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Ten Thousand Years Will Not Suffice

Areil - 13 Jul 09 - 12:27 AM

Ch. 51: Third Age 3018 - Part Four

After reading about 50 long chapters, I really cannot believe Denethor made such grave error in interpreting his own vision.

1) He saw a boat of Elven-make

2) He saw boat by Rauros, (the northernmost reaches of Gondor), not by Osgiliath or any other part of Gondor.

3) How many of Gondor's heirs, where actually sent of to their last journeys on boats when they fall within its bounds? 

Elven-make boat and Rauros, clearly pointed that Boromir was not going to die that way when in Gondor. How can Denethor miss those clues? Though he was losing his wits , but he definitely did not appear so witless to make such a fatal error.

Even if Denethor missed it, how can Faramir miss those clues? He is deemed wise, and had knack for questioning everything. 

It is very clear that they where inviting Boromir's doom by sending him north, away from Gondor.

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Ten Thousand Years Will Not Suffice

Agape4Gondor - 13 Jul 09 - 9:00 PM

Ch. 51: Third Age 3018 - Part Four

I do not quite understand exactly what you are saying. I spoke with my beta too, Russandol, to see if she could shed light on your remarks, but she could not.

The Rauros 'vision' was in 3017, but ended with the boat crashing. As Galadriel says, visions cannot always be trusted.

In 3018, the vision was not Palantir inspired, therefore, it was truer to a vision than the one in 3017. However, it was still a vision.

Nonetheless, whether it was at the Rauros or Osgiliath (which is where I see it), it still was on the Anduin. Which is why Denethor sent Boromir north - BUT - northwest to the Bruinen.

If you would like to further discuss this, please write. I'm very appreciative of the time you've spent reading this tale.



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