A liaison in the Great Greenwood: 25. Chapter 25

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25. Chapter 25

The Woodland Halls: Garden of the Brook
Again they found themselves standing within the great Garden of the Brook. Their lips were locked so tightly their jaws ached, their arms entwined around each other like a tangled web. Nothing in all of Arda could break them from their passion.
Hastily they began to tear off each other's attire, throwing it to the grass underfoot without a care.
"That is more like it." Thranduil purred into Adlanniel's ear as he nuzzled her cheek with his lips.
"How would you like me to have you this time my little fox?"
She felt her whole body heat and burn for her handsome lover, and her nether regions tingled with thoughts of how he could take her.
"Take me like a stallion would a mare." She whispered as she traced her delicate fingers along the tip of his pointed ear.
Quirking one of his dark eyebrows he grinned at her before gently bringing her down to the grass beneath them. He ran his hands along the softness of her supple buttocks as she got on her hands and knees before him. Stroking his stiff erection with one hand he leant forward to ply her with his fingers for a moment with the other. She let out a soft moan as his fingers entered her, she was still dripping for him. Wetting his cock with her juices he positioned himself behind her, pulling her back by her hips to allow him to slide deeply into her steaming sex. As he did he groaned from the tingling pleasure, she too gripping at the grass for her inner sanctum was still increasingly sensitive.
He continued to thrust into her as he grasped her tightly by the hips, enticing her to moan deeply.
She felt her arms quiver as the pleasure increased. Seeing this only enticed Thranduil further. Leaning into her he reached beneath her body to caress her slick pearl, making her body weaken under his touch. She could not help but slouch down onto her arms as he pressed her harder, her cries of pleasure resonating throughout the immense garden. Lucky for her that the garden had a concealment spell upon it for someone would surely have heard their sounds of passion if there had not been.
"Oh Thranduil...why must you feel so good?" She breathed as her orgasm edged ever closer.
"Why must you?" He replied, feeling her clench herself tightly around him.
With that he began to thrust with even more intensity, making the young elleth almost scream.
Taking her by her luscious hair he pulled her back to sit on his member, bouncing her upon his lap as he pulled her back harder against his body. Reaching back she took a fistful of his flaxen hair and held it tightly as their intensity increased, the sensation of his hair pulling heightening her excitement.

The strength of which he pulled himself deeper within her sex sent hot flushes of luscious pleasure throughout her entire being.
"No...not yet..." She moaned as she edged closer and closer to her zenith.
"Why not?" He purred into her ear, pulling her almost forcibly towards him as she struggled to break away.
The pleasure was so great she contemplated simply allowing him to have his way with her. She was his slave and he was the king after all; She had to obey. Yet, this time obey she would not. She forced herself from his strong grasp and almost fell to the grass with the force she had pulled away with. He looked upon her rather perturbed. Smiling reassuringly, she crawled back to him and traced the tip of a slender finger across the tip of his still hardened member, it still slick with her juices.
"There is something else I want to do presently." She said silkily.
"Oh, is there now?" He questioned her. Though from the tone of her voice and her fingers playing with his organ he had an inkling of what she was thinking.
Without replying she simply grinned and took the Elvenking by the hand before leading him to a nearby statue of an elleth playing the harp.
Pushing him back down to sit at and lean against the base she widened his legs to crawl between them.
"It is my desire to finish what I had started on the balcony, heruamin." She purred as she leaned up close to his beautiful face. "With the permission of my master I wish to be allowed to continue."
"As you wish." He grinned at her as he took her by the jaw to stare deeply into her eyes.
"Do as you desire." He pulled her in to give her one deep, sultry kiss.
Slowly backing away, yet her eyes never wavering from his, she bent down to his throbbing erection.
It lurched like a hungry serpent as she took its length into her mouth. Thranduil moaned deeply as she began to suck, and he fell back against the feet of the statue.
Lavishly, yet almost as if to tease him she ran her tongue along his shaft. As she continued her fellatio Thranduil stroked the back of her head affectionately, gently pushing her down on him as she sucked ever more enthusiastically.
"Hiril vuin...." He breathed as he felt his pleasure edge towards unbearable.
"I will be spent if you continue on this path."
Smiling, the young elleth pulled away  and gazed up at the ellon before her.
"That was what I was aiming to achieve." She replied, moving forward so that her plump bosom rubbed against his cock. He gasped at the sight of her breasts as she closed them around his member. Squeezing them tightly around him she began rubbing his shaft between them. He reached down to stroke her taught nipples, making her too let out moans of pleasure.

