A liaison in the Great Greenwood: 23. Chapter 23

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23. Chapter 23

The Woodland Halls: Adlanniel's chambers.

There was a light rapping at the door. Adlanniel had only just slipped into a new dress and was hastily trying to tie up the bodice.
"Just a moment!" She called.
"My lady, it is I your hand maiden Gwendalyn." The sweet young voice called in return.
"Oh, then please by all means, enter." Adlanniel replied.
The young elleth opened the door slightly ajar and slid in, closing it quietly after her, before giving a curtsy to her lady.
"Díheno nin." The young maid, a mere century old, apologised regretfully as she rushed to her lady's side, seeing that Adlanniel was already dressing herself.
"Do not worry yourself Gwendalyn." Adlanniel smiled kindly. "You may be my hand maiden but you do not need to wait on me hand and foot. I can take care of myself."
With this the young elleth blushed, slightly embarrassed. It was her duty however to wait on her lady, having been strictly ordered by the king to take utmost care of the Lady of Imladris.
"I woke up earlier than usual and thus took the liberty to prepare myself for the day, so please do not worry about me."
The young maid nodded and blushed, thankful that she would not get into trouble.
"May I comb through your hair then hiril vuin? It is still a little damp from your bath..." The young maid held up a soft brush.
"If you would like." Adlanniel smiled as she turned and took a seat by her dresser.
Adlanniel felt like she would drift off into another dream-world as the maid combed through her long hair, so gentle was she that it made Adlanniel feel a little too relaxed.
Her thoughts drifted to the night before....how Thranduil had completely taken over her. The mere thought of his hard erection inside of her made her shiver.
"Are you cold, my lady?" The young maid asked innocently, obviously naive of what her mistress was truly thinking.
"Oh, no..." Adlanniel replied. "I was...just thinking of Legolas, and how he must be for I have not received any word of him as of yet." She told a white lie. Yet, her thoughts did drift to him then and that sudden pang of guilt and worry filled her again. She did sorely miss him; his sweet words that he would always speak to her, his gentle embraces and his kisses full of passion and intent. She did truly love him deeply, yet she still wanted his father...she wanted him too...she wanted them both. The thought of having them at the same time even crossed her mind. "Oh how can I be so terrible? I am no better than a harlot!" She thought to herself in exasperation as a frown of frustration crossed her face.
It made her feel depressed then, for all she wanted to do then was be in the king's bed making savage love to him all day. Yet, she also wanted to be with her prince, her beloved and sweet Greenleaf who was now fighting for a gallant cause whilst she was philandering about with his father. Oh how horrible a guilt she felt then, strong enough it was for her to stay her maid's hand.
"Thank you Gwendalyn, but I do not feel so well and wish to lay down a while. You may be dismissed."
The young elleth maid looked to her concerned. "Shall I fetch a healer, hiril vuin? Would you like me to bring you some more water to drink?"
Adlanniel gave her a tired smile of reassurance and shook her head. "I will be fine, I just need to rest. Do not worry about me."
"Ben iest gîn, hiril vuin." The maid replied. "If you need anything at all, please call for me."
"I will." Adlanniel reassured again as she smiled. With that the young elleth made her leave. Just as she opened the door, she was met by a messenger whose fist was readied to knock. Bowing his head he handed the maid a parchment before leaving just as quickly as he had arrived. Looking down to the green wax seal, the maid easily distinguished whose insignia was stamped upon it.
"It is from the Prince, my lady!" The maid quipped excitedly as she ran back over to Adlanniel to pass her the letter.
"Anyway, I will make my leave. Please tell me later if there is good news."
"Of course Gwendalyn, I will."
And with that the young maiden made her leave once more.

