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Fell and Fair

Elena Tiriel - 27 Dec 07 - 9:52 AM

Ch. 4: 8 April, Morning

Hi Denise!

Oh, hooray! My compliments to the tabloid!

Yes, I understand that dumpster-diving is occasionally lucrative.... Wink

This is a wonderful set of drabbles depicting a... legendary relationship. *g* I've never seen Celeborn treated quite like this, but love the results - and the ending.

Thank you! You do know that you inspired this set of drabbles, don't you? Laugh out loud I read your extremely kind MEFA review on Christmas Eve, which gave me the kernel of an idea.... and I stayed up all night to write the drabbles and post them on Christmas Day. (And I've actually tweaked them several times since.... usually I get that out of my system before I post new material, but this was a very special occasion!)

The insults are inspired, and this is quite the lovely image:
Glaring, he sends for his sword and slowly starts to strip.
*Denise fades into dreamland for a while...*

ROTFLMAO Yes, I was rather fond of that line myself... do you know that I had one extra word available, so added slowly at the very last minute? I think it added a certain je ne sais quoi.... and it does explain why Celeborn and Elrohir later were sparring wearing naught but breethclouts and braids, and bearing live steel.... Pimp

Also loved: The Lady would be angry if I unduly disabled him...
The Lady? You'd better worry about Celeborn's fangurls, Hirvegil.

LOL! I think Hirvegil actually knows that.... he is the one who told Celeborn that a blunted weapon doesn't suit him (though I swear I didn't plan that! I just let them snark....) Devilish

Great job, Elena Tiriel, and a sweet Christmas present for us readers!

Thank you so much for the compliment, Denise, and especially for inspiring this chapter! Wave It was really great fun to write!

- Barbara

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Fell and Fair

Larner - 22 Oct 09 - 9:50 AM

Ch. 4: 8 April, Morning

A good plan, and one that worked well for centuries....

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