A liaison in the Great Greenwood: 24. Chapter 24

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24. Chapter 24

The Woodland Halls: Private Balcony

It was a rather mild night, but the breeze was cool as it swept over their pale skin, the moonlight giving them an ethereal glow.
Adlanniel's body tingled with an excited anticipation as she watched the Elvenking from her position at the small dining table, his eyes sparkled from the starlight as he glanced at her.
They were sitting on a private balcony having a private dinner together away from servants and guards.
"Are you not hungry?" Thranduil asked her casually, seeing that she was barely touching her food for her gaze was constantly fixed upon him.
Wanting to tease her lust somewhat more his mouth twisted into a grin.
"Or is it something else that you hunger for?"
Her face flushed red with his words and he could not help but chuckle at her bashfulness; it was sweet, he thought.  
"My body starves for it...." She replied, her eyes again locking on to his. If it were not for her right mind she would have leapt over the table to have him.
He smiled then as his own wanting burned within, yet he wanted to make her wait - wait to the point where she would beg him to have her.
"Well you better not waste what we have to eat, you will need your energy for later." He took a draft of his wine as he watched her blush once more, turning to sit slightly sideways in his chair as he did.

She was indeed hungry, strangely so as she felt like she had not eaten in days even though that was not the case. And so, still glancing at her lover from time to time she continued eating. But her hunger for his affections drowned out all other feelings as she continued to nibble at her food. Thus she began to imagine ways to arouse his interest in their current situation. Near her sat a small bowl that had contained cherry tomatoes within; only a few remained. And so, a carnal thought came to mind. Adlanniel seductively leant forward toward the bowl in such a manner that revealed her cleavage as she did so. Though he was very good at pretending that it did not so, she knew that her cleavage had caught his attention. She could see his cheeks flush ever so briefly, having caught a glimpse of her fleshy breasts through the corner of his eye.
Slowly, her gaze still directed towards him, she bit down on the tomato, allowing its juices to drip down her chin as she did. Taking another she did the same, yet the juice spurted across her plate. This indeed caught Thranduil's full attention, and his expression turned to one of an elf amused.
Taking the clean napkin from beside his own plate he leaned forward across the table to wipe the juices tenderly from her face.
"What are you trying to do, Adlanniel?" He asked her sweetly.
"Eating, my lord." She replied rather innocently - enough to make Thranduil laugh at her once more.

With this she leant herself forward enough to take him by surprise with a deep kiss. Their lips fumbled together slightly as they tried to regain balance over the table from her sudden gesture. However, it was soon to become as impassioned as any other kiss they had made as they held each other up over the width of the table separating them. 
"How far are you willing to take this, dear Adlanniel?" Thranduil asked her suggestively through their kiss. 
"As far as you are willing, heruamin." She replied as she again caught his tongue lavishly with hers. After another moment of their continued feverish lip locking, he pulled away from her with the hope that she would do unto him something that he had already done for her.
"Then...will you take me into your delicious mouth, dearest of ladies?" 
Adlanniel immediately understood the king's request. So, much to his surprise, she slid down beneath the table to crawl over to where he was standing, playfully grinning up at him as she poked her head out from beneath the table cloth.  
"You are a cheeky little vixen, aren't you?" He grinned as she continued to stare up at him with her gorgeous emerald eyes. 
"If you perceive me as that way." She grinned back at him as she began to untie the strings of his leggings. 
"You may want to lean back against the table, my lord." She suggested almost teasingly. "For what I will make you feel may be too much for even you, the greatest Elvenking to have lived, to withstand."  
Thranduil, rather amused at her use of pleasantries, snickered slightly at her. Yet, as she began to pull down his breeches, her eyes still locked upon his, he did as she had suggested.

His hardened cock sprang out at her like a wild-flower that blooms in the Spring. It throbbed like a heartbeat as she stroked its shaft, and he sighed softly with her sensual touch.
As she took him fully into her mouth he let out a soft gasp of passion, biting down on his bottom lip to prevent any louder moan from escaping him lest the noise travel through the air; There were no concealment spells there. She encircled his shaft with her thumb and forefinger, squeezing tightly around its base as she did, bringing her wet lips down to almost kiss her fingers. As she sucked him hard upwards she brought her grip upon him with her, using her grip to stroke him as she sucked upon his tip with immense fervour. He gripped the table hard as he felt his knees weaken at the intense sensations she was making him feel. Indeed, she had been right in her statement; she was well gifted in this art.
He began to affectionately stroke her head as she continued to suck upon him, leaning his head back as he felt his entire being loosen to her will.
She had to brace herself as she took his entire length once more into her mouth, for he was truly well endowed and reached as far as the back of her throat.
"Adlanniel..." He breathed heavily as she again went down on him completely. "Do not strain yourself..."
"Strained I am not." She replied with a smile, giving a little white lie which the king could easily tell was not true. He looked to her apologetically but she smiled once more in reassurance. "You have pleasured me in this fashion on more than one occasion, my lord." She said. "Allow me to return the favour." 
And thus she continued to suck on him lavishly, teasing all of the pleasures from within his mighty being. 