 Time seemed to stand still as she stared down to the tan parchment, tracing her fingers along the neat folds and almost perfect circle of green wax which sealed it.
Lifting it up to her delicate nose she took in its smell, hoping that the scent of Legolas perhaps lingered upon it. She wanted dearly to be able to smell him, wanting to have some sort of feeling, even lingering, that he was there with her. Alas it did not for it smelt strongly of the leather of the saddle pouch it had travelled in to reach her. Sighing, she slumped down onto her bed, holding the parchment to her chest, feeling a great sense of guilt sway over her.
Slowly she peeled open the wax and unfolded the letter carefully like as if the essence of the prince was held within it. It was obvious as her eyes drifted down to the inked writing, that he had taken great care in the letter's composure. His writing was written beautifully in their native tongue, cursive and flowing like river reeds that sway in the soft breezes of summer. His words were full of love and devotion, of longing and of passion...of wanting for her.
She felt a knot form from within her stomach for the guilt she felt as she read how dearly he missed and needed her, whilst she was there lusting over his dear father. She felt so horrible, so terrible, that hot tears of confliction burned at her eyes. She wanted Legolas so dearly, but she wanted Thranduil just as much. How could she, she thought, an Eldar of high birth, hold such wicked feelings? What brought them upon her? The king at least had a reason, but she really did not. Regardless, they were both debauchers. The shame tore her so much she burst out crying, clutching the letter to her chest as she did.
"Goheno nin, Legolas. Goheno nin!" She repeated over and over, her hands shaking. She wanted the prince to come running into the room to embrace her and tell her that all was well in the world, yet, he was so far away from her.
"Why does he have to be so far away!?" She cried out in her mind. His letter had also detailed that they were in the Wilderland, far south east of the Great Forest, close to Emyn Muil and Dagorland where the great battle of The Last Alliance had been fought - the place where Thranduil had lost his father and a great majority of his kin. They were merely a days ride from the borders of Mordor; a desolate wasteland now with the absence of the dark lord, only inhabited by the few foul creatures that still clung to the hope that he would return. Yet, the two armies of Elves and Men were besieged almost daily by orcs, trolls and goblins from Mordor, and though they had not yet suffered great losses, the tables could easily be turned if the Easterlings were to join the fray - something that Legolas feared yet knew would be inevitable eventually for the Easterlings never turned down an offer of war against the free-peoples of Middle Earth.
They also debated going into Mordor itself to stem the source of the orcs and beasts there, yet if the Easterlings were to come upon them they could possibly become trapped within the wastelands unless they could find a way to escape through the valley of Imlad Morgul to the south, close to the Gondorian capital Osgiliath. However Imlad Morgul was treacherous and the odds of escaping were few.
Adlanniel prayed to the Valar to keep Legolas and his soldiers safe, and for Haldir and Glorfindel to protect him.
The heartache became too much for her to bear as she lay upon her bed, her tears soaking the hair that fell upon her porcelain face. She wanted someone to be there to comfort her in her anguish. She could have called for her maid servant Gwendalyn but the young elleth would not have been able to give her the comfort she wanted.  She wanted strong arms to hold her, soft lips to kiss her, and a warm body to envelope her to make her feel safe. There was only one there that could give her what she wanted and though she felt terribly guilty, she needed it all the same for it would not abate and it choked at her like a dying wind.

The Woodland Halls: The Grand Library.

