A liaison in the Great Greenwood: 22. Chapter 22

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22. Chapter 22

The Woodland Halls: The Elvenking's private quarters.

The shafts of soft morning sunlight bathed her skin as they shone in through the chiffon curtains. The curtains fluttered gently from the cold breeze which came in through the doors of the king's private balcony, they being opened slightly ajar. It felt like as if she were in but a dream as her mind drifted within the clouds.
Soft fingers tenderly traced their way through her long, ebony waves and along the smooth bumps of her spine to finally rest upon the small of her back. Her fingertips too felt the smoothness of skin beneath them as she traced them along the contours of bone and muscle beneath her. As her eyes slowly flickered open, she realized that she had been sleeping upon the strong body of the Elvenking. She felt a warmth fill her then, engulfing her in contentment and peace; two things that she had struggled to feel in the few days that had passed.
She began to twirl her fingers through Thranduil's soft, flaxen hair as she sighed against his skin in thought; her mind drifting back into the dream of what had occurred the previous eve.
Yet, it had not been a dream for there they were, lying in the king's bed, naked in each other's arms. 
She could not help but crave for more as her womanhood began tingling with the memory, a strong burning sensation forming from between her thighs. She wanted him to take over her again, to dominate her every desire, to enslave her with all of his carnal hungers.
"You burn for more do you, my little vixen?" His voice came down to her like liquid silk. His fingers began to play with the supple skin of her buttocks as he pushed his hips up against her, allowing his now erect member to rub against her cleft. She let out a soft moan of wanting as she felt him probe against her entrance. He smiled seductively then as he pulled her up to him to take her mouth once more with his, gently rolling her onto her back so that he now lay between her luscious thighs on top of her.

She felt a slight pain in her inner thighs as she lifted her legs to rest upon his waist. He had most definitely pushed her past her norm during the previous eve, having put her into positions she would never have thought possible, thrilling her with his domination over her; his being rough with her at certain times throughout the night. Yet now he was gentle to her as he planted soft kisses upon her cheeks and neck, slowly moving to enter her once more. She let out a loud gasp as he did, feeling his full length slowly push into her, her inner sex still stinging from his liquid fire that had flowed into her numerous times like a volcano. She wrapped her arms around his strong torso, tracing her fingers tracing softly along the contours of his muscular back as he rocked against her, his gentle thrusting causing her body to shiver in pleasure. 
She let out a gasp of excitement when he lifted himself up so that she could gaze upon the length of his body right down to where their loins joined together, watching intently as she could see his cock slide in and out of her. She slid her fingers along the length of his taught chest and abdomen, causing his marblesque skin to develop goose bumps at the sensations of her feathery touch. She continued to gaze down in awe as she lifted her own hips to meet his, watching as their skin grinded together in unison.  He shivered and let out a soft moan as she traced her fingers then around one of his taught nipples, believing that he too was sensitive there for his son most definitely was. 
Letting a mischievous grin cross her face she lunged up to his breast then, taking his nipple full into her mouth, giving it a long, hard suck which took the Elvenking off guard. 
"Adlanniel..." He gasped as she grasped at his body like a wild creature, sucking feverishly upon his chest like he had done to her the previous eve. The sensations of her lavish sucking, her tongue sliding around his areola, tracing its way up along the tip if his nipple, sent electrifying shivers down into his loins which urged him to thrust harder. 

She gave his sensitive nipple a slight nip then, hard enough to make him yelp.
Pausing, he stared down at her as she continued to grin back up to him, fluttering her eyelashes innocently. 
"You little minx..." He grinned as he pushed her down, taking her by the arms to pin them up above her head, holding her by her wrists with one of his strong hands.
Her voice quivered in moaning as he lay back down upon her, thrusting his hips hard against her so that his throbbing member pushed hard against her inner limitations. He too moaned with her as she squeezed herself as tightly as she could manage around his erection, eliciting more of his lust and desires as she too pushed hard up against him. 
The creaking of the bed as his thrusts became rougher and more feverish increased her euphoria tenfold, and she could not help but dig her fingers into his flesh at the intense heat he was making her feel, it engulfing not only her loins but her entire being. The pain he felt at her digging nails only served to increase his arousal further, knowing that he had her for his every whim.
His body shuddered as he spent into her, and she pulled back on his silven hair as he moaned in orgasm, feeling a deep warmth of satisfaction envelope her like a woollen blanket. 
Hey lay his head on her soft bosom as he moved his body to lay down upon her. She wrapped her arms around him tenderly, feeling utmost content. 

