The Prince's Daughter-5: 12. Enter Elrohir

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12. Enter Elrohir

"I do not need you to choose an escort!" Lothiriel whined.  "I am capable of finding my own escort and I know who I will ask!"  She was tired of Lady Beriedis trying to match her with a suitor.  There was no one of interest for her here in Ithilien or in Dol Amroth or in all of Gondor.   Her desire lay in Rohan yet whenever she tried to express her feelings she was quickly dismissed .  It seemed the only ones who truly understood and sympathized were Amrothos and Faramir!

"It is not proper for a lady to ask a man directly and I know who it is you would ask.  It is out of the question!  He is not even Gondorian let alone Dúnadan!  Your father has enough to deal with; do not make me take this foolishness to him!"  The haughty woman threatened. 

Lothiriel sank into a chair.  She did not want to trouble her father; he had suffered so since her mother passed and he had no time for her or her childish dreams.  "I will attend with Amrothos," the young woman finally said.

"You will NOT attend with your brother.  You are too old for that and so is he!  That boy needs to get his childish act together; your father needs to find him a wife or I will do it for him.  Heavens I do not see how the Prince puts up with the lot of you?  Now I have spoken with La…" 

A knock at the suite door interrupted Lady Beriedis who let out an exasperated sigh before bellowing, "Oh come!"

The door swung open and the most handsome man…or rather elf…stepped into the sitting room. "Oh my Lord...?" Now which one was it; she could not tell the twin sons of Elrond apart!

"Elrohir," the elf said smoothly.

"Yes, Lord Elrohir, to what do we owe this great honor?"  From her deep curtsey, Lady Beriedis sent the still standing Lothiriel a nasty glare.  Catching the look, the young princess, also, bowed. 

The silent exchange did not go unnoticed and Elrohir rolled his eyes.  "I have come to speak with Lady Lothiriel if she would grant me but a moment of her time."

"Of course my Lord.  Please come, sit, what is it you wish to speak to her about?"  Lady Beriedis indicated the Elf-lord take a seat as she and Lothiriel joined him.

Looking at Lothiriel, Elrohir addressed her directly.  "I had hoped to speak to you alone."

"You must forgive me, my lord, but that is not possible.  I am afraid that the traditions of Dol Amroth dictate a young lady always be chaperoned when in the company of an unattached men…or elf as in your case."

Elrohir raised his sculpted eye brow.  This woman was a piece of work; he had thought Arwen was exaggerating but clearly she had not.  Well that did complicate matters as he would not be able to explain his sister's plan to Lothiriel.  He just had to trust the Princess would not put up too much of an argument.

"Very well, I would not want to snub tradition.  Princess Lothiriel, would you do me the honor of attending your cousin's wedding with me?"

Two stunned faces stared him; it was rather comical actually.  Lothiriel blinked several times and tried to will her voice to speak but found it difficult.  She had never expected anything like this!  This was the brother of the Queen of Gondor, an Elf-lord, a…a…

"My Lord, you honor me but… really, I…" she could not!  She wished to attend with Éomer.  She knew he was not bringing Lady Arathea or anyone else; Faramir had told her.  She wanted Éomer to escort her!  How she wished he had asked for more than just a dance in his last letter!  "That is…" she fumbled and blushed.  She did not wish to be disrespectful.  It truly was flattering that Lord Elrohir desired her company but…

"She would be happy too," Lady Beriedis blurted out before the younger woman could formulate a coherent answer.

Bright blue eyes darted from one to the other. She was stuck!  Lothiriel could not contradict her mentor; not now!  She forced a smile and looked in to compassionate slate-grey eyes.  "It…it would be an honor, my Lord," she whispered, her heart sinking in her chest. 

Elrohir clapped his hands together.  "Wonderful, I will call for you before the ceremonyit will be a wonderful time, I promise."

"*We* will be ready," the older woman said, her meaning quite clear.  Just because Elrohir was an Elf-lord, and a suitable companion for the young Princess, did not mean Beriedis would allow any liberties! The chaperone would be joining them.

Lothiriel smiled politely as Elrohir stood.  She and Lady Beriedis also stood.  If the princess was surprised that Elrohir took her hand and kissed it, she was even more surprised when he winked at her.  The tall elf strode from the room, leaving Lothiriel speechless.

"Well now.  Who would have thought that you would catch the eye of so noble a man…elf?  See, child?  All that I have taught you paid off.  That is a suitor to be proud of!  I assure you no other woman will be attended by an elvin prince.  You must have made quite an impression if he is willing to choose as his sister has.  Now come, we must see to an appropriate dress."

Lothiriel followed behind in a daze.  This could not be happening!  This was not the way it was supposed to be?  What was she to do?


After Elrohir left the ladies, he sent word to his sister that the chaperone was planning on…well, chaperoning.  Their plan would not work if she was hanging around.  They had to find a way to dismiss her for the evening.

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