Not once in his long, ancient life had he ever had an elleth perform this act in the way Adlanniel was then. At least, he could not remember it being drawn into the book of pleasure he had showed to her in the library. It excited and heated him beyond measure. It did not take long for him to reach his zenith. Grasping the side of the statue's pedestal he groaned as his liquid spurted over Adlanniel's milky breasts, shimmering like a river of stars as it clung to her skin and glowed from the moonlight above them.
Smiling satisfactorily she ran her finger through the sticky fluid and placed it into her mouth, savoring his taste.
"You taste sweet, my king." She grinned up to him. She could not help but see through the moonlight his face blush a crimson red from her comment.
"Not as sweet as you, my dear." He replied as he slowly began to stand.
"Come, let us wash that from you." And with that he led her along the rows of willows that hung down to the brook beneath them until the reached what appeared to be the largest willow within the garden. Its hanging foliage stretched across the length of the brook that, at this part, was wider and deeper than any other part of the brook within the garden.
Slowly he walked into the gently swirling pool until he stood in its center, the water reaching up to just above his slender waist. The water was rather cold, especially then as the night had become cooler than when they had been having dinner on the balcony, and his skin prickled slightly. He beckoned her to follow and she did, however she stopped when she felt the icy water against her toes.
"It is freezing cold!" She exclaimed, almost jumping back from the shock.
A devilish grin crossed Thranduil's face then and Adlanniel's eyes widened at the realization of what he was going to do.
"Don't you dare...." But it was too late, no sooner had she said that he had splashed her with a wide wave of crystalline water, making her almost shriek in shock.
"Come in little vixen, it is not that bad once you are beneath the water." He chuckled at her as she grimaced at him.
Again, she hesitantly began to tip-toe into the water, it sending chills up her legs. Lunging forward, Thranduil took hold of her arms and dragged her in under the water, taking her by such a surprise she let out a shrill scream.
As they resurfaced she aimed an annoyed slap towards him, yet he caught her wrists with his strong hands and wrestled with her as she tried to struggle from his grasp. Her struggle and fire only sought to strengthen his hunger to have and dominate her more.
Inevitably they both fell back into the water. Taking hold of her beneath the surface he wrapped her body around his and took her into a kiss of deep passion. The fervor in it heated her body almost instantly despite the chill under the ripples of the water; the water making it ever more ethereal as they entwined each other like two eels in the thrall of mating.
Their loins joined together once more like a key to a lock as they twisted about beneath the surface of the pool. As they resurfaced, their mouths still locked as one, Thranduil lifted Adlanniel higher upon his waist, grasping her body to pull her down harder upon him.
For a long while they continued rocking against each other in a passionate union within the swirling pool until the chill finally got to them.
"Come, my dear, let us warm each other by the fire in my chambers. I think you are clean enough by now." Said the king as they both began wringing the water from their long hair.
"That sounds rather romantic." Adlanniel smiled suggestively.

The Woodland Halls: The king's personal chambers
Wrapping a soft cotton towel around his waist he offered his lover one as well, taking another two from the shelf to dry their hair with.
Adlanniel sat upon the rug near the front of the hearth, stretching out her arms towards the dancing flames to warm her hands.
"I apologize, my dear. I should not have allowed us to linger so long in the water." Thranduil apologized remorsefully, feeling her shiver as he began drying her hair with one of the spare towels he had brought over with him.
"There is no need to apologize, my dear king." She replied sweetly as she too took up a towel. Turning to face him she tossed the towel over his head and began to scruff his hair like a mother would do to dry her child's hair. Finding this rather amusing, Thranduil too began to do the same to her and they erupted into a fit of giggles at each other's antics. The light heartedness of their current mood made all worries and guilts that may have been in the back of their minds simply evaporate. Nothing could possibly ruin this connection they had.
As she still tried to control her giggles Thranduil leant forward to cup her face in his hands, bringing her towards him to kiss her tenderly, almost lovingly. It warmed his heart to see her laugh and smile and forget all of the woes that had befallen them. Her laugh was so much like that of her mother, and he felt like he was once again drawn back an age to their forbidden love together in Lindon.
Like Celebrìan, Adlanniel was a fiery and steadfast elleth that could be sweet and adorable when the occasion called for it. She could never be caged....except by one on the same wave as herself.
Adlanniel was also so much like his own wife, but then his wife and Celebrìan were very similar to each other, yet completely different. Perhaps it was his wife's similarities to his first love that he fell in love with her in the first place. Did that mean he still held something for Celebrìan deep within his soul? Something he could never release no matter how much he truly loved his wife? In the long centuries of his life he had kept it hidden, even from himself, forgetting it was even there, that is until she, Adlanniel the mirror of her mother, fell for him. Though he was not considering it then, he did not know why she desired him so passionately. Perhaps he was able to offer something that his son, at that time, could not; something that indeed fuelled her inner fire.