"How many times would that have made it now?" Adlanniel asked, a grin still upon her radiant face.
"I lost count..." Thranduil replied innocently as he looked up to her, kissing her between her breasts.
"You have definitely enchanted me, my dear Adlanniel. You are a seductress like no other..."
"Oh, you tease!" The young elleth chuckled as she blushed crimson.
"But you are!" He purred as he leant up to softly kiss her on the lips. "You draw me in like the moon to the stars, your radiance engulfs me."
"Did my mother have the same effect?" Adlanniel questioned casually then, curious to know if he was only attracted to her because of her likeness to her mother and the fact of his past relationship with her. 
"Somewhat..." He replied honestly as he moved to lay beside her. "And I cannot help but crave what I once had with her...and what I had had with the late queen...but there is something about you Adlanniel. You encompass the qualities of both of them, both who were rare diamonds amongst rough jewels; qualities that I have truly missed and wanted to feel again. Yet..."
His voice lowered suddenly as conflicting thoughts began to flood into mind. He sighed then, a sense of guilt overcoming him as he continued.
"You can not be mine. You belong to my son. I have already had my chances at love...and it would be selfish of me if I were to want to take his chance away from him..." He sat up on the edge of the bed then, and looked down to the floor.
Adlanniel felt her heart suddenly ache. 
"Yet I do not wish to take you from him. Nay, if I wanted you for myself I would never have allowed him to have become so besotted with you in the first place. Yet what I feel is a burning lust and wanting for the things I had once had, as I just told you. And now I have taken advantage of you in my own loneliness, to slake my own desires, uncaring of what consequences may befall us both..."
"But I was willing..." Adlanniel tried to reassure as she crawled to kneel behind him, placing her hand gently upon his bare shoulder.
"You know how much I love and adore Legolas.....I would whither and die if I were to lose him, you know that. You know I would never want to hurt him. But..." She too let out a soft sigh. "As I too have said before, there is something that draws me to you as you are drawn to me. I am yet to understand what it is....but you make me feel something so powerful...I feel engulfed by it when I am in your presence. I do not know why...but I have not yet felt it, not at this intensity, whilst I have been with Legolas. Perhaps it is still hidden within him, waiting to be unleashed. I do not know....Yet I know that you are the master of it aran vuin, and I can not help but be drawn into its gravity. I too, especially now in my own loneliness, crave for what I should not. But I feel that I would be deprived of life if I can not have it....like all the breath within me would evaporate into nothing."
"I could not allow that to happen..." Thranduil turned to face her then and gazed into her sullen eyes. Gently and ever so softly he stroked her cheek, his heart aching when her eyes became glazed over with tears. Pulling her forward he kissed the salty droplets from her eyes, embracing her then as he did, planting feathery kisses on her skin in reassurance. 
"Do you want this to stop?" He asked her gently.
She turned to him and gazed intently into his eyes. For a long moment her mind fought with the thought, the conflicting emotions, the forbidden.
"I do not. I want this with my whole being. I want you to be the master over me whilst we both suffer in our loneliness." 
He smiled at her then as he took her into his arms and lay back down onto the bed with her. 
"No one is ever innocent..." He said as he nuzzled her ear. She wondered what he had meant by that for she sensed a deeper and hidden meaning to it. However, his sensual kisses upon her naked skin made her drift into another euphoric dream.

