A liaison in the Great Greenwood: 19. Chapter 19

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19. Chapter 19

The Woodland Halls

The ground seemed to tremble in fear as the feet of more than a thousand troops marched in unison upon it.
Their armour and weapons glittered in the morning rays of the sun as they made their way past her in the courtyard, heading for the elven road of the forest.
The banner men held their king's sigil up high and proud; a great white elk on a backdrop of dark greens interwoven with gold and silver.
She ran with the speed her depleting energy allowed as she made her way through the twisting halls and corridors of the palace to where Legolas, his father and the other commanders of the army were waiting.

Entrance to the Elven Road: Outer courtyard

Legolas was there at the front, mounted high upon his ebony steed, looking over the troops that entered the giant sprawling courtyard. It saddened Adlanniel immensely, as only a few days had past since the burning of the pyres. Now she was being forced to say her farewells to her love.
Spotting her amongst the waiting crowd of Eldar, Legolas dismounted and ran towards her, the crowd moving aside like a wave to let him pass. Not waiting for her to greet him, he took hold of her and embraced her tightly, forgetting all that happened the previous night. Yet, her embrace was rigid and weak, and pulling away Legolas looked down at her, feeling a new hurt burning him.
"Even now...you will not embrace me?" He asked her, his voice pained.
"I'm sorry...." She replied softly, tears had begun to sting at her eyes.
"I have not any energy within me..."
He looked upon her then with regret and worry, had he made her become this sullen and withdrawn?
"I promise you I will return, my darling love. No more than a season I am hoping."
"Do not make promises you can not be certain to keep..." Her voice strained and solemn.
He frowned slightly then, wishing that she would give him but a simple smile to lift his own spirits so that he may be reminded of it in battle, allowing him to thus fight with more intent and vigour. But that she would not, and it pained him immensely to see her so depressed. Yet it was his duty as heir of the Greenwood realm to take charge, to learn what it meant to be to be a leader of his military and of his people.
"May you grant me at least one kiss farewell, so that I may hold it in my heart till I am able to see you again?" He asked her gently as he tried to look into her down turned eyes. He softly cupped her cheeks in his hands and held up her face, so that he may gaze at her once more. But her face was sickly pale and her eyes were tired and sunken for the amount of tears she had shed.
She slowly raised her gaze then, her eyes again filled with crystal tears, still pleading to him.
Holding her shoulders he leant in and took her mouth with his, kissing her softly yet amorously, tasting the salt of her weeping as his tongue slid along hers. Slowly they pulled away from each other, their eyes locked in a saddened gaze.
"Forgive me Adlanniel...for causing you so much grief...but I must go."
Adlanniel gripped his arms tightly then and stared up at him.
"You will come back alive." She ordered sternly. "For if you do not, I will come to the afterlife to find you."
Her tone was serious and unwavering; this worried Legolas immensely, that if he were to fall she would take her own life as well.
"You will do no such thing." He ordered her strictly. Then, softening his voice he continued, "I will come back to you. Now, I must make my leave." He embraced her warmly again, and her entire body quivered in his arms due to her weakened state and despair. Looking down to her once more he kissed her on the forehead before turning to leave.
Life seemed to freeze then as he walked away from her. Was she stuck in a dream? Would she waken to find her prince by her side? Alas she would not for this was reality, and he was leaving her.

He was again mounted on his steed and was now speaking to his father when her senses came back to her. Legolas looked over to her once more, an apologetic look in his cobalt eyes, before he raised his arm and called for the cavalry to move forward, the infantry marching closely behind.
Again her body became rooted to the ground as he rode off at a canter down the elven road, sigil bearers and commanders riding at his side.
Every emotion that she had boiled inside her at that moment of realisation, and her heart beat within her chest like it were about to cleave its way out.
"Legolas!!!" She screamed, pushing her way through the watching crowd.
He turned his head to look back slightly, trying to catch what he had thought he'd heard.
She cried out his name again as she now ran along the side of the road, past the troops that followed their leader.
Legolas, turning fully to look back behind him, saw his beloved running desperately, trying to reach him.
Seeing this made his heart burst. Taking up the reigns tightly he pulled his steed sharply around and rode back towards her, those at the front halting the march, confused at first to what their young leader was doing. Legolas had not even reached her when he slid off his steed as it still galloped along the side of the road, the horse stopping quickly and whinnying after its rider, it too wondering what its master was doing so drastically.
Legolas ran as quickly as his legs would allow, the troops all turning their heads out of curiosity to watch him as he fled past. "Legolas!" She cried once more, leaping into his arms and embracing him as fiercely as she could. The troops looked on sympathetically as they halted in unison, wishing that they too could embrace their loved ones one last time.
"Forgive me Legolas..." She sobbed in his arms.
"Please forgive me!"
"There is nothing to forgive, little dove." He replied kindly as he nestled his face in her soft hair.
"I have been so cold to you...I am so sorry...please come back to be."
Legolas smiled and chuckled at her concern; it was sweet.
"I promised you I would, and I will." He reassured as he kissed her wet cheek. She caught him in an intense kiss then, full of adoration and intent. It almost caught him by surprise; somehow she had broken through her depression to show her love to him once more.
It seemed like an age that they stood there, their lips locked in passion, their hearts burning as one.
"I must go..." He whispered, having regretfully pulled away from their kiss.
"Take this with you..." She begun, pulling from her slender neck a pure silver necklace, adorned with a single white diamond that sparkled like pure starlight. She placed it gently over her lover's head, tucking it into his tunic for safety.
"I will treasure this, it will never leave me and I shall draw all of my strength from it." Legolas declared as he placed his hand on the bump of the jewel through his clothing.
"It will protect you, and bring you light in the darkness." Adlanniel promised, reaching up to give him another teary kiss.
"Be safe..."
"I will, I will write to you as often as I can. Gi melin."
"You better!" Adlanniel grinned through her tears as he began to turn from her. She kept on a face of bravery and composure as he walked away from her. As he mounted his awaiting steed he blew her a kiss and she felt as if it had floated onto her cheek.
"Legolas...Gi melin."
She stood there, feeling numb as she watched the army march south down the road. It was not until they had gone out of sight that she felt all of her inner emotions dominate her again, flooding over her like a suffocating wave of smoke. She let out a loud wail as she fell to her knees on the side of the road, crying out in despair, her ebony locks clinging to her dampened face. Her body began to shake, her sobbing uncontrollable, her mind spinning with emotions. It overwhelmed her and her head swam as the darkness rolled over her like a fog. She began to fall, her head was so heavy, she was so tired. As her eyes began to feel like weights two strong arms caught her from behind...

