A liaison in the Great Greenwood: 28. Chapter 28

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28. Chapter 28

She hid herself deeper beneath the furs and blankets upon her bed when she heard the soft tapping at her door.
"Adlanniel?" Thranduil's voice called to her gently.
"I wish to be left alone!" She called back angry.
"I came to apologise...."
Throwing the blankets and furs back from herself she sat upright and stared at the door for a long, hard moment.
Her eyes were hurting for the amount of tears she had shed due to the king's previous animosity towards her.
"Gi fuion! Ego!" She snapped, wiping away the burning tears that now sprung once again at her eyes with the velvet of her dress sleeves.

Thranduil sighed deeply as he leant his arm against the door and his forehead upon it, knowing that he would perhaps have more difficulty getting through to the elleth than what Legolas had had.
"Gin iallon, hiril vuin..." He pleaded with her after a moment. He truly regretted having somewhat lost his temper at her and having handled her so roughly. Yet he wished that she too would be more understanding and less difficult in her manners.
"Díheno nin. It was horrible for me to have treated you the way I had, and for me to have hurt you so."
She had risen from her bed and was now standing between it and the door, listening intently. The king's apology had sounded sincere and genuine, she thought, yet she was still feeling the inner grudge towards him from within; her stubbornness wound not abate.
"I do not know what came over me Adlanniel. Perhaps I am too weary of war and the horrors and pain that it begets. Perhaps I worry about losing those I love again...I worry about losing my son....I worry about losing you...They are deep burdens I am bearing..."
His words brought fresh tears to her eyes. She could hear through his voice that he was troubled by and tired of all that had befallen them. It made her hardened heart soften for him for she empathised completely with what he was feeling.
Slowly she made her way to the great mahogany door and stood before it. Gently she clicked open the lock and brought the door open towards her, the king looking down at her sadly as she appeared from the shadows of her room to stand before him.
"We both have burdens to bear, do we not?" He asked her softly as he reached down to wipe the tears from her soft cheeks, her eyes remaining ever downcast.
"May I come in?" He asked her softly then as he continued to stroke her soft skin with his thumb. Giving a slight nod she moved aside and allowed him entrance, to which he quietly closed the door as she walked back to sit on her bed.

"I do not want you to leave without me. I do not want to be left alone here." She sobbed.
"I know you do not, my dear child." He replied sympathetically as he moved to sit beside her.
"But you know for well that I can not allow you to come with us. It is far too dangerous, especially now that you are with gwanûn in your womb. I can not possibly risk your safety. Or theirs." He spoke with a more serious tone which only sought to dishearten Adlanniel more. Thranduil could sense this easily enough and so took her into his strong arms to try to offer some form of comfort and solace.
"And I can not risk losing either of you; the two ellyn that I can not live without.....the two ellyn that I love with my whole heart..."
Her heartfelt words then struck a new cord within him. She just admitted to loving them both. Of course she loved Legolas, he was her soul-mate, but did she really feel love for her kingly lover as well? Indeed, they both knew they loved each other but not in the way soul-mates love each other. Yet her voice then could have proven otherwise.
"If I was to lose either of you, or the both of you, I too would surely wither and die...." Her voice was choked with tears.
Thranduil, letting out a short, doleful sigh, took her into a tighter embrace and kissed her reassuringly on the top of her head.
"You will lose neither of us, sellig." Thranduil looked deeply into her sullen, emerald eyes then.
, Adlanniel. Av'osto, dandengir."   

"What is it with you ellyn? Always making promises you can not keep..." She said almost bitterly, taking Thranduil back slightly by her sudden biting tone.
"I have never been one to break a promise." Thranduil replied soberly. "Have faith..."
"How?" She snapped as she turned to look up at him, her face flustered. "How can I have faith when you will both be off in a war? Do you not remember what happened to your own father?"
Her statement then stung him. He remembered all too clearly what had happened on that fateful day...
"Circumstances were much different then Adlanniel. You know that. Besides, I survived did I not? And I have survived every battle preceding it and thereafter. As will Legolas. He already has Haldir and Glorfindel protecting him and when I arrive there nothing will dare come between us. I am confident in my skills and confident in theirs as well. Nothing will befall any of us."
"Overconfidence is what gets men and elves alike killed..." She replied coldly.
Thranduil, frowning at her, sighed again yet this time in frustration as he moved away from her and stood to leave. Her stubbornness and lack of faith in them made him weary and he did not want to continue arguing with her.
"Though I understand your feelings, hiril vuin, I have my duty to uphold as you have your duty to obey. You would be wise to do so. No vaer i dhû, Adlanniel." And with that he turned to walk towards the door.

