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Hands of the King

Freyalyn - 06 Aug 07 - 3:37 AM

Ch. 72: Due

I'm sorry you feel this way about the lack of comments, but quite agree.  I only recently found this story, and have utterly loved it and completely immersed myself in in.  I find the way you have described the culture of Gondor, the characters, and other details wonderful.

My excuse for not commenting each time is that I quite often felt I didn't have anything to say except 'wonderful!' again and again, which I felt was a bit repetitive.

Thank you for sharing as much of it as you have with us.

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Hands of the King

insignia - 07 Sep 07 - 5:23 AM

Ch. 72: Due

Hi, I too am sorry that you feel this way. But I fully understand your decision.

I read this chapter some time ago and have been thinking about what you said at the end of it since.

It has always been clear how much energy and commitment you have devoted to this massive, carefully crafted and delightfully torturous work. I have commented once or twice, I think, and you have always been courteous and helpful in your responses to me. I am sorry that I have not been a more faithful reader, as you have given me much pleasure over a long, long time.

I quite understand your irritation and probably hurt too over lack of reader feedback, and wish you well in the remaining chapters.

Part of the allure for me was the starkly different portrayal of Finduilas. I think that you said at the outset that this was your starting point, and you have absolutely succeeded in "correcting" all the standard Finduilases to which fanfic readers are accustomed! Not the feeble wimp so often shown but a strong woman quite able to command her own fate and respect from others, but fighting ultimately against her own physical frailty.

Your Denethor has also been a revelation, a troubled, complicated but principled man having to hold his own against the moral turpitude (I like that phrase, so fitting here I think!) with which his father has surrounded him.

And the Dol Amroth family - I feel I know them too! I especially liked your Angelimir and his relationship with Finduilas. I cried when he died.

Your Thorongil was also a very vivid character, in his relationships with his fellow Northerners of the Lost, the real reason why he wanted to court Finduilas and his coming to terms, of a sort, with Denethor in their joint "management" of Ecthelion. The way in which you "allow" him to reveal his true origins to Finduilas was masterly! And so were the conversations he had on many occasions with Denethor, so delicately balanced to show what he could be and what he would have to learn to get there.

You treat the foresightedness issue with much more sensitivity, care and caution than the bulk of fanfic writers, who ladle it out by the bucket often to very unlikely characters and therefore cheapen the impact when it is shown. On occasion I was still slightly baffled by some of the visions, but was enjoying having them revealed at a later stage.

And you gave us such a vast range of minor characters, who had their own foibles and interests and backgrounds and contributions to the story: Morwen the Madame, Beregar the faithful "hound", Golasgil the bookseller, Laanga the healer. I could go on.

You didn't duck uncomfortable issues, like sex, menstruation, childbirth, incest. You also gave great insight into the minds of commanders faced with deciding to use "unspeakable" measures, or to sacrifice their troops if they would not.

I really admire the way in which you planned out the plot and filled in such a detailed backdrop that readers were sucked inexorably in to your expanded pre LotR Gondor. Thank you for so much!

One final comment: I have usually had to re-read preceding chapters to remind myself of where exactly, or even approximately, the plot has reached before I can continue to follow on. I have delighted in your intricacies and been thrilled at having to think through previous character comments and behaviours to understand what later reactions actually mean! This I have done with pleasure, although it has taken time - but I didn't want to lose any threads!

And that too shows how much effort you have put in over so long a period.

Thank you so much for allowing me to read your lovely story for as long as you have.

Best wishes for the future and I hope that RL is behaving a bit better towards you now. 

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