The tenderness with which he was kissing her then made her feel such a warmth within it felt like as if it would overwhelm her. He could be not only be dominating and almost severe, but he had his soft and loving side to him too - the side which Legolas appeared to predominately inherit.
Bringing her gently down to the lush rug, he widened her legs with his free hand and slid between them, removing his towel before coming back down to her to take her luscious lips with his.
She moaned softly when he slid effortlessly into her and her whole body tingled with sensation as he began to nibble upon her neck, gently massaging one of her round breasts with his hand. The whole scenario, of them in front of the fire making love, was so tender to her.
The auburn glow of the flames from the hearth continued to warm their bodies and their hearts as their hips moved together in a passionate unison. She could not help but grasp at his damp, flaxen hair as she edged closer and closer to her orgasm, his body grinding against her pearl and her inner sex too feeling sensitive. She knew that he knew how sensitive she was and would take advantage of it. Yet that was obviously what they both wanted; he had warned her that he would ride her till she could handle no more.

Sensing ad feeling her oncoming orgasm, Thranduil increased the pace of his thrusts, teasing one of her rose nipples and sucking on her neck which sent electrifying pleasure down into her loins.
"I'm going to come..." She breathed heavily.
"Then come, and let the whole world know it." He purred. And so she did; so intense was the sensation that she could not help but cry out loudly, her whole body quivering in ecstasy.
Yet her orgasm did not stop or taper off there...no, Thranduil continued to push her past her limit to the point where her whole body was shaking beneath him in an intense bliss. She was almost screaming with pleasure, and though she tried muffling her voice with her hands Thranduil pinned her arms above her head to stop her. He wanted to hear her, hear how well he was able to overcome her with euphoria, hear her beg him for more. And she did. Her whole body clung to his as she begged him to fuck her, begged him to never stop. So sensitive had her sex become from the euphoric sensations he was pleasuring her with, she peaked again and again, each orgasm being stronger than the last. He knew that she would not be able to withstand much more and so allowed himself to be spent within her with one loud cry.

They lay together in a tangled heap upon the rug, panting heavily from their exertion, beads of sweat clinging to their skin like shining pearls. They lay spooning by the fire for a long while, watching the flames dance amongst the glowing coals.
Suddenly Thranduil heard a distinctive low grumbling noise coming from his lover in front of him. Leaning over her slightly to look down at her bemused, she blushed up at him.
"My apologies..." She flushed.
"I am feeling somewhat famished all of a sudden." She added sheepishly.
"Oh?" Thranduil quirked one of his dark eyebrows at her.
"From all of the exertion I gather?"
"Perhaps." She agreed, rolling onto her back to look directly up at him.
"Shall we go to the kitchens then?" He suggested. "The palace will be in slumber besides the guards so we can go there unnoticed and undisturbed."
"If you do not mind..." She accepted his offer courteously.
"Of course not." He replied, smiling radiantly down at her. "Anything that pleases my lady shall be seen to."