She felt her face flush hot when he turned away from her so suddenly, she did not expect that he would snub her so easily. It hurt enough for her to break out of her stubbornness to reach out to him.
"Wait, Thranduil!" She cried as she ran towards him, embracing him from behind before he had the chance to reach for the door handles.
"Do not go....do not leave me alone on this cold, dreadful night...." She sobbed helplessly into the back of his robes as she pressed her face into his soft, flaxen hair.
"Please do not leave me. Díheno nin...."
Thranduil stood there for a long moment as she continued to sob into his back, staring at the intricate carvings of her bedchamber's doors as if he were in a daze. Slowly he turned his head to look down at her, his eyes once more saddened for her plight. He did not want to cause her any grief, yet his duty as king surpassed any feelings of those he adored.
"What would you have me do then?" He asked her as he looked into her desperate and pleading eyes. "What can I do to possibly comfort you?"
"Melo nin..." She whispered softly, still clinging to him. She knew that if they made love again, it would perhaps only seek to worsen their situation for she would only want and miss him more. Yet she needed to feel his warmth, she needed to feel him envelope her with his body so that she could feel secure. She simply needed him...and perhaps he needed her too.
"I know you need it too...to feel comforted from all of this pain...." She began as she turned him to face her.
"Melo nin, aran vuin. Like it were to be our last time...."
Her words then saddened him deeply for he knew that soon would indeed have to be their last time; despite how deeply they felt for each other they could not continue their lascivious liaison forever.
Taking her face gently into his hands he leant down to kiss her deeply and with strong passion. He was going to miss her terribly, that was for absolute certain.

"I don't want to leave you either Adlanniel..." He admitted softly as he planted gentle kisses upon the soft skin of her cheek.
"But you know I must..." His fingers began to untwine the cords of her bodice.
"I know..." She replied, her lips too brushing against his skin. As he leant forward into her to pull free her bodice, she was able to reach up to run her tongue along his pointed elven ear.
He sighed in arousal as she did, then slowly untying the strings of her skirts after he had allowed her bodice to fall to the floor as to allow her tongue to play with his ear for a little longer.
She ran her lithe fingers down his strong torso after she had pulled open his velvet coat, tracing her fingertips along the contours of his muscles. As she did, Thranduil traced his fingertips up along her slender arms to caress her face once more. Closing her eyes she leant in to his tender touch, brushing her soft lips against his skin as she did. She wanted to bask in his adoration for her which was evident by the way his touch fell upon her skin.
Gently he lifted her up to his body as he carried her to her bed, his lips locked with hers as he lay her down softly upon the maroon velvets and furs.
Her body shivered with delight as his delicate kisses moved from her mouth down the side of her slender neck, to which he slowly began tracing his tongue down to her supple breasts.
She gasped when he took one of her taught nipples into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue as he did so.

He played her skin with his sensual kisses as he turned her onto her stomach once more. He knew that she wanted him to envelope her, to be as one and as close to her as they could possibly be.
Sensually he traced his lips along the pearl like bumps of her spine, running his fingers along her skin as he moved down her body. She moaned through pursed lips as he reached between her delicious thighs to ply her with his fingers, his feathery kisses sensually caressing the soft skin of her buttocks. She was already wet and wanting.
They both breathed a unified gasp as he entered her slowly. He wanted to be gentle with her for she had been feeling so much emotional pain. The fact that she was too with child also helped spur his more gentle side. He wanted her to feel that she was adored over just being a slave to his carnal desires. Indeed, he did adore her for she made him remember what it was like to be youthful again; she made him remember what it was like to feel love from another....and how it felt to reciprocate it.

Brushing her ebony hair from her shoulders he began to caress her skin with his lips once more, focussing his lavish kisses upon the nape of her neck to which she was undoubtedly sensitive. 
She grasped the velvet duvet beneath her as she let out a long moan of engulfing pleasure; Thranduil was pushing into her slowly but deeply enough to push against the limit of her inner being. Coupled with his sensual lips upon her skin the sensations she felt were impassioned and strong.
Reaching round, he took hold of her forehead with one hand and her slender neck with the other to hold her up to him. He wanted to feel her close to him, to take in the lovely scent of her hair and skin, to listen closely to the passion which escaped her lips. She managed to arch her head around enough for him to lean down to kiss the side of her mouth tenderly for but a brief moment. As he held her to him he allowed his moans of venereal pleasure drift into her ear; something which utterly aroused her. She could not help but allow her own sighs of passion escape her lips as he continued his deep yet slow thrusts against her voluptuous rear. The angle to which he had them positioned allowed for his strong member to push hard against her inner sweet sanctum; the pace of his thrusts allowing their euphoria to endure until it had reached a sensational height. Even after her body had began to quiver during her oncoming peak, he continued to push her past the limits of her bliss.

