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Another Man's Cage

IVIaedhros - 02 Nov 06 - 10:25 PM

Ch. 15: Chapter Fifteen--Tyelkormo

Heh...hehe...HAAHHAHAHAHAA *ow*

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Another Man's Cage

oshun - 03 Nov 06 - 1:37 PM

Ch. 15: Chapter Fifteen--Tyelkormo

Another great chapter. I really sympathized with Maedhros having a nice voice but not singing much in light of his brother's gift--talk about a hard act to follow. Loved the duet though and the sly little nods to daddy's politics in it. The description of Feanor was hot--read that part a couple of times (OK, more than a couple). Continuing intriguing characterization and family dynamics.


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Another Man's Cage

Rhapsody - 04 Nov 06 - 12:01 AM

Ch. 15: Chapter Fifteen--Tyelkormo

Dawn... this is simply beautiful. Celegorm who is trying to make sense of why Maedhros would want to court or marry and his own dreams on how he wished to grow up with his elder brothers - instead of them marrying - is deeply moving.

As I told you before, this chapter is perfectly written for a boy of his age: keeping track of details which only feels important to him, his observations of the maidens and oh! How I laughed when you wrote that Caranthir had a wee!elleth chasing after him. It makes me wonder what colour he sees this girl. This was another great chapter from your hands! Is it Friday already?



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