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The Sword of Elendil

RS - 09 Jul 06 - 11:40 AM

Ch. 8: Wise Heart

My stomach is in knots!  The anticipation of seeing a lost love, the excitement of finally seeing her, the rejection of unrequited love (or is it?) AARRRGGHH! Great job on the angst!  Like the twins said, "we have not heard the end of this story". I loved this chapter but you are killing me Gandalf's apprentice!


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The Sword of Elendil

Dwimordene - 01 May 07 - 5:59 AM

Ch. 8: Wise Heart

Saelind is clearly the wisdom figure here - title gives that away before ever she delivers the precise diagnosis of the Dúnedain re: Elrond:

"They complain of both too much and too little attention from Elrond, it seems to me. But even the Lord of Rivendell is not all powerful."

But I love her for her wry sense of humor - she doesn't take herself seriously at all, I think. Her understated banter with her grandson and great-grandsons--teasing Aragorn about subjects she promises never to mention (again), rebuking Halbarad for being impertinent (and clearly loving him for it all the while), making light of her age and fragility in frank terms--is wonderful. She was no doubt a devastatingly witty figure in her youth, and effortlessly embodied the traditions and authority the Dúnedain might expect of the wife of a Chieftain.


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The Sword of Elendil

Gandalfs apprentice - 06 May 07 - 3:02 AM

Ch. 8: Wise Heart

To all: thanks for your comments!

Dwim: <i>Saelind is clearly the wisdom figure here - title gives that away<i>

"Saelind" means Wise Heart in Sindarin, according to HoME. She's the <i>estel<i> of the past--the continuity of royalty.

RS: I'll leave you to look up "eunuch" in the dictionary. 

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The Sword of Elendil

Larner - 17 Oct 10 - 9:33 PM

Ch. 8: Wise Heart

A good meeting as the future confronts the past, and all look to the present.  Now, to see the celebration promised.

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