A liaison in the Great Greenwood: 8. Chapter 8

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8. Chapter 8

The Woodland Halls

Legolas, unable to sleep without his love by his side, landed softly as he lithely vaulted himself over the vine tangled parapet of her balcony that overlooked the mountains afar. The doors to Adlanniel's chambers were open, and the sheer curtains that hung before them fluttered gently from the warm breeze that swept into the room.
The prince paused by a column to gaze upon his beloved as she slept peacefully in her bed, the moonlight from the windows and doors cast a magnificent glow upon her slumbering body.
She shifted a little against her pillows, resulting to one side of her chiffon gown sliding off her shoulder, revealing a soft and supple breast. This unexpected show of her precious skin made Legolas freeze where he stood.
He could not help but feel a sudden pang of arousal within him. When she moved again the ties of her gown became undone and the gown slid down to reveal the rest of her naked beauty.
Legolas felt a knot form in his throat and he felt his face flush hot from the arousal that was incited from the luscious display before him. He tried to tear his gaze away from her, not wanting to take advantage of her vulnerable state, but he could not. Was it right for him to feel so aroused from a simple glance of her skin? He could not fathom how he had just allowed himself to be so overtaken by lust and desire. However, there he continued to stand as if tree roots had entangled themselves around his legs, forbidding them movement.

When his better judgement finally took over he forced himself out onto the balcony, taking in a gasp of air like as if he had been choked by a trance. His heart and nether regions still throbbed for desire, for the wanting of the warmth inside of her but he knew it wrong to let his thirst for intimacy take over all other senses. But alas this feeling of lust was suddenly engulfing him... he wanted her....to do carnal things to her...to feel himself deep inside of her and to hear her moans of ecstasy in his ear. These mere thoughts made his body tremble and his palms began to sweat as he grasped the parapet, desperately trying to control his desires. It burned like a poison running through his veins, for though they both often desired each other he had never felt it so strongly as he did then. Was it because he had never been faced by such a situation where she was open to him in such a vulnerable state? Was it her vulnerability that spurred him? Such a thought shamed him suddenly as he did not wish to bathe in his desires without her consent...but the desires still would not abate.

"I know you were watching me just a moment past..." Came a voice from behind. Legolas felt as if his entire body turned into stone then at not only the fact that Adlanniel now stood behind him, but at the realization that she could sense how he was feeling from the tone of her voice.
"F...forgive me..." Legolas stuttered nervously, turning his head to her slightly in acknowledgement but not wanting to turn around fully as not to reveal his arousal that was still unmistakably apparent.
"You do not need to feel ashamed for desiring me Legolas. Vulnerable or not."
Legolas gulped then. How could she read him so well, even when he did not face her completely?
"There is nothing wrong in desiring something that is yours..." She continued. He turned to her then, still a shamed expression on his face, yet still feeling wanting. The wanting he felt increased ten-fold, even more so than what he had felt when he had been in her chambers, for she was then standing before him completely unclothed.
She smiled up to him as his wide eyes glistened in the moonlight. Without saying another word she took him by the scruff of his shirt and pulled him back into her room. Legolas was too surprised to utter a word as she pushed him down onto the bed. His whole body shivered as she untied the ties of his pants. The only reaction he had time to make was a loud gasp as she took his erect member entirely into her mouth.
"Please Adlanniel...." He breathed as she ran her tongue sensuously along his shaft. "I feel shamed for lusting for you so feverishly...." Legolas let out a sudden moan as Adlanniel sucked on his tip. "But now.... you are obviously not vulnerable..."