"Oh how I wish to have you now again...and again..." He purred seductively into her ear as he enveloped her body with his. "But alas it is morning and I must rise to do my duties as king of this realm." 
Adlanniel let out a soft, childish whine as she pouted playfully. "Oh must you go, my lordly majesty? Is it not your duty now to keep me, your little vixen, satisfied?" 
"And I would if the rising of the sun took but more time..." He purred as he again pinned her down by her arms. "But I am expecting word from the East. You will just have to satisfy yourself till I can return to finish you." His tone was teasing then, as he reached down to let his fingertips gently flick across her sensitive pearl. She groaned and squirmed then in restlessness as he arose from her once more. He grinned down to her as he stood, his long flaxen hair flowing like a stream of silver down his strong back. 
"I must go bathe..."
"What about our clothing that we left under the tree by the brook?"
"They are there." He replied casually as he wrapped a linen cloth around his slender waist, cocking his head slightly to the side to motion to where their clothing was sitting neatly folded on a nearby chest. Adlanniel's eyes widened in shock, embarrassment and surprise. How were they suddenly there on that chest? Who had brought them in and when? Yet...she knew no one besides herself and the Elvenking had been within his chambers and he had not left her at all during the night. It made her gulp with worry.
"Worry yourself not..." He began as he passed her a towel to wrap around herself. "Now come join me in the bath. We have a little time yet, perhaps enough to enjoy each other one last time for the morning?"
Adlanniel, blushing coyly at first, rose quickly. Thranduil gave her a playful slap on her backside as she trotted past him, making her jump with excitement and renewed arousal.
"And you call me the seductress..." She crooned as he slid into the warm water after her, the warmth of the water of his private hot spring rather welcoming against the chill that hung in the morning air.
"You, my dear king, are quite the melethron." 
"Oh, am I now?" He wooed softly as he slid to be behind her, gently brushing her raven hair aside to plant seductive kisses along the nape of her neck.
"Thand.." She moaned softly at his touch. "Gin iallon...Nestago den..."
"Cerithon i iest gîn." He replied as he bent her slightly forward so that her arms would rest upon the edge of the pool. Pulling her hips towards him he entered her once more from behind. 
They both groaned with the pleasure as his thrusting grew more intense by the moment, the warmth and minerals of the water enhancing all sensations and enticing more from them.
He took a fistful of her silken obsidian hair and pulled her back to sit upon him, reaching round to fondle her breasts with one hand and her pearl with the other. She cried out in ecstasy as her over-sensitive sex threatened to make her spent. Yet the king would not waver for her and continued to tease her every desire. As she often had done to him the previous night, he now began to bite down upon her flesh, starting at her shoulder where he sucked savagely upon her skin, making her wince slightly from the bitter-sweet pain. Even when she began to whimper softly he did not abate; it was his turn to punish her now.
Pushing her forward once more, almost forcibly, so that she was bent before him again, he took her by the tender flesh of her hips to ram harder into her. She was taken a little aback by the sudden intensity of his force, but it sent all of her senses aflame and made her nearly scream. Oh how she was glad that no one from the outside could hear her there....

Just as he was about to be spent he brought her gently back to him, wrapping his arms in a tender embrace around her, sighing into her ear as he released into her.
They continued to bathe each other, kissing each other with every free moment until all evidence of their love making was washed away.
"You should return to your own chambers, my lady." Thranduil whispered gently into her ear. "For I believe that your hand maidens may start to search for you if they find you not present there."
"You are quite right, my lord." She replied as she leant her head back against his shoulder for one last embrace.
"But I will sorely miss your touch..."
"As I will miss yours." He maintained. "Though I would rather rather keep you in my bed all day, I am afraid I cannot. Alas, I have work that must be done."
"And so I will hold back my desires until we can be joined again in flesh." She said adoringly as she turned to face him.
"And I will wait eagerly for that time." Thranduil smiled.  

Elvish - English
elleth - Elven maiden (female)
aran vuin - beloved king
melethron - seducer/lover
Thand - It is the truth
Gin iallon - I beg of you
Nestago den - insert it
Cerithon i iest gîn  - As you wish

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