Eventually the pleasure did become too euphoric to bear, and thus fearing that he would not be able to contain himself for much longer he stopped her head firmly with his hand. She looked up to him bewildered, and was even more surprised when he took her up into his arms, and pushing away the empty plates and platters on the table, lay her down hastily upon it. 
He gave her no time to react for he was upon her like a storm; mighty and fierce. She bit down upon the folds of her sleeves to try to prevent her moans of pleasure from escaping her, yet they came out in muffled passion nonetheless. Lifting up her legs to allow them to rest upon his shoulders he continued to thrust deeply into her, pulling her in by her hips as he did so.
They could both hear the bustling of life from within the palace and the notion of the possibility of being caught only sought to heighten their excitement and adrenalin more so. Were they being inconspicuous enough for those on the outside to not hear their rather conspicuous sex? It was thrilling to say the least to think on such thoughts. Despite hearing nothing on the outside that revealed that their act was discovered, they ceased themselves regardless for they knew that it would only be a matter of time before servants would come to clear the table. After hastily fixing their clothing they tidied the table once again, erasing all evidence of their passionate sex upon it.
"I want more." Adlanniel pleaded to him, lust and passion laced in her voice.
"And more I shall give you, my little vixen, more than you can handle." He replied, his voice so seductive it sent chills throughout her body. Taking her by the hand he pulled her towards a smaller door, concealed enough that she had not noticed it, hidden at the end of the balcony. It lead them along a more narrow corridor away from the main halls, giving them a more direct path to their destination. Yet, Adlanniel could not wait another moment to have her lover and so taking him by the arm she pulled him behind a giant column, pushing him into a small nook in the wall where they were afforded privacy somewhat. The corridor was seldom used except by the king himself and the guards that patrolled it from time to time. 

"I want you to fuck me." She demanded. "Right here, right now." 
Despite knowing that they could still be caught he did not hesitate in complying with her fiery desire. Hitching up her skirts he lifted her onto his member, and she wrapped her legs tightly around him. Spinning her around he now forced her into the wide nook, pinning her to the rough stone of the wall as he thrusted hard into her, pinning one of her arms high above their heads with one hand as he held her upon him with the other.
"Oh Adlanniel...." He moaned lustfully into her ear as she clenched her hot sex against his pulsating erection. 
"Say it again, my name...." She breathed, the tone of his voice having enticed a different form of pleasure throughout her entire being. 
Leaning closer to her ear and brushing his lips against her earlobe as he did so he breathed her name again. His silky voice was so erotic to her she felt that she would soon reach her zenith. 
"Again!" She begged, her orgasm edging closer and quicker than she had expected. 
"Adlanniel....My dear Adlanniel...my carnal slave Adlanniel..."
With his last words she could hold out no longer. She bit down hard on her lip to prevent her urge to scream in ecstasy escape her. Thranduil locked his lips fiercely with hers and she moaned deeply into his mouth, her body shivering as she came. But in his thrusting he did not abate for her orgasm sparked the oncoming of his. The friction his thrusts brought upon her sensitive pearl edged her closer to yet another orgasm, and together once more they became spent together, he moaning softly into her luscious mop of hair as he filled her with his seed. She was rather surprised with herself that she had been able to reach her peak more than once in a space of just a few minutes. 
Thranduil smiled at her, rather satisfied with himself at having made her come twice in such a short time frame. She could not help but blush bashfully at the thought.
"Now come, my dear vixen, you are wearing too much attire for my liking." He purred into her ear as he pulled out of her, feeling his liquid drip out of her as he did.
"As are you, my lord." She giggled.
"Then shall we...change....into something more comfortable?" He flirted with her.
"Oh, we shall." She traced her finger along his sharp jawline.
"We shall..."

Elvish - English
Heruamin - Beloved lord.

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