The Woodland Halls: Kitchen/ Food cellar
Having both draped each other in simple night robes, Thranduil once again led her down private, hidden passageways to the underground kitchen of the palace. As the guards were constantly on their patrols, the lovers had to hide behind pillars or in nooks to veil themselves on more than one occasion. If it were not for the king's ability to veil their presence and aura from others they would have surely been caught.
He led her down a long winding stairwell to the kitchen and Adlanniel was rather surprised by the vastness of it; never in her time at the Woodland Halls had she ever entered the kitchen. To the center of the large rectangular room lay three rows of preparation benches and to their right were several large ovens lining the walls. On the other side of the room were just as many wash basins, each with a water boiler and a large pump that could bring up fresh water from the underground water system. Thranduil led Adlanniel through a door near the basins and down another short flight of stairs which led to yet another expansive room - the food cellar. Adlanniel saw it as a library of food for there were aisles upon aisles of different meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, breads, condiments and wines; the wines of which lined the back walls in towering racks and massive barrels. Her stomach growled once again as she took in all of the delicious scents. Thranduil motioned for her to go and do as she pleased, amused at the somewhat excited expression on her face. She appeared then like an excitied child that had received a dashing new pony.
"This looks delicious!" She exclaimed as she took from a shelf a large hock of smoked pork. "Are you not hungry too, aran vuin?" She asked as she took an oval loaf of bread and a large piece of cheese from the aisle.
"I am rather alright." He replied, almost laughing at her as she continued to take more and more foodstuffs from the shelves.
"Are you sure, my dear, that you can stomach all of that?" He questioned her bemused. 
"Maybe." She replied simply, struggling to take down a large jar of honey as her arms were already quite full. Taking the jar for her, and a few of the other foodstuffs she was holding, Thranduil quirked his eyes brow curiously as he followed her up and down the aisles, she still taking things here and there.
"Will you be so kind as to get us some wine, seeing that you have an impeccable and excellent taste for it?" Adlanniel asked sweetly. Grinning, Thranduil nodded. "That I shall do." And with that he parted for the barrels whilst she carried her goods back out to the preparation area. By the time he returned with a jar of wine and the other things he had been carrying for her, Adlanniel had sliced thick pieces of ham from the hock, and cut generous pieces of cheeses, breads and fruits and had arranged them delicately on a platter.
"Come, aran vuin..." She cocked her head back towards the food cellar door to which Thranduil had just come. "I saw inside some large flour sacks in there that we can sit upon comfortable." And without waiting for his answer she picked up the silver platter and went back through the door. Thranduil, sighing, followed her quietly.

Her eyes widened in surprise as she took a large, hearty bite of ham from one of the slices as she sat back against one of the plump sacks of flour.
"It is almost questionable that this ham is so delicious!" She exclaimed through mouthfulls of the savory meat.
"Do not speak with your mouth full, young lady." Thranduil chided her, half seriously and yet half in jest. Quickly swallowing what she had in her mouth, she poked her tongue out at him teasingly and continued to eat like as if she had been starved in a cold, dark dungeon somewhere and had not seen food for weeks. Thranduil shook his head in dismay and supressed a laugh. He thought it wise not to make fun of her as she was enjoying scoffing herself. Though he was quite curious as to why she was so famished all of a sudden. Indeed, they had partaken in rather vigorous and feverish carnal pleasures for the better half of that eve, yet he did not think that were enough to make her eat as much as she were then. Yet, at that time he could not sense anything wrong with her. Shrugging to himself he poured some of the wine into the chalices he had brought with him, yet as he did so he noticed that Adlanniel was staring at the large jar of honey beside him. She leant forward and took the jar, a piece of ham still hanging from her mouth, and opened it hastily.
Thranduil furrowed his brow slightly, for though he did not mind her casual ways of conduct now that they were very close to each other, she was acting rather too unmannerly for his liking then.
Noticing his slightly unimpressed expression, Adlanniel blushed and attempted to tidy herself.
"My apologies." She muttered sheeply, bowing her head in embarrassment.
Thranduil sighed. She was enjoying herself so why ruin her mood? He had thought to himself.
"Never mind." He replied simply. "Eat as you will. But do not let me see you stuff yourself like this in the dining hall, understood?" He ordered her sternly. She nodded innocently and fluttered her long eyelashes up at him, her emerald eyes sparkling from the candle light.
"Of course." She answered.
"Now what were you planning to do with all that honey?" He questioned her. Yet through the undertone of his voice Adlanniel could tell that he had some intentional use for it.
"I actually do not know. But it is clear that you have some intention for it." She grinned at him. Grinning back to her deviously he replied, "If you have had enough to eat..."
"I believe I have..." She answered, feeling a new heat kindle within her due to the lustful tone of his voice. It excited her to think of what he was planning to do; what he was planning to do with the honey of all things.
Before she could have much more time to think he pushed her back against the flour sacks and tore open her night robe with his lithe fingers, revealing her nakedness to him as she was stretched back slightly over the sacks behind her. Tracing his hands down the length of her body, his eyes locked onto hers, and they both stared at each other, hungry for something of a more erotic ilk.
Opening the large jar, he took the honey wand and twisted the golden liquid around it before bringing it and holding it just above Adlanniel's supple breasts. Her breathing deepened at the excitement of this new act she was about to experience - who knew that using food during foreplay could be so thrilling!
Slowly the honey began to trickle down onto her milky skin, the king allowing it to drip over her breasts and tender nipples. She let out a slight gasp as it had touched her skin; though sticky she was rather surprised by how soothing it felt. Thranduil watched intently as the honey trickled down her breasts and along the contours of her ribs and stomach, edging slowly towards her naval.
Leaning down to her, he sensually began to lap up the honey with his tongue, licking every last trace of it from her skin. The erotic sensation sent burning chills into her nether regions and made her moan in delight.
"Oh Thranduil.....my lasvicious king Thranduil.....you sure know how to please..." She breathed as he traced his tongue around her naval.
Glancing up to her, he grinned through his licks, yet did not reply to her compliment. Instead in reply he inserted two fingers into her burning sex and began using his thumb to tease her pearl. Her body jolted slightly at the sudden euphoric feeling of his fingers rubbing inside of her and of his thumb massaging her sweet bulb. As he teased her loins, he continued to drizzle the honey over the grooves and countours of her body, lapping it up before it trickled too far south.

