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Another Man's Cage

oshun - 22 Dec 06 - 8:59 PM

Ch. 22: Chapter Twenty-Two--Maitimo

