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30th of March, 3019

Windfola - 12 Feb 07 - 12:33 PM

Ch. 1: 30th of March 3019

I find this very moving (literally and figuratively!). It recalls Tolkien's verses on the battle, and the long lists of the Rohan dead and the final lines 'foam dyed with blood flamed at sunset' (Anduin) and 'red fell the dew in Rammas Echor'. At the same time it has the documentary quality of a modern news report.

I'm a bit stuck on the vultures - first instinct was that there arent any in Europe (my geographical template for M.E.). Now I'm not sure (goes away to check existance of said birds in Mediterranean)

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30th of March, 3019

JunoMagic - 12 Feb 07 - 12:59 PM

Ch. 1: 30th of March 3019

Thank you for reading and for taking the time to leave a comment. Smile

I'm glad you enjoyed the story (well, as far as enjoyment is possible, given the topic).

The little moments in between and afterwards often inspire me, along with all those people who are never named in stories, dead or left behind. 

And sometimes I even dare to experiment with writing styles - I'm so happy that this worked for you.

Re: vultures - Yes, there are vultures in Europe (or were, at least, they are all endangered species now). Mostly in southern Europe, but also in the Alps. However, my encyclopedia tells me that they belong to a different family than the vultures of the Americas. 

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