A liaison in the Great Greenwood: 21. Chapter 21

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21. Chapter 21

The Woodland Halls: The Gardens of the Brook

Slowly, almost as if to tease her, he began to untie the silken strings of her bodice with one hand, his other still pleasuring her between her thighs.
Opening the bodice wide he allowed it to slip from her shoulders, down her torso, and, removing his fingers from inside of her, down her slender frame to the grass and tree roots underfoot. 
Her cheeks flushed with heat as he looked down to admire her nakedness. "Such a thing of beauty..." He had thought to himself as his eyes trailed back up her body to gaze into her eyes.
She was such a delicate creature, standing only but a little taller than the average elleth. Her milky skin was soft to his touch, her breasts firm and supple when he gently took them into his hands.
He had barely noticed her own nimble fingers were unlacing the ties of his leggings, he had been so entranced at her beauty. Yet he allowed her and it amused him to see her eyes widen in surprise when
she finally unclothed him fully. She gazed on in awe as she traced her fingertips along his broad shoulders, sliding them gracefully down the well defined musculature of his chest and abdomen. Thranduil was more well built than his son, perhaps due to his taller stature and broadness. He was a warrior of the sword as well, needing to be well muscled to enable the ability to wield the heavy steel of his weapon with utmost efficiency. Legolas, though well defined himself, was more lean than his father, giving him the agility needed of a hunter and an archer.
Her eyes widened when it fell upon his hard erection that throbbed for her as she traced her fingers over it's tip. He was indeed....very well endowed. 
He caught her off-guard when he suddenly took one of her breasts into his mouth, sucking her taught nipple lavishly and with fervor. She gripped at his hair tightly from the sensation, letting out a gasp of pleasure as he began to stroke her pearl again, her loins already near dripping with desire.

"Thranduil...my king...." She breathed heavily, her eyes glazed and her body shivering as she relished in the intense sensations he was creating for her. With his mouth still around her nipple he looked up to her then, grinning through his sucking at seeing her so overwhelmed and close to reaching her orgasm.
"Please..." She moaned, her head arching back against the tree, her body squirming. Her begging only made him suck harder, teasing her even more with his fingers.
With one swift tug she pulled back on his long silven hair as she moaned in ecstasy, this time taking him off-guard. She could no longer endure the spasms of pleasure as she came in orgasm.

He looked at her slightly surprised that she had yanked his hair so sharply, yet he grinning at her then, satisfied that she was wanting even more.
"Let me feel your girth..." She moaned, pushing her hips forward to rub against his pulsating loins. 
She had not needed to say another word for he lifted her up against the tree, taking her firmly by her buttocks to lift her onto his throbbing member, wrapping her legs around his waist as he did.

He allowed a soft moan escape his lips as he slid his full length deep into her. The burning heat of her inner sex sent his feelings wild and he could not help but plunge into her hard and deep, pulling her body tightly to his as he took her in.
Her sounds of rapture in his ear fed his lust, and she took his mouth into hers in another deeply impassioned kiss.
Slowly, with her still mounted upon him, he slid down to the grass below so that she now straddled his lap. Pulling away from their kiss she gazed at him, slightly surprised at this. Did he want her to control him? The look in his eyes as he watched her compelled her to attempt taking charge. Thus she began to grind her hips against his, arching herself back slightly to allow him a deeper angle. He let out a soft gasp when she did, for this angle tightened her around him. He supported her weight with an arm as she arched herself back further, caressing her breasts with his free hand. 
She brought herself back forward to him, wanting to taste his mouth again to which he was more than obliged to give her. It was if they had both forgotten the world around them, the sorrows and worries and guilts they had felt not so long past having dissipated into air as they continued to ride each other on the damp grass. 
Taking a fist of his hair again she pulled his head back and to the side, revealing his long neck and his lovely pointed ear ripe for her taking. His heart quickened with excitement at her incitement as she began nipping at his skin, sending quick shots of bitter-sweet pain throughout his body. She took the lobe of his ear between her teeth, biting down and pulling back, still watching him carefully for a reaction. When he gave a slight cringe in pain she bit down even harder, making him pull away when she did not release to stare at her in surprise. However, his surprise did not last for his lips contorted into a sly grin.
"Why, you little vixen." He said enticingly, and she bit her bottom lip and blushed innocently; her inner siren had been released from it's cage.
Leaning in, appearing to want to kiss her lover again, she snapped her teeth at him whilst giving him another sharp yank on his lovely hair. He laughed amused at her sudden feistiness as he pulled her harder onto his rod. Her sudden and unexpected roughness towards him turned him on even more.
"A, i theilin in edhil teiliar…" His voice was sultry and oh so seductive then as he pushed her down onto her back, still leaning into her so that now he was the dominant one. He lifted her slender legs high up so that they nestled on his shoulders, pushing them down closer to her body as he leaned harder into her. Again her womb tightened around his cock with the angle this new position allowed, electrifying her with sensations she had not yet experienced. 
Sensing that this was something new to her, he smiled, pushing even harder into her, moaning in pleasure as he did. Her eyes remained glazed over in ecstasy as their gaze, locked deep into each other, craved for even more. He knew that she wanted him to take over her fully, to dominate her, to make her a slave for his copious desires.

