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The Sword of Elendil

oshun - 22 May 06 - 11:40 AM

Ch. 6: Queen's Falcons

Anyone who loves Halbarad should definitely read this chapter. On Aragorn--I cannot but think of Wordsworth, "The Child is father of the Man..." It is so honest in its portrayal of the young Aragorn--completely recognizable, but with so much more to do and learn. Of course, your continued development of the world of the Northern Dunedain is a real contribution to the genre. Awesome!


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The Sword of Elendil

DrummerWench - 28 May 06 - 7:42 PM

Ch. 6: Queen's Falcons

I read through this chapter again when you transferred it from the Workshop to Beta.  Finally I have the time to drop a note.

I so enjoy Aragorn's backstory as you tell it.  You have made him a well-rounded character - still a youth in many ways, but beginning to show his maturity.  Petulant!Aragorn made me laugh, and Halbarad's reaction was just right.

Eagerly awaiting the next installment!


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The Sword of Elendil

Dwimordene - 29 Apr 07 - 11:32 AM

Ch. 6: Queen's Falcons

Hi G.A.,

Making my way through a quick rereading before I get to those new chapters.

I don't know if I've said this before, but I do love the idea of the falcons who protect the keep. It makes so much sense: when the spies of the Enemy number birds among them, one would need birds on your side as well to catch them.


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The Sword of Elendil

Larner - 17 Oct 10 - 8:55 PM

Ch. 6: Queen's Falcons

I, too, like the idea that the peregrines protect the keep, as another Peregrin will one day protect the King!  Nice foreshadowing!

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