The Woodland Halls

Those beautiful cerulean eyes gazed down at her as he held her in his strong embrace. His long silver hair shimmered in the moonlight that peered through the canopy of the vines above them, glowing with lustre. It was like running her fingers through silk as she traced them through it then, he tilting his head to kiss her knuckles as she did so. His lips caressed the skin of her hand like soft butterflies landing on delicate petals, his eyes still fixated on her, burning into her heart like a wildfire.
His sultry kisses moved up to the side of her slender neck and he cupped the opposite side of her face to draw her in, sucking on her tender flesh ever so tenderly. She let out a soft moan of pleasure, her body pressing against him wanting more. Her entire being jolted with an excited shock as he nipped her neck with his teeth, sucking with even more fervour after he did.
"Mibo nin!" She breathed desperately into his ear.
He took her mouth into his own like as if she had now become one with him, his tongue lavishly swathing hers. The passion behind it was electrifying as it dominated every part of her being; his aura, his scent drawing her fervour for him even deeper into her soul.
"Adlanniel..." His voice whispered into her mind like it had been drawn in on the wind.
"Adlanniel..." It called again. But she was so entranced by his lavish kiss, it was overpowering her, engulfing her.

Her eyes shot open suddenly, the world around her was blurred and incomprehensible.
She could barely make out the tall figure that rushed to her side, pinning her down to prevent her from lurching from her bed in her delirium.
"Calm child..." The voice was soft and gentle. She sunk back against the pillows as she stared up at the ceiling, her vision still impaired.
The figure leant over her, touching her forehead with their gentle hand.
"Your fever has not yet dissipated." They said as they then began to gently dab a soft, wet cloth against her perspirating face.
"Thranduil...?" She questioned, his soothing voice having become clearer to her.
"Aran vuin?" Her voice was more desperate as she tried to clear her eyes of their fogginess.
"Yes, it is I my child." He said warmly as he placed his hand on her shoulder to calm her. She felt her entire body become enveloped by an unbearable heat then when it came to her that it was indeed he beside her. She let out a soft moan then from discomfort, the heat making her feel like as if she had been on one of the pyres.
Thranduil frowned with concern as he touched her forehead again. Wringing out more of the cool water from the cloth he continued to wipe her face with it, his soft, gentle touch soothing her.
"How long have I been like this?" She asked, her throat feeling raspy and dry.
"You have been unconscious or in delirium for four days and three nights Adlanniel." He said seriously as he held her up enough to take a few long draughts of water from the wooden cup he held to her lips.
"Your mourning and anguish had engulfed you." He lay her back down and stroked her cheek, his eyes still full of concern for her.
"....Legolas?" Her voice still burned in her throat.
"He is well." Thranduil replied, smiling softly and reassuringly to her. "They have began pushing the insurgents east, ridding the southern Greenwood and the desolated villages of the Woodsmen of the filth. But yet they keep flooding out of Mordor and the mountains of the south east. The Easterlings are still yet to join in the fray..." Thranduil's voice drifted off slightly then as his concern turned to his son's well-being. However, the king was quick to compose himself.
"Do not worry yourself too much, my dear. He remains under the mentorship of two elves I believe you know quite well."
"Who?" She asked in curiosity.
"The March-Warden of Lothlorien and the Golden Warrior of Imladris, of course." Thranduil grinned then.
"They are there?" Adlanniel's eyes widened in surprise.
"Yes, along with their legions. I have been told that they are both fiercely protective of their little prince." He teased Legolas in jest, making Adlanniel give out a raspy chuckle to which Thranduil immediately offered her some more water which she took with thanks.
"Then I know he will be safe..." She sighed as she lay back down again onto the soft pillows.
After a few moments of staring up to the ceiling whilst the king beside her prepared her a concoction to decrease her fever, she began to remember the dreams....how they had engulfed her.
"I...I had had dreams...such vivid dreams.." She began, still staring up to the night sky mural of the ceiling.
"I know..." Thranduil replied, his voice lowering as he turned his head slightly from what he had been doing to look at her.
"I saw what you had seen...I saw everything...."

Elvish - English
Gi melin - I love you
Mibo nin! - Kiss me!

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