Withdrawing from her suddenly, she looking to him in both curiosity and surprise, he flipped her onto her stomach. She shivered now in nervousness...what was he going to do to her? The last time she had been lain on her stomach during passion Legolas had been fairly gentle to her. But now, the Elvenking was almost rough with her. Yet....it made her savage lust burn ever more intensely. 
He took her from under her hips and pulled her towards him, lifting her higher so that she would be on her knees before him, her upper body lowered and resting on her arms. She could feel her face flush again as her heart began to race, unknowing of what he was planning to do to her. Her sweet, supple buttocks were enticing him greatly as they sat high up in the air, vulnerable to his will. He ran his hands over the smoothness of her rear, and she sighed, now relaxing to his touch. She was becoming perhaps too relaxed for his liking, especially after her foxy nipping of his flesh, so he thought he would repay her that favour. She yelped at the sudden stinging pain when he slapped her sharply on her backside. Yet, before she had the chance to further react he bent over her, encasing her with his own body to prevent her escape, before nipping the back of her ear in a playful revenge. She tried to squirm away from him, but he dragged her back and pushed her torso down to the grass again. Yet he kept her on her knees so that his erection pressed and rubbed against the cleft of her upturned rear. She moaned then in desire, and he knew that he had her subdued, that she would bend to his wanting and will.
"Do you want more?" His voice was like liquid silk as it flowed into her. He ran his tongue over the edge of her ear so seductively then, making her shiver with an even hotter lust.
"Caro..." She breathed, pushing her hips back eagerly wanting him to make her his again. "Brono i vellas hen trî i dhû!"
"I dhû hen and..." He responded silkily as he readied himself to enter her once more. He sat himself upon his knees and was easily able to slide into her for she now flowed like a torrent. He pulled her hips unto him till his abdomen was flat against her buttocks.
She let out a loud cry of pleasure as his cock rubbed her inner sweet spot with the position he had her in. Taking hold of her hips he pulled her in with every plunge, making her moan loudly with each thrust of his hips against her delicious rear. She could not help but dig her fingers into the ground beneath her with the intense sensations tearing through her body and burning at her loins. So intense were they that she brought up clumps of dirt and grass with her fingernails.
"Ritho! Hortho!" She begged, her breathing hot and weighted. He gave her his all then, having been holding back slightly, not wanting to her cause her any fright with how ferocious he could really be. The vigour to which he then drove himself into her from her plea made her feel like as if he would cleave her womb in two. It sent a bitter-sweet pain throughout her being, but so engulfed in pleasure was she she it only served to ignite her passions further.
Droplets of sweat trickled down his body with his exertion, feeling like he would spill into her at any moment for she continuously clenched her womb tightly around his stiff and throbbing member.
He moaned loudly with her as they continued to slap skin against skin. No one would be able to hear them there...that he had made certain of.