"Adlanniel?" Thranduil, having been in the library for some time, looked up from the large, ancient book he had been reading. It was bound in dark mahogany leather and red velvet, etched with many patterns from all cultures of Arda.
Slowly she crept out from behind the isles of books she had been standing behind whilst she had observed him, allowing the waves of her midnight hair to flow over her still reddened eyes.
"My dear, have you been weeping?" A great concern filled his voice as he immediately closed the old book and placed it onto the small table beside him, moving quickly, yet so elegantly towards her his feet appeared not to touch the ground.
She downcast her eyes shamefully as he gently pushed the damp strands of hair from her eyes. He sighed then as he sensed what she felt, for he had at times felt it too. It saddened him that they both had to be caught into its web.
"You received a letter from Legolas?" He asked her, she giving a sad nod in confirmation. "It was full of love and passion for me, my lord. And full of his worries and struggles on the battle field. I wish that I could be there, by his side to comfort him, to hold him and protect him and tell him that all is right in the world...yet..." He voice strained as she tried to fight the tears that again began to swell in her eyes. "I want to be here with you also, to feel you envelope me with your powerful aura and to have you make me forget everything..." She wept.
"I am afraid that anything I can do to comfort you would only sought to make the matter far worse..." He began as he placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.
"I am well aware of that..." She sobbed as she looked up to his cerulean eyes then, they being full of empathy for her.
"But I fear the matter would worsen regardless, for the reasons that we spoke of this very morning; that all the air within my lungs would evaporate into nothing unless fulfilled."
"A reason I too concur with..." He sighed as he looked down to the floor. "What would you have me do, Adlanniel?" His eyes became pleading as he looked back up to her. "For the right thing to do would be for us to both walk away from these feelings, but if we do our hearts we will be torn asunder." 
Adlanniel swallowed hard as the knot began to form in her stomach again, her body beginning to shiver at the truth of what he was saying. What were they to do?
She thought for a long moment as they stood there in an almost deafening silence, trying to capture something from within her mind to say to him. But only one thing came to mind. "'No one is ever innocent.' That is what you had said to me in the early hours of this day did you not."
"Indeed, I had..." Thranduil replied, wondering if she had an inkling of what he had meant.
"'No one..'" She began. "Meaning that Legolas too is not innocent. Of course, that is true if one thinks on his relationship with me...that it is consummated without proper ceremony..." She blushed then. "But I can not help but feel that you had been referring to something else. Has he too, bedded others?" Her expression became serious as she stared into the king's eyes, trying to draw the answer from him. He looked away from her again, having put this upon himself though unwillingly. "I will not put my son through scrutiny." He replied simply, his voice having a slight cold edge to it. It would be cruel to suddenly judge the young price in light of what they had already done. Yet she could tell that her haunch was true by the king's unwillingness to answer her. "He has, hasn't he?" She questioned more forcefully, and she could not help but feel pained at the prospect of the truth.
"Why does it matter?" Thranduil asked as he turned back to face her, his face now serious and stern. "Have we not just done the same thing to him?"
"So it is true?" Her voice, though shallow, was shocked and hurt. Though why she felt so hurt, she could not understand for what the king had said was true; they had just done the same thing to Legolas.
Composing herself, she nodded. "Indeed, I have done to him what he has apparently done to me....but please tell me, my beloved king, why did he...?"
"He is like any other male of any other sentient culture on this Earth Adlanniel. He feels lonely, deprived and wanting when his mate can not be by his side. I can at least assure you that he has never bedded anyone important to him, and has never felt fulfilment from any of them. That, he can only get from you."
"How do you know all this?" She asked him suspiciously.
"I know a great many things." He again replied easily. She frowned at the king then, and sighed, exasperated.
"If I indulge unto you what I know, then we may as well tell Legolas outright of our own affair." He said rather soberly.
"I think though that our liaison is a little more complex and complicated. Whereas he has probably bedded mere servants.....you and I...you being his father...."
Adlanniel groaned in frustration. "Oh why will you not tell me?" Her voice was raised in irritation, to which he harshly hushed her.
"Quieten yourself Adlanniel, we are in a library!" He chastised her, she shrinking back from the sudden coldness in his eyes and sternness in his voice. With that he turned and walked away from her, heading deeper into the vast depths of this place of knowledge, and after a moment of staring on after him she followed quietly, knowing that he had intended on her following him.

