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Another Man's Cage

Iel_o_Thorongil - 17 Nov 06 - 11:15 AM

Ch. 17: Chapter Seventeen--Macalaure

Nothing undone is impossible: true, but also slightly ominous in this instance. I love how you portray this family as actual people. They truly exist--they have their own problems, strengths, weaknesses. The plot of this story also seems to work psychologically--one can see the beginnings of the Feanor we all know from the Silmarillion but one can also see the Feanaro Nerdanel fell in love with. I've never been really interested in the Feanorians but thankfully, this has opened my eyes. Thanks for the update and I look forward to the next!

-Iel o Thorongil,

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Another Man's Cage

BattleHamster - 17 Nov 06 - 2:50 PM

Ch. 17: Chapter Seventeen--Macalaure

I really loved this chapter.  It was neat having it from Maglor's POV for a change, and it was an interestingbackstory with Feanor (I can totally see him doing that).  Plus, I especially appreciated the dressage lesson, reading it after getting back from a dressage lesson a TB gelding with the hugest gaits in the world.Smile

I hope you keep doing these, I look forward to seeing the next chapter every week. 

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Another Man's Cage

oshun - 17 Nov 06 - 4:19 PM

Ch. 17: Chapter Seventeen--Macalaure

Love Macalaurë's POV and character development, Feanor as teacher, the relationship between Macalaurë and Nelyo, Macalaurë's comment about how Feanor treated them when they were little and Nelyo's comment in response about how he won their loyalty. As usual the physical descriptions are stunning. Always love it when you bring in politics:  "Atar grumbled something dismissive and a little obscene that made half of the people around us chuckle and half of them gasp." Great funny line, which holds so much.

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