen and finally returning to the matter between the twin's legs.  Elrohir's movements were agonizing as each move rubbed and pressed against his own arousal and he growled at the sensation.  Long fingers made short work of the laces barring the way to the velvety rod.  Elrohir arched and groaned as his leggings became loose and a warm hand began to investigate the inviting flesh.  The March Warden's powerful hand carefully pulled the weeping shaft free of its confines and began to stroke it languidly. 

Dark gray eyes turned to storm as the fire inside built; it was all the twin could do to not spend himself right then.  The nipping and sucking on his ear and the stroking of his heated flesh had him undone.  Haldir thought he had never seen so wondrous a sight as the lean elf being unmade on his lap.  He had had lovers before, but never had one responded so to his ministrations.  Shifting slightly, Haldir slid Elrohir's the leggings off, leaving them where they fell.  The younger elf now lay bare and the guardian's hungry eyes devoured him.  A sudden flurry of desire swept through the Lórien elf.  His lips and hands seemed to be everywhere at once.  One hand returned to pump Elrohir's throbbing member, a wicked thumb grazing the weeping head causing the elf to purr and gasp, thrusting into the warm hand.  How he managed it, the dark haired elf will never know, but at some point in his lust filled daze, the younger twin managed to undo all the clasps and pushed the Warden's shirt from his shoulders.  He began his attack on the neck again in earnest until the pressure between his legs grew to explosive proportions.  With a cry and Haldir's name on his lips, the son of Elrond gave in to the most incredible orgasm of his life.  If he ever doubted about seeing stars, he was a believer now.  His body shook and he gasped for air.  Looking into his lover's eyes, he saw self-satisfaction and desire.  Without his leggings, the bulge nestled under his backside was far more stimulating and as the final waves of pleasure subsided, Elrohir felt the heat begin to stir again.

Sliding a hand between them, the dark elf undid the laces and pushed the leather a part, freeing the most magnificent elfhood he had ever seen.  Wrapping his hand around it, he began to pump quickly, sliding his thumb over the slit, milking the pre-cum from the heated flesh.  Now it was Haldir's turn to be unmade.  Having this beautiful creature, naked and writhing on his lap, stroking his shaft and kissing every inch reachable, Haldir threw his head back, panting and groaning, begging for more.  Not wanting the March Warden to spend in his hand, the twin directed the guardian's still cum-covered hand to his backside, encouraging the digits between to search for the hidden entrance.  Haldir needed no further coaxing.  Finding what he searched for, he slid one finger beyond the puckered opening.  The young elf gasped and clung to Haldir.  A hand wrapped almost painfully in flaxen hair, a demanding hand continued to fondle engorged flesh.  Haldir inserted a second finger and crooked it, finally finding the bundle of nerves that ripped a cry from the other elf.  Becoming impatient, Elrohir turned, dislodging the fingers thrusting into him, and straddled the warrior's thighs.  Aligning himself over his lover's shaft, he settled down, impaling himself on the pulsing heat.  He hissed at the stretching sensation and stilled.  After a moment, he looked lovingly into Haldir's eyes and began to move up and down, gradually picking up his pace.  Haldir grasped the elf that rode him and held him close, burying his face in the ginger scented tresses.  He could feel Elrohir's reawaked flesh slide against his stomach.  In a sudden explosion of light, the two elves reached completion together and held each other tightly as they rode out the waves of pleasure together.


A lone figure paced behind the stables.  He was waiting for someone to whom he owed a favor. He had been caught in bed with another's wife and was indebted to the one who kept his mouth shut.   It was time to pay up it seemed and now he waited anxiously.  .  Now he was to remove an elf from the feast.  Hide him in a cave; keep him alive but silent until the appointed time.  He did not know why he was to do this, but he learned long ago not to ask questions.  As no harm was to come to the elf, he really saw no harm in the least that is what he tried to tell himself.  Hearing a sound behind him, he turned and looked at the cloaked figure approaching him.

"I have everything as you asked," he stammered.  The approaching figure nodded and moved to take down his hood.  The nervous elf's eyes went wide.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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