His pace seemed to quicken as he took her further and further in, the great aisles seeming to get darker, and the musky scent of the ancient parchments and books getting more pungent. Taking a lamp from the back wall, the king turned  down the right side of the last aisle, his figure encased in the auburn light of the lamp as he continued to walk towards the farthest corner. There against the wall of the corner sat a lonely desk, a thin film of silver dust blanketing it, a sign that it had been unused for quite some time. There were books stacked against the wall beside it and leaning against the aisle itself was a ladder that reached up to the highest rung, it too covered in dust and old webs. That corner of the library where they now stood felt as ancient as the forest that surrounded them on the outside; containing so much memory and knowledge it was enchanting.
Using his lamp, Thranduil lit another two that hung upon the back-most wall, their light together illuminating their secret little corner in a magical orange glow. Then, taking his lamp once more he walked over to the rows and rows of books before them, shining the lamp towards them, but not too closely as not to damage them, so that he could read the titles written on their spines.
"What are you looking for, heruamin?" Adlanniel asked, her voice quiet. "These books are so ancient..."
"Indeed they are, my dear." He replied. "Some date back to the first age, as early as the time when Gondolin's construction was begun by Turgon. I am sure that your father's own libraries have books that are just as old."
"I believe so..." She confirmed as she looked up along the mighty length of the aisle of books before her.

"Ah, here it is..." Thranduil began as he pulled a large, leather bound book from a shelf above his head. Adlanniel quickly took the lamp from his hand so that he could more easily take hold of the large, heavy-set book. It was of a rather imposing size, and Adlanniel immediately thought that it must have been some type of book of histories or an encyclopaedia or something of that ilk. But the leather cover of it was rather plain, with no title embossed upon its front or spine.
Thranduil had had a slightly cheeky grin when she looked up to him, curious to know about this massive book's contents.
"Open it." He motioned for her, the grin still upon his face. She could not help but look to him suspiciously, what was he up to? She merely opened the cover to reveal the first cover page, it having become discoloured in its old age. Upon the smooth paper was written a single word in Quenya - though the Quenya of the Noldor for which she could not read.
Thranduil set the lamp he had been holding carefully upon another hook on the wall before coming to stand so enticingly close behind Adlanniel that she could catch his seductive scent. "It says, 'Alasëa puhtalë'...." Again, his voice was as smooth as liquid silk as he had read out the title, and Adlanniel could not help but think that it meant something rather alluring, for the king had leaned in to her and had taken her long, slender arms into his hands, brushing his lips sensually across the back of her ear as he did.
"Go to the middle of the book..." He purred into her ear as he then wrapped his arms around her, ever so sensually sucking on the pointy tip of her ear which made her melt into his embrace.
"What is it my lord?" She breathed, her heart beginning to pound with a new found lust within her chest.
"You will see..." He wooed. He helped her to gently move the heavy-set pages to where he had been referring to and felt inwardly amused when she gasped at what was painted upon the ancient parchment.
"W..what did the title read, m..my lord?" She stammered, her face blushing coyly at the pictures, yet her eyes still fixated upon them in curiosity and awe.
"Joyous sex...." He purred once more, making her groan with arousal as he swept his free hand across her breasts, her nipples now standing taught with wanting through the silk and velvet brocades of her dress.
Scrawled across the pages that were now open were pictures, rather detailed, of various positions one might enjoy whilst having private time with their partner. It sent chills of lust down her spine as she looked down upon them, the king still teasing her with his hands and lips upon her flesh. Some of the positions appeared quite adventurous in her own opinion, and so provocative that it excited her immensely.
"This one here..." Thranduil pointed to one of the ink drawings, where the man was straddling the woman's thigh, her other leg lifted high upon his shoulder, which would obviously allow them both a grand view of their connection as he would slide in and out of her. "Is known as 'Splitting the tree.'"
"I can see how it got that name..." Adlanniel blushed, Thranduil chuckling softly at her bashfulness. "And this one here..." He pointed to another where the woman was lain upon a table, her buttocks being held up by the man as he stood before her, her legs slipped over his shoulders as he plunged into her. "Is known as 'The butterfly.'" She was so entranced by the sound of his seductive voice, she barely noticed that he had untied the ribbons of her bodice and was sliding his hand down, groping her gently once he had reached his mark.
"Heruamin..." She breathed heavily, his other hand drifting slowly up her thighs as he pulled up the folds of her long, heavy skirts. "Is here really an appropriate place?"
"It is as appropriate as any; away from prying eyes and ears." He whispered to her as he began to tease the cleft of her womanhood with his lithe fingers. She could not help but to squirm as he pleasured her. All of her guilt, anguish and worries seemed to simply fade away with his seductive touch.
"Gellon n'i iuithog i lebir gîn." She moaned as he curved his fingers up inside of her, feeling her juices beginning to flow from within.
"And how about when I used my tongue?" He asked her smoothly.
"Oh yes!" She breathed. "I have never felt that before."
"Something you will have to teach Legolas."
"Indeed..." She breathed.