Quickly he pulled out of her as he felt he was about to be spent, his erection shining in the moonlight from her sweet liquid. He was panting heavily, even a great elf with all the stamina in the world could exhaust themselves from sexual exertion. Adlanniel rolled herself over to look up at him, surprised at how abruptly he had stopped their heated love making session.
"What is the matter, heruamin?" She questioned, looking worriedly up into his eyes. But he smiled down to her reassuringly and leant down to kiss her deeply and intently.
"Do not fret, my dear little vixen." His voice again flowed so enticingly into her ear. "I plan on taking you further. Just not out here..."
Before she had the chance to reply he had picked her up and took her away from the garden, still leaving their clothes lying sprawled on the damp grass under the willow. No sooner could she contemplate whether or not someone would find the evidence of their liaison did they enter a large and spacious room adorned with many flowing chiffon curtains which hang from the ceilings. They fluttered about from the gentle breeze that came through the door as they entered, softly caressing their skin as the passed through them. They came to a large and stately bed in the middle of the room, silks of gold and silver coiled up the long bed posts like the vines that were intricately carved into them. The headboard was carved in the likeness of giant elk antlers; the sigil of the Elvenking's household. He lay her upon the soft fur blankets, her body still shimmering from the droplets of sweat that continued to cling to her skin. 
Enveloping his mouth with hers for but a moment, he began to caress her skin with feathery kisses, making her shiver in delight and wanting. 
Slowly his lips traced their way down her slender neck to her collar where he flicked his tongue along the length of the bone. His kisses continued down the length of her body, her breathing quickening and be moved lower down. His glistening blue eyes looked up to her as he encircled her navel with his tongue. A radiant smile of pleasure and enjoyment was across her face and he knew that he could attempt to venture further south. Though once he came closer to the line of her womanhood she crossed her legs bashfully and he knew then that was he was wanting to do she had never experienced.
"Just relax..." He soothed gently as he smiled up to her, slowly sliding a hand to between her thighs in hope that she would open up to him. But she blushed, unknowing of what to anticipate.
"Relax..." His voice was ever more seductive as he leant down to lay his lips upon her skin once more in reassurance. Slowly she loosened to his soft kisses and gently he brought open her legs, moving to lay on his arms between them as he did. He bent her knees so that her feet sat firmly on the furs and traced his kisses along her inner thigh. She let out a soft sigh as her demeanour relaxed due to his sensual touch.

Slowly he began to open the cleft of her womanhood with his fingers, revealing to him her glistening pearl and the entrance to her inner sex. The scent of her desire was strong and sweet and he could feel his own erection throb hard beneath him, wanting so to delve deep into her again. Glancing up to watch her expression he lowered himself to her, brushing his tongue up along the inside of her fleshy cleft. Her eyes shot open, startled at what he was now doing to her yet unable to resist this intense new sensation. She moaned and arched her back slightly when his tongue teased at her entrance, lapping up her sweet nectar as he did. She could not help but grasp his long hair with one hand the furs beneath her with the other. This feeling of his tongue lavishly teasing her desires was so erotic to her that she burned with a feverish lust. Slowly, yet to enticingly he traced the tip of his tongue to her protruding pearl. He pursed his lips ever so slightly as he took it gently into his mouth, her body giving a sudden jolt as the electrifying pleasure shot up through her body. She had not imagined such pleasure to be possible as he sucked and licked her pearl, the pleasure surpassing that of mere touching with one's fingers. She could not help but push her hips up to him as he cupped her buttocks to hold her steady due to her squirming in ecstasy. She grasped his hair and the furs even tighter, crying out as she could feel herself edging closer to her limit for the second time. With his experience Thranduil could read her body language exceptionally well for as she was about to climax he pulled himself up to mount her again, sliding deep inside of her once more as he took up her legs to sit around his waist.
"Ci sui 'lî erin lam nîn." He whispered into her ear as he leaned down to her. She took him into an impassioned kiss, tasting her sweetness in his mouth as their tongues danced and swept over each other.
The friction of his grinding hips against her now considerably sensitive sex sent waves of thrilling pleasure through her. Tears of intense ecstasy began to well in her eyes as she grasped his strong body, pulling him harder down into her whilst she pushed up her hips to meet his every strong thrust. Their moans became synced in unison as they rode each other feverishly, the bed frame creaking from their wild exertion. 
Thranduil arched his body back slightly as he felt himself quickly edging towards his limit, the euphoric burning in his loins becoming near overwhelming. She watched intently through her gasps of pleasure as his eyes glazed over, knowing that he would soon be spent. This carnal knowledge made her pearl become increasingly sensitive and she knew that she too could not endure this sensual euphoria for much longer. His body stiffened as he felt his liquid begin to release, and he cried out in ecstasy when she thrust herself hard against him, grasping his buttocks to push him even harder and more savagely into her as he came. His liquid burned into her like dragon's fire and the intensity of it's heat set off her own intense orgasm. She cried out with him as they both spent each other, falling onto the soft furs beneath them in a temporarily exhausted heap.

They lay in each others arms for a long while, holding each other tenderly, not exchanging words, only contemplating what had happened that night. They had both just delved into the forbidden, and yet their lust for each other had not in the slightest abated. Their need and wanting for each other lingered and burned with a greater fury. Where would this passionate affair lead them for neither believed it would simply end after just one night.
Nay, there would be many, many nights more to come.

Elvish - English translations
A, i theilin in edhil teiliar… - Oh the games we Elves play...
Caro - Yes
Brono i vellas hen trî i dhû! - May this energy last the night!
I dhû hen and... - Well, your're in for a long night then...
Ritho! Hortho! - Harder! Faster!
Ci sui 'lî erin lam nîn - You were like honey to my tongue.

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