Her moans increased in fervour as he continued to finger and lick her. After he had enough of the taste of honey, he withdrew his fingers from her and crossed her legs over tightly which made her gaze at him perplexed at what he was going to do. Again he grinned at her foxily, as he leant over to take the wine from near her. Slowly he tipped the spout of the jar above the groove of her womanhood, allowing the fragrant red wine flow into a pool within the groove between her thighs and pubic area. He allowed some of the wine to run like a channel along her thighs, only reaching down once more once the wine had almost reached her knees. As he had done with the honey, he began to lap up the wine from her body, pausing once he reached the pool over her clenched pubic area. Glancing up to her slyly he then leant deeper down to her sex and began lapping up the vintage liquor.
Once he had almost drunk up all, he pried open her legs once more, allowing any remaining wine to drip down the inside of her thighs. Lifting her legs to sit bent over his shoulders, he went down to her sex and took her pearl up into his pursed and moist lips. She lurched forward slightly and gasped, biting down on her bottom lip to prevent any louder moan from escaping her. Unlike the Garden of the Brook, the kitchen was not protected by a concealment spell and they could very easily be caught if a guard over heard them from above.
Thranduil allowed his tongue to tease and play with her steaming and dripping sex, licking up her delicious liquid that was almost as sweet as the pure honey he had licked from her silken skin previously. When he started pushing his tongue into her, she could not help but desperately want more.
"Oh Thranduil....fuck me! I beg you!" She pleaded through heavy breaths. Once more he did not reply, yet simply complied to her request. Spreading her legs open into a wide 'V' shape, he pushed her back more so on the flour sacks so that her body arched back slightly more. He then positioned himself and entered her rather forcibly, making her almost yelp with surprise. Holding her legs open, he was able to thrust into her deeply. She had begged him to fuck her and so that was what he would do, he would give her no ounce of mercy. And thus he fucked her roughly and with such an intense fervour that the elleth's eyes swelled with tears as she was so desperately trying to supress her moans and cries of pleasure. The ectasy was so overwhelming she thought that she would break. She had to bite down hard on her arm to supress her cries as he made her reach her zenith once more, the pleasure feeling ever more passionate for he filled her with his liquid fire. Once he pulled out of her, he noticed the bite mark she had been forced to leave on her arm due to his unwavering act of sex.
His expression turned to one of regret and remorse. "I am sorry my lady..." He began after he caught his breath. "I should have not been so rough with you, at least not down here."
Adlanniel, rubbing the bite mark, smiled reassuringly despite the slightly stinging pain it was causing.
"I should not have tried to eat myself." She said in jest which made the king give a nervous chuckle. Not wanting him to concern himself over her wellbeing, she then grinned deviously up at him.
"Now it is my turn." And without allowing him to react she took him roughly by the arms and swung him around so that he was the one now thrown against the sacks of flour. His eyes were wide in shock with the strength behind her force, yet it only served to excited him a thousand fold over. Taking the honey she lifted the entire jar above his collar bone and his eyes widened further in surprise at what he knew she was about to do. Without allowing him to react or protest, she poured a large swathe of the honey over his chest, allowing it to flood down his body.
"Adlanniel?!" He gasped as he also tried to supress an amused yet highly aroused laugh. She allowed the honey to drip down the sides of his body and onto the hard stone floor beneath them. Once she deemed the honey covered enough of his body, she too leant down to perform the act of licking up the sticky golden liquid from the countours of his finely toned muscles. Yet she did it so erotically, Thranduil continued to gape at her in surprise, he too having to supress moans of pleasure as her tongue flicked over his most sensitive areas. Though she took her time, once she had licked enough of the honey from him she positioned herself over his new erection and lowered herself upon it, both elves gasping as they locked together. Running her fingers along his body, she took up some of the remaining honey that clung to his skin and then, ever so erotically, rubbed it all over her breasts. This steamy display made his cock throb hard inside of her, and despite them both being sticky he pulled her in to capture her mouth deeply with his. She began to ride him as they continued to lock lips feverishly, and he grasped her hips with one hand to pull her down harder onto him. Pulling away from their kiss, she took the jar of wine from beside them and poured it down his chest before pouring the remainder over herself. From then, as they continued to rock against each other, they sucked and nibbled on each other's skin, swathing the two liquids that stuck to their bodies all over each other. Not only did it cling to their skin, but it also was now in their hair. But that notion did not deter either elf, not at least until they had both reached orgasm once again and were recovering. Looking about them, Thranduil began to chuckle at the mess they had created.  "Well!" He began, still trying not to laugh at the scene, "Not only have we wasted an entire jar of the finest honey from the skin-changers, but we have also wasted a jar of the finest wine from Dale!"
Adlanniel giggled and blushed rather satisfied. "It was worth it, was it not?" She quizzed him innocently, twirling her fingers through a part of his hair that was not riddled with remanants of honey, wine or flour.
"Oh, of course it was worth it. If I knew that I had unleashed such an untame demon from within you, I would have unleashed mine more so from the start." He replied.
"Oh?" She asked, surprised. She knew more than well enough how rough and dominating he could be...but now he was suggesting that he could be more so? This intregued her.
"Then you will have to show me."
Thranduil laughed at her willingness to start another carnal act so immediately. "Not now, my dear. We need to clean up this mess before morning. We can not have anyone see this now can we?"
"You are right." She nodded in agreement. The stickyness of the wine and honey was in fact starting to become slightly uncomfortable.