Thranduil pulled her away from the book then and picked her up to lay her upon the dusty table, pulling her hips forward so that her backside sat at the very edge of the wood. He pulled her skirts up high around her waist as he knelt between her luscious legs, running his tongue lavishly along the inside if her thigh, carefully watching her for a reaction. But she was leaning back on her elbows, he head bent far back as she breathed in arousal, wanting more. Placing her legs over his shoulders he took her hot sex into his mouth and ran his tongue slowly along the inside of her flesh, lapping up her sweet nectar as he did. Her body became loose and she slid down to the table as he pushed his tongue into her entrance, tasting the pull potency of her sweet liquid as it flowed freely into his mouth. He took her pulsating pearl in between his lips and began to suck upon it gently, his teasing upon it making her groan and shiver in pleasure. "You are the master of desire." She breathed heavily through her moans, trying not to be too load out of fear of their noises travelling down the aisles of books to unsuspecting ears.
"Please show me more of your ancient wisdom in this art."
Moving his face away from her sex he grinned up to her seductively, having already thought of the perfect position to start her off easily. He stood then and untied the ties of his leggings, pulling them down just enough to allow his now swollen erection to hang comfortably out. As he stood he held her legs up high in front of him, crossing them over each other so that each foot rested upon his opposite shoulder. Positioning himself to enter her, he slowly pushed in, holding her by the calves of her legs to support his thrusts. The position allowed her womb to squeeze tightly around his throbbing cock, sending electrifying pleasure throughout them both. Her soft moans of ecstasy were like music to his Elven ears, enticing him to ram her even harder.