"I never am, meleth nin." She replied, again bending down to take him into her mouth. His erection continued to throb and stiffen with every deep and luscious suck that she took, making his entire being squirm with the immense sensation. Just as the young elf began to think he could not withstand much longer, Adlanniel backed herself from him.
"Undress yourself." She demanded. Legolas, surprised at how forceful her tone had been, did not hesitate...nor did he have any reason to do so. Once his garments lay strewn on the floor she straddled him, taking up his hands to fondle with her breasts. She raised herself to allow his erection to enter her and slowly, as to tease him and elicit more of his desires, did she lower herself back down. She rode him gently at first to taunt him further for she knew that he wanted nothing more than to ride her like a wild stallion. His expression was a mixture of both pleasure and pleading; wanting her to go harder on him for which she would not.
She continued to play with his desires, thrusting her hips hard onto him one moment, before threatening to pull out the next. When she herself could no longer withhold she pulled Legolas to sit upright with her so that they could ride each other in a rhythmic embrace, their loins burning together.
Legolas could not prevent himself from reaching his ecstasy first as the pleasure had become too blinding for him to hold out. As he cried out from the euphoria Adlanniel grasped his body tightly, digging her fingers into his shoulders as he filled her. They fell back onto the bed then, their chests heaving from exertion.

"That would make it the fourth day in a row would it not?" Legolas breathed as he pulled the sheets up over them and wrapped his arms around her.
"I believe so." Adlanniel agreed, smiling complacently against his chest. "We cant refrain from each other recently....it must be the changing of the seasons."
Legolas chuckled softly and gently stroked the back of her head. "Mating season?" He asked in jest.
Adlanniel had to muffle her laughter with a crumple of sheets. "Perhaps" She smiled up to him before wriggling herself to lay snuggled by his side.
"Tell me of how we first met Legolas." She asked suddenly after a few moments of silent contemplation.
"But you already know that story..." He began.
"Yes, but I've never heard it from you. And it brings fond memories to mind." She pleaded, looking back up into his azure eyes.
"Very well..." He smiled back down to her precious face, shifting his body slightly to become more comfortable for the long story he was to tell.
"You were still a babe when I first lay eyes on you remember? You were barely a couple of months old when your honourable parents held your official day of naming to which my father and I had been invited. I had barely come of age myself then and had never attended such a noble function where all of the high elves of the region were to attend at once. It was daunting for me to be honest. I had rarely left the Greenwood, except to visit your family in Imladris to study from your father and practice fighting and weaponry with your brothers. I remember your sister, Arwen, was still but an elfling when you were born." He reminisced, as he again looked down upon Adlanniel affectionately.
"My father and I had arrived a week early at your father's request. I don't clearly remember why we were asked to arrive early, but my father once told me it was so that I could have intense training with your brothers before everyone arrived so that we could show the entire Elven community how skilled we were."
This made Adlanniel laugh again. The Elvenking indeed had a great sense of jest.
"I remember...." Legolas continued. "First meeting you on a terrace overlooking the falls of Imladris. Your entire family were there to greet us and I remember you were squawking due to all the excitement surrounding you. Your mother and father tried to calm you as my father and I looked on fondly. I had never really been so close to an infant so I felt a little nervous...which perhaps contributed to your crying. I do not know what brought upon the courage for me to approach you and your father who had been holding you then at that time, but when I did you looked straight up at me and your tears instantly stopped flowing. I think we were all surprised at that. Thus your father offered to allow me to hold you as your expression was one of curiosity and amazement. I was hesitant at first and I remember looking over at my father nervously. However, he too insisted that I try nursing you. So I bundled you up into my arms and held you like as if you were my own child. I remember everyone standing in a fond silence and both you and I stared at each other for a long while, you not shedding another single tear. Just as I was thinking to hand you back to your mother the most beautiful thing occurred..."

