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Strange Fortunes

jenni-digdigil - 01 Jan 06 - 3:08 AM

Ch. 7: Chapter Seven

Congratulations on a terrific chapter!  I found it to be delightfully amusing and find it difficult to criticize it in any way.  However, I know you want concrit and so the only things I can pick on are the characterizations.  First, I think that both Glorfindel and Ecthelion could benefit by being more loveable.  Right now all the main characters seem to be on a rather equal footing likeability-wise (except for Salgant but even he is not as odious as he could be).  However, Maeglin could be weirder.  The references to his strange fascination with his mother are intriguing and could be explored further to great interest.  Being locked in the closet by his father was another piece of information that could be explored further.  It would be interesting to read something else about his nonconformist past family life that would cement his character as someone whose elevator doesn't quite reach the top floor.  Idril is also a wonderful character and since you brought up the fact that there is a dearth of females in Gondolin, it could be explored as to why Idril would reject a bunch of good-looking suitors only to wait for Tuor.  That is such a hilarious concept that could be put to good use.  There is a history of Elf-maidens spurning handsome Elf-men in favour of big strong hairy Men.  Didn't Finduilas do the same thing with Gwindor?  Okay, to sum up:  I would like to see: (1) more adorable Glorfindel & Ecthelion scenes; (2) crazier Maeglin family background; (3) more aloof yet rational Idril, and more insight into her personality; also more explanation of why she spurns Maeglin and what she is holding out for.  The story is wonderful as it is but a little more detail involving the above characters would only enhance it, IMHO.

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