Road to Redemption: 8. Chapter 7

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8. Chapter 7

Four days past and Maglor avoided the minstrel as much as possible.  He tried to discourage Lindir but that did not work.  What he feared most was his growing attachment to the younger elf.  Maglor enjoyed his company, and his inner light.  Lindir was intelligent, funny, a quick study and strikingly beautiful.  When the minstrel decided to leave, he would find himself alone again.  The thought frightened him immensely.

On that 5th day, Lindir decided to finally go swimming in the ocean.  He had been fearful up until now, never having been in or even seen the ocean before.  He had watch Maglor swim each morning returning with a peaceful continence.  Lindir sought that same peace. 

They had finished lessons a bit early and the sun had not yet set so when Maglor headed to the point after evening meal, Lindir stripped to his loincloth and headed to the shoreline.  The tide was in and the water cool.  Lindir hesitated for a moment then waded in.

Once he was waist deep, Lindir began to play and dive into the waves.  He could not help laughing, he felt like an elfling again.  Maglor heard the laughter.  He glanced over just in time to see Lindir emerge from a wave.  'Aye, he is beautiful with his youth.'  Maglor thought, and then quickly chastised himself for it.  'He is here to learn only and then he will be gone.'  Maglor turned back to the sea and his melancholy thoughts as he watched a storm moved across the horizon. 

Suddenly he felt a shadow pass over his mind and he no longer heard Lindir's laugh.  Turning to see that the young one was safe, he was terrified to see a silver head pulled below the surface.  Lindir seemed to be caught in the undertow or such and struggled to get control.  Maglor wasted no time.  Diving in the direction of the flailing minstrel, Maglor swam with all his might.  Once he reached the young elf, he dragged him to shore, picked him up and carried him back to the fire.  Finally setting Lindir down, Maglor fetched a blanket to wrap up the shivering elf.

"Pen neth, are you all right."  He asked greatly concerned.  Lindir could only nod at the moment.  "Easy…slow easy breaths.  That is it, cough out the water."  Maglor handed the frightened elf a cup of clean water.  "What happened?"

Lindir gasped for air, "I…do not…know.  I was…swim…" He took a deep breath, "swimming and the next thing I knew I was pulled under by something."

Maglor looked at him curiously.  "What do you mean by something, there is no seaweed there to get tangled it nor any undertow."

Lindir looked at Maglor with a forlorn expression.  Maglor waited for him to continue.  The young elf sighed and looked down,  "You will think me mad."  His whole body shook.  Maglor sat beside the distraught elf and instinctively pulled him close.

"Shhhh, pen dithin.  Tell me what happened."  He soothed.  Lindir looked up into dark eyes filled with concern.  He felt himself lean into the embrace, seeking comfort.

Looking back at the ground he began his story.  "I know it was not seaweed that caught me.  It felt like a hand and I saw…I saw…"  Again the body shook and Maglor tightened his grip.  Lindir looked up with terrified eyes.  "I saw a face below the surface.  It was not solid but the features of an ellon were clear to see.  He wore a green helm and his wild hair was moved as if caught in a wind."  Again he looked fearfully at the elf that held him.  Lindir began to sob despite attempting not to.  He was frightened by what he saw; the face had smiled as a ghostly hand had held him under.  Maglor began to rock his charge as he often had when Elros or Elrond woke from a dream.

"Shhhh.  It is over.  You are safe," he whispered.  "I will watch over you."  Maglor began to hum softly and soon the body he held relaxed and fell into reverie.  'What is going on?'  Maglor thought.  First Namo visits him.  Then, from Lindir's description, the older elf new Ulmo was responsible of this incident.  But why would the Vala try to drown an elf…and a Teleri at that?  Maglor sighed. 

The storm Maglor had been watching made straight for the coast.  Carefully lifting the minstrel, the dark elf carried Lindir inside.  Sitting down slowly against the back wall, he situated himself so he held the younger elf on his lap; the exhausted silver elf never stirred.