Pushing her legs open as wide as she could allow, he leant down to her, taking her mouth into a deep, sultry kiss of impassioned lust. As he trailed his feathery lips down along her throat, he lifted her buttocks higher upon his member, straightening himself once more to place her legs on both of his shoulders so that he could be at the perfect angle inside of her. Covering her mouth with her arm to muffle the sound, Adlanniel let out an impassioned moan as his erection rubbed hard against her inner sweet spot which threatened to make her spent.
"Oh...Thranduil!" She gasped as he leaned in to pry against her innermost limits.
"Does this entice you?" He purred as he leaned closer to her face, allowing the tip of his tongue to run along her jaw line, making her shiver in passion.
"Painfully so!" She breathed as she grasped his flaxen hair with one hand, pulling him to her once more to take him into another kiss. She then looked into his eyes feverishly, wanting him to take her even further.
Looking over his shoulder she saw the towering ladder, reaching up to the topmost shelf of the aisle. "Let us be a little adventurous..." She insisted as she motioned towards where the ladder stood. Looking over his own shoulder he saw what she was referring to and grinned. Indeed, she was a little vixen and he knew that he could take her in any way he chose. So he backed from her, and with a long grin across her pretty face she trotted towards the ladder, swinging her hips seductively as she did so. Pulling back the lengths of her skirts she revealed a long, delicious leg to him as she placed her foot upon the fifth rung of the ladder. Playfully, yet ever so sexily she swayed her taut rump at him, enticing him to come at her.  With her one foot on the fifth rung, she wrapped her other around the ladder for her foot to take hold on the back of the second rung. Thus giving her enough stability and just enough height for her to push out her rump for her lover to take her from behind easily. Oh and how he did! She was taken aback yet again at the forcefulness of his thrust into her and she could not help but cry out, biting her lip quickly in the hope that no one else who may have been within the library had heard her. Thranduil chuckled almost evilly at her as he pushed her harder against the ladder, taking her tightly by her hips to pull her hard against his cock. He bent his knees ever so slightly to get a higher angle into her and the sensation of his throbbing and thick erection pushing hard against her sweet spot made her almost slip and cry out again. But he held her fast and took hold of a higher rung to give him even more leverage to thrust harder into her. She kept her mouth covered with the folds of her sleeves to muffle the noises of passion which escaped from her lips. Leaning closer to her, enveloping her body with his, he reached around to caress her delicate and sensitive pearl. His touch made her go limp against him and she felt as if her legs had turned to water. Yet he held her fast there, teasing her every hunger, edging her closer and closer to orgasm.
"I'm going to finish....Thranduil....I cannot hold..." She groaned as the electrifying sensations grew too intense for her to bear.
"Then come." He purred into her hear, pressing harder on her pearl and pushing deeper into her.

The shivering of her body, and the muffled cries of her orgasm set off his own and he bit down on his lower lip to prevent impassioned gasps from escaping him as he filled her deeply with his burning liquid. As she went limp against his body, he gently pulled her down from the ladder, and allowed them both to slump down together onto the smooth maroon coloured stone floor beneath them. He held her gently as they breathed heavily against each other, and wrapped his long velvet cloak around them both for warmth. It was indeed cold at the furthest end of the grand library. She relaxed her head against his shoulder and pulling her head back slightly further Thranduil kissed her on the forehead. They both sat there for a long while in each other's embrace; all thoughts of guilt, worry and anguish had been completely washed away from their minds for that time. All they could think of was each other, their wanting of each other, and the immense pleasure and ecstasy both brought upon the other.
Looking up to her regal lover, her youthful energy already anew, she asked him sweetly, 'A-charo?'
With this Thranduil looked down to her, but was not surprised that she would desire him again so soon. For she held within her more sexual energy than any other, even more than her mother and his own wife - elves that were more than willing for night long love making sessions. He knew that Adlanniel could, and would if given the opportunity, continue until the wee hours of the next day and perhaps even longer. He would have happily obliged her given different circumstances, yet alas he still had duties he had to attend to and so sighing regretfully he replied, "I would take you again right now Adlanniel...I would have you for the rest of the day and into the night if I could. Alas though my dear, I still have many things I must attend to."
"Like what?" She pouted. He chuckled at her as he stroked her sweetly under her chin.
"Kingly business, you understand...overseeing tasks, signing important contracts and all the other boring things that I must do."
Adlanniel could not help but chuckle herself at his lack of enthusiasm; This lack of enthusiasm for his work perhaps due to his wanting of her.
He leaned in to her ear and then whispered reassuringly yet so seductively it sent shivers down her spine. "But tonight after we dine together, I shall have you again...and I shall fuck you until you can last no longer."
Adlanniel moaned in anticipation, his use of words arousing her to the point that she did not think she could wait another moment for him to do as he promised.
"Do not underestimate me." She teased playfully.
"My lady, I do not." Thranduil replied innocently, but then his words became like liquid silk once more into her ears, "It is you who should not underestimate me..."

Elvish - English

elleth - Elven maiden (woman)
hiril vuin - beloved lady
Ben iest gîn - As you wish
Goheno nin - Forgive me
heruamin - my lord
Gellon n'i iuithog i lebir gîn  - I like it when you use your fingers.
A-charo? - Again?

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