It took them the better part of half an hour to scrub clean the floor and get out any remenants of honey and wine that stained the outer layers of the flour sacks. Rather exhausted from not only their numerous acts of sex but the act of cleaning their romp area thoroughly as well, they slinked over to one of the large washing basins that Thranduil had filled for them to wash themselves. Wringing out a large cloth he handed it to his lover, and she shivered at the cold touch of the wet material.
"It is freezing cold! If not more so than the brook!" She protested. Thranduil shrugged and furrowed his brow at her.
"I am afraid that if we light one of the boilers, the guards above will be able to hear them." He warned her. Sighing, she reluctantly began to wash herself, her body shivering from the cold. She felt as if her whole body would freeze over, especially after she had washed her hair with the freezing water. She could not believe how Thranduil was able to bear the cold so well.
"Please..." She pleaded through chattering teeth. "Warm me."
Taking a table cloth from one of the nearby storage shelves, he draped it around her and held her tightly. There they stood, in an adoring embrace, his body heat which she was still surprised he was able to emanate  warming her.
"Perhaps you could warm me in some other way?" She suggested after a long while. Yet he did not reply and it made her flush with embarrassment.
"Perhaps....one last time in here....." He did reply eventually, after a long and nervous pause from her point of view.
"No gûn enni."
Lifting the table cloth up so that it sat about her waist, he bent her slightly over the wash tub.

Elvish - English
elleth - female elf (Elven maiden)
ellon - male elf
hiril vuin - beloved lady
heruamin - my lord
aran vuin - beloved king
No gûn enni - Bend over for me

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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