Maglor felt the warmth of Lindir's body seep through the blanket.  It awoke in him feelings long forgotten.  He found himself holding the young elf closer and tighter than was necessary.  He felt a wave of protectiveness rush through his core and somewhere deep inside a fluttering awoke.  The son of Fëanor knew the closeness would end the moment Lindir woke and already he began to feel the emptiness.  'Why are you doing this?' he prayed to any Vala would hear him.  'Why drag this innocent into my madness?  Please try to dissuade him from any contact with me.  He has a beautiful light and I will tarnish it as I have all that I encounter.  Never have I done anything but bring sorrow to those around me.'  A silent tear dripped onto the silver head tucked beneath his chin.  Maglor knew he should lay the elf down, cover him and let him rest; but he could not make himself let go.  Who knew when he would feel another so close again?  He would deal with the heart ach later.

Maglor spent the night watching a tempest rage outside the cave.  The weather mirrored the storm of emotions raging through his soul.  Lighting lit up the sky and thunder rattled the ground.  All night he sang softly and Lindir slept peacefully unaware the storm.


Lindir woke feeling warn, comfortable and extremely safe; he was all snuggled in a blanked.  He lifted his head and realized that Maglor still held him, though the older elf had drifted asleep.  Memories flooded the young bard's mind.  Lindir took a moment to think about all that had happened and what it all meant, if anything.  He truly believed that something or someone had pulled him under.  One cannot feel an imaginary object.  He suspected the dark-haired elf knew more about his near drowning than he let on.  He also wondered about this peaceful feeling he had curled up in Maglor's arms.  He was amazed to discover he had no desire to move from the embrace.  It felt good to be held thusly; it felt good to be in the safety of Maglor's arms.

'He is so strong' Lindir mused. 'His eyes are always sad but still the most beautiful I have ever seen.'  Lindir's mind began to wander and as it did, his body began to awaken.  As heat pooled in his belly, the young elf berated himself.  'Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.  He is over 6000 years old and a prince of old.  You are an infant, a nobody, to him.  What are you thinking…He will wake up and want you?'  Although he had reached his majority, by elvin standards Lindir was still very young and his desire and passion still very strong.  Those impulses were quickly taking over.  He had few relationships and only one lover... well, lover was not the right term…one intimate encounter.  Now he found his body responding to Maglor's closeness.  He found himself looking at the bow shaped mouth wondering if it was as soft as it appeared.  He imaged feeling Maglor's hands roaming his body.  He felt his heart speed up at the images his mind was conjuring.  Realizing he was still in only a loincloth only added fuel to his inner fire.  He had to get up and dressed before the other elf could 'see' his growing attraction.  As he began to extract himself from Maglor's hold, the other elf mumbled something and held on tighter.  Lindir noticed the soft smile painted on the perfectly shaped lips.  He began to wonder what caused the smile.

Lindir rolled his eyes at himself and pulled away from the embrace causing Maglor to wake with a start.  Lindir froze.  Realizing the compromising position they were in, the older elf quickly dropped his arms to his sides freeing Lindir from the embrace.

"Good morning."  Lindir said from Maglor's lap.  As of yet, he had not really moved off the other elf.

"Good morning."  Maglor replied stiffly finding the sandy floor extremely interesting before looking up again.

"I never thanked you for saving my life yesterday."  Lindir gazed into the depthless eyes.  Maglor stared back.

"Think nothing of it."  The Noldo managed.  An uncomfortable silence fell before the minstrel quickly stood, wrapping the blanket around himself.  The dark haired elf watched the graceful movements as Lindir donned a shirt and leggings.  The young elf was willowy, smaller than Maglor.  Still, Lindir's body was toned and...the older elf gazed lower...his backside was firm.  'Mmmm, how I would love to sink into…'  Maglor brought himself up sharply.  Where did that thought come from?  How dare he think such a thing!  The ellon wanted to study from him, not warm his bed.  He would never want an elf as old, or as evil and disfigured as himself.  With that thought, Maglor sadly resolved to make Lindir leave as soon as possible.  He just did not know how and his treacherous heart and body were not helping.

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