A liaison in the Great Greenwood: 9. Chapter 9

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9. Chapter 9

The Woodland Halls

A crimson hue flooded into the room, bathing the sleeping couple with an early morning warmth. Adlanniel rubbed her eyes as she woke from her slumber; the sun was merely breaching the horizon as the light shone through the window into her eyes.
She turned to look at her beloved but he, facing the opposite direction, was still in a deep and restful sleep. She picked her chiffon tunic up from the floor and draped it around herself as she silently made her way to the curtains to close them against the sun's wakening rays. Softly she crept back to the bed, sliding herself slowly back under the sheets. Legolas stirred and turned to lay on his back, but he did not wake. Adlanniel gently pushed the tuft of golden hair that had fallen on to his face out of his eyes before settling down again beside him.

As he loved to watch her while she slept, she enjoyed doing the same to him. It gave her such warmth to watch over him in such a tranquil state. His skin was as pale and as smooth as marble and his musculature was lean and well defined. As she looked over him she began to reminisce about the story he had told her just the night before; of how they had first met and realised their love. It was as if Eru Ilúvatar himself had set their paths to cross in fate. Reminiscing about when they had first kissed and admitted their love led Adlanniel to remember other advancements in their relationship, most notably their first time making love which they had briefly spoken about a few days previous.

As Adlanniel had reminded Legolas, it had been in a large cave behind a Brunien River waterfall; close to where her father, Lord Elrond, had sent them to collect healing herbs for his study. It had been during Ethuil when all of the flowers and blossoms were in full bloom. It had been the peak time of year for the blooming of the herbs that her father had requested. Most of them had grown along the banks of the Brunien. It is with this that had led the two young elves to the waterfall, for in the cave behind it grew the rarer fauna; only growing in the sphere of light that shone through an opening in the concaved ceiling.

The rocks and crevices they had used to ascend into the cave were slick and mossy, making the ascent a slightly treacherous one. By the time they had finally reached the entrance, they were drenched to the bone for slipping on more than one occasion. Their laughs had echoed through the stone as their clothes stuck to their skin. It was then that Legolas had caught a glimpse of Adlanniel's nipples, taught from the chill of the water, through her thin tunic blouse. Her clothes had been clinging to her body tightly, emphasizing the curves of her plump breasts and buttocks, and defining her womanhood between her delicious thighs. He had nervously began to wring out his clothes when she caught him fawning over her. It was then that she too had noticed his lean and perfectly toned body through his clinging attire. She had watched in awe as he pulled off his shirt to squeeze out the water, for she had never seen his bare torso. It had sent her heart racing for she desired so much then to touch him.

She had been still gazing at him in a daze when he noticed her eyes were then upon him, infatuated. Adlanniel had been unable to move or speak when he moved to stand before her, giving her a full view of his bare chest. He too desired her at that moment, and had placed a gentle finger under her chin to lift her head so he could gaze into her beautiful eyes. They shimmered with yearning as she too had gazed up at him. Gently Legolas had traced his fingers along her face, slowly drawing them down her neck. She sighed with arousal from his touch, and having sensed her yearning he, though cautiously, continued to trace his fingers down to her supple breast where he circled her nipple delicately before cupping her breast entirely with his hand. This had caused Adlanniel to become tense, not from feeling violated, but from the pleasurable tingling she had felt between her thighs.

Legolas had quickly pulled back his hand then, worried that he had frightened her, but she quickly caught his hand and brought it back to her, gazing up to him pleadingly, wanting more. He had taken her into a tight and loving embrace then, locking his mouth passionately with hers, running his hands all over her sumptuous body. She too had began tracing her fingers over his smooth skin, going over the lines of his muscles, of which one begun to bulge and pulsate with her touch. She had broken their kiss and had looked down to the protruding bulge in his drenched pants, staring down at it in both curiosity and awe. Legolas had begun to sigh as she began to stroke it, his member threatening to rip through the cloth from his intense arousal.

After a few moments of her gentle stroking, Legolas had stopped her hands. They had not needed say a word to each other for their eyes spoke everything. Slowly, yet gently Legolas had begun pulling off her tunic blouse. He gazed with wide eyes at the sight of her bare skin and taught, pink nipples. The mere sight had driven him to pull her in to take one of her delicious breasts into his mouth; having not fully pulled her blouse from over her head. Thus she had stood there with her arms upright and stuck in her tunic as the young prince fiercely sucked at her bosom. Through her moans and squirms of pleasure had she eventually managed to pull the blouse from her, letting it drop into a sopping heap on the cave's floor.

Slowly he had begun to move his sensuous kisses back up to the side of her slender neck, his desire for her intensifying as she softly moaned from his feathery lips.
"Legolas..." She had asked softly, in a slight nervous tone, unsure of how her prince would next react to the question she was about to inquire.
"Yes?" He then replied gently, stroking her cheek in reassurance for he had sensed her shy uneasiness.
"Melo nin..." She then said with innocence, her eyes pleading. Legolas had lain her down onto the mossy floor then, and as he leant over her he kissed her softly on the lips.
"Are you sure, my love?" He asked softly.
"Yes, I want to feel you...I want you to truly pledge yourself to me."
"Of course..." Legolas had already begun untying Adlanniel's leggings and was slowly pulling them down her long, slender legs. He felt his nether regions bulge at the first ever glimpse of the soft pelt of black hair that sat nestled between her thighs. She had blushed a bright crimson red as he looked down upon it in awe. However she herself could not help but look on in wonder when he pulled off his own attire to reveal his hard, stiff and protruding member. It reminded her of a long, angry, snake wanting to dive into a hole to hide.

Legolas had let out a long breath then as she began to gently stroke his throbbing shaft. She traced her fingers softly around its bulging head; it seemed to lunge at her with every touch. He moaned when she began to gently tug on it, gradually tightening her grip as she did so.
"Sevin i dhaw gîn de nestaged hi?" Legolas had asked after a few moments of her pleasurably teasing his member. Adlanniel then laid herself down again, and opening her legs wider, she had beckoned him. As he began to position himself between her thighs she put her hands quickly onto his shoulders to stop him.
"Will it hurt?" She asked then, a little hesitant.
"Perhaps a little at first, my little dove. But you know I would never do anything to cause you hurt intentionally." He reassured. To help her calm her nervousness, and perhaps even his own, Legolas had leant down to kiss her deeply. She then felt her worries wash away like the waters of the waterfall as she got lost in his kiss. Legolas, sure that she had calmed and was ready for him, guided himself to her and with one gentle, yet quick thrust did he enter himself into her warm, moist being.

Adlanniel bit her bottom lip at the bitter-sweet pain she felt when he broke through her womanhood. It had been a sharp pain, stinging like needles as he slowly thrust deeper inside of her. It had been sharp enough to bring tears to her eyes and to make her whimper softly. Legolas had been watching her facial expressions, not wanting to cause her too much discomfort, so when she had begun to whimper he stopped himself.
"Little dove, shall I stop? Am I causing you too much pain?" He asked, concerned for her well-being.
She had known that the pain would eventually abate and so replied bravely, "Avo dharo, mel nin." 
Legolas leant down to her again, and gently caressing one of her breasts with one hand, he began to kiss her as he continued his slow, gentle thrusts. The pain she had been feeling did indeed abate, and instead she was quickly filled with euphoria; being heightened as she listened closely to Legolas's moans of passion. She too had begun to let the moans of her pleasure escape her lips, and had begun thrusting her hips up against his each time he pushed into her. For it being the first time for both, it had not taken long for them to reach orgasm; both grasping each other as they cried out in ecstasy.

Adlanniel felt a burning in her loins when he filled her, and as he withdrew after a moment they could both see the mixture of blood and semen clinging to the inside of her thighs.
"My virgin blood..." Adlanniel exclaimed, having looked down upon it with a slight sense of pride. "My virgin blood that I have lost to you." She had smiled up to him then. Legolas beamed down to her, and kissing her softly on the forehead he declared, "And I have lost my virginity to you. Now we are one. Now and for eternity."
After their oath to each other they had continued to dwell in the cave, their energy and craving for one another not dulling in the slightest. Thus they had made love more than once, each time being more passionate and heated than the last. It was not until they had realized how much time had escaped them and that they had not finished the task they had originally set out to do that they finally left the cave.

Adlanniel sat back into her bed and sighed at the fond memory, looking back over to her sleeping prince as she did. "I regret nothing, my love..." She whispered softly as she then leaned in to kiss him gently on the back of his ear. "I am glad that I will be, and always shall remain, yours."

Elvish - English
Eru Ilúvatar = The supreme being/ maker of the world
Ethuil = Late Spring
Melo nin = Make love to me.
Sevin i dhaw gîn de nestaged hi? = Can I put it in now?
Mel nin = My beloved

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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