"Please...." She begged through her feverish moans.
"Allow me to look up into your beautiful eyes so we may reach our zenith together." Despite their lustful passion then, her words were heartfelt and sincere which burned his heart with affection for her.
As he lovingly turned her over, she leant up to catch his lips with hers, allowing her tongue to dance lavishly within his mouth. Grasping his buttocks, she thrust her hips up harder against his as they rode together, giving cause to increase their momentum as they edged ever closer to their peak.
Their eyes were locked in a deep and adoring gaze, gleaming like precious gems as they began to glaze over in utmost ecstasy.
"I do not think I can withhold much longer..." Thranduil breathed into her ear as he too felt his body begin to quiver with the onset of orgasm.
"Pathro nin!" She panted, wrapping her arms tightly around his strong body as she felt a blinding wave of euphoric pleasure engulf her.
They cried out as one as he spent his seed deeply into her burning womanhood. Clenching her womb ever tightly around him he gasped, his arms beginning to feel weakened as she elicited every last drop of his crystalline liquid to enter her.
After he had spent himself entirely, he slowly he crawled to slump down beside her on the bed, taking her into his arms as he did to keep her close to his heart.

Their coitus, which was often savage and raw, was usually lustful and wanton in nature; they fulfilled the guilty pleasures and unwavering desires of each other. However, their lovemaking then had been of a different ilk. It had been full of emotion and passionate adoration for each other. One could easily be mistaken that the most fulfilling yet dangerous emotion of them all had been involved...
As she curled her head towards his chest she listened for his heartbeat as she usually did. Its strong rhythm made her feel content after their previous, satisfying ordeal.
They lay for a long while in each other's warm embrace, not exchanging words as the relished in the quiet that surrounded them that night. The chirping of birds as they settled to slumber and the distant splashing of the flowing river near the halls were the only sounds the two elves focussed on. The serene sounds of the outside nature reminded them that there was peace in the world, despite whatever evil lurked in the shadows.
However the peace did allow for Adlanniel's mind to drift after a while for there were deeper, much troubled thoughts within. She began to worry again for the two ellyn that she cherished; how she would miss them and fret about them. It pained her heart deeply as her thoughts darkened into images of loss and death. How could she allow them to be so far away from her in a different world, a world of war and suffering? How could she allow them to suffer through such darkness? She could not approve of such a fate for them. Though she knew it was inevitable and thus did not want them to experience it without her. The three of them were one after all.

Although Thranduil had begun to drift off into sleep due to the physical and emotional warmth of their embrace, he could still sense she was thinking troubled thoughts.
"Adlanniel..." He began has he opened his eyes wearily. "Do not trouble yourself with dark thoughts now. All foul things come to pass when darkness arises, you know that. Yet it is our duty as the free peoples of Arda to bring light back into the world when the foulness dares to tarnish it. Our kin are dwindling and are sailing to the West because of such evils. Though I believe that the Age of the Eldar has not yet passed. We are still needed here. So as the last Elvenking of Arda, I will do everything I can to protect this world for as long as I am here and still draw breath. I ask for you to respect that."
Adlanniel gave a doleful nod against his chest.
"I do." She replied honestly, though with slight reluctance laced in her voice.
"I just wish I could do something as well."
"But you are!" Thranduil smiled as he sleepily looked down at her.
"You will bring new life to replenish that which has been lost."
She allowed his wisdom to sink into her thoughts then, she knew he was right and very wise in his sentiments.
"But will it be enough?" She questioned, still feeling that she needed to do more - still wanting to follow her loves to the ends of the world.
"Each individual can only do so much, sellig. Your contribution to the cycle of life will be more than adequate." Thranduil then settled himself down more comfortably once more.
"I do ask that you do what I ask of you and stay here so that you may remain safe; safe so that your contribution to the world can be witnessed and relished by all." Though his voice was gentle to her then, it was stern enough to remind her of his position.
"I will, aran vuin." She promised.
"That is a good girl." He replied, satisfied as he gave her a light kiss on the top of her head. "Now let us sleep, it will be morning before we both realise."

As she settled herself against him, she felt a great wave of guilt flow over her. She had just lied to him despite his wise and gentle words to her. Now two kinds of guilt would entwine themselves around her.
Though despite the guilt of the deception she would commit in the coming days, she knew she had to follow her heart. But to what consequence, only time would tell.

Elvish - English
Gi fuion! Ego! = I am disgusted with you! Go away!
elleth = Elven maiden (female)
Gin iallon, hiril vuin = I beg of you, my lady
Díheno nin = Forgive me
gwanûn = twins
ellyn = Elven men
sellig = my girl
Gweston, Adlanniel = I promise, Adlanniel.
Av'osto, dandengir = Do not fear, we will return. 
hiril vuin = beloved lady
No vaer i dhû, Adlanniel = Good night, Adlanniel.
Melo nin = Make love to me.
aran vuin = beloved king
Pathro nin! = Fill me!
Arda = The world of Middle-Earth.

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