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Hands of the King

fercryinoutloud - 05 Jun 07 - 12:15 PM

Ch. 64: Forgive


If the last chapter was horrible, this one is sad. All the times when someone should have done X instead of Y, things that didn't seem such a big deal in the past, are showing their teeth. Poor Halmir! After all he has done for Thorongil, this happens. In some ways, what Denethor does to Ecthelion is as bad as what he did to Beruthiel because he *could* have taken that olive branch. Good for Aiavale, though. Denethor deserved that.


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Hands of the King

Freyalyn - 07 Jun 07 - 2:29 AM

Ch. 64: Forgive

Heartbreaking.  Denethor is so rigid and unyielding, and sure that his way is the only way.  As you say, everything that happens later is already here.

Your Thorongil is excellent.  It is good to see him portrayed as naif and needing to learn, rather than just appearing complete in his wisdom.  He's had a very hard lesson.

Thank you.

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Hands of the King

Anglachel - 07 Jun 07 - 8:17 PM

Ch. 64: Forgive

Fergus & Freyalyn,

Thanks for the comments! I have replied in my forum so as not to hog the home page with long comments. Go here to the overview and then click on the forum link to see my reply.

Toodles - Ang

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Hands of the King

Larner - 19 Apr 08 - 12:10 AM

Ch. 64: Forgive

Denethor is, I think, far too ready to see more ill than there actually is.  Aragorn saw the strife coming and would not stay for it?  And his older sister has at last known love and opened herself to it?  How wonderful--but how horrible he's chosen bitterness as his bedfellow.

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