"What?" Adlanniel asked eagerly as she propped herself up against his chest, feeling a warmth of love from his voice as he reminisced about their past.
"You smiled up at me." He replied, gazing adoringly into her eyes then. "I remember everyone in your family being so surprised. Your mother told me then that it was the first time you had ever smiled. I was in disbelief at that moment as I looked back down at you...but you smiled back up to me again. It was the most precious thing I had ever witnessed and I remember feeling my heart swell. I did not want to hand you back!" He laughed then, scruffing her hair gently with affection as she giggled at him.
"From that day everyone realised that something had forged between us just from that simple smile you gave me. Quite often during your naming celebration you would cry just for me to come hold you again, or take you for walks away from all of the commotion. I think your sister became jealous at times..."
"Yes, my sister often teased me about that!" Adlanniel grinned.
"But of course, I didn't want to separate you for too long from your siblings. You adored them too. All five of us would spend hours around Imladris while I was there; picnincing, strolling, lying in the grass and staring up at the sky and the clouds..." Legolas sighed at the fond memory. "Those days were some of my fondest ones."
"I wish I could remember them so clearly..." Adlanniel began.
"What was that nickname you would always call me as I was growing up? I cannot seem to remember it..."
"'Tithin cugu', I believe." Legolas replied, fondly smiling down at her.
"You were indeed my 'little dove;' flying around all over the place and following me everywhere when I visited, even on important business when you were forbidden to come." He chuckled at the thought.
"Your brothers would say that you were my shadow! You would always become overly excited at hearing of my visits and would not stop talking about how your 'woodland prince' was coming to visit you, and ONLY you." Legolas laughed then at the memory and Adlanniel too could not withhold her giggles.
"Was I really that bad?" She asked.
"Apparently so. Apparently you would get so furious and upset if your siblings teased you about your infatuation with me. I remember you would often get mad at me too if I didn't call you 'little dove' or if I ignored you, even though not intentionally, for too long. You were just like the little sister I never had."
"But we became more than that, didn't we? I do not even know if my father or grandmother foresaw it. Do you remember when you first realised your true love for me?" She asked.
"Indeed I do." Legolas replied.
"You were close to coming of age, an adolescent elf, still discovering her way in the world. I had not been to Imladris for some time then due to business here in the Greenwood, so I had not seen you since you were an elfling that still played with dolls. I remember riding in through the gates, you were the first to run out to meet me. I remember that when I set eyes upon you I felt my heart stop, and this strange feeling engulfed me...something I had never felt before. When I dismounted from my steed you leapt into my arms and kissed me on the cheek. It sent me into a euphoric daze for a moment, but I could not ponder for long as you took me by the arm and pulled me along to where your parents were. I think it was perhaps three days after, when all the excitement of my arrival had died down, when I truly realised I was, and always had been, in love with you. Do you remember Adlanniel? The time atop the ridge where we could view all of Eriador?"

"Oh, I remember fondly." Adlanniel smiled warmly.
"We were sitting there alone, watching the sun rise upon the horizon. I felt what you had felt those three days before, then atop that ridge. However, I was too nervous to act." She smiled.
"As was I." Legolas chuckled. "But that moment when we both turned at the same time to catch a glance of the other....we both froze, unsure of what to do, of what to make of these passionate feelings that were running through us. So I decided to kiss you, regardless of any type of consequence I may have endured because of it. I remember you froze like stone and the only thought I could think then was 'what have I done? She's going to kill me!'" He said as he pulled Adlanniel closer to him.
"And as I went to pull away from you, extremely embarrassed and frightened for my life, you pulled me back into the deepest kiss I could imagine possible. And that is when it all started...atop that ridge overlooking Eriador."
"Shall we relive that kiss?" Adlanniel asked rather innocently as she looked back up to the prince.
"Did we not kiss enough during our recent, passionate love-making?" Legolas teased. Adlanniel pouted, a little wounded, and punched him in the arm. She always had a slightly hot-temper, even for an Elf of her lineage.
"I jest! I jest!" Legolas protested, trying not to laugh as Adlanniel tried to squirm away from him, instead getting herself tangled and stuck in the sheets. Legolas climbed on top of her to cease her struggling and pinned her arms down to the soft wool beneath them. "I would never give up the opportunity to kiss you...or to make love to you.....numerous times if given the opportunity." He assured seductively as he gazed down into her shining emerald eyes.
"And now we have an opportunity..."

Elvish - English
Meleth nin = My love
Tithin cugu= Little dove
Eriador = The land to the west of Rivendell (includes such areas as The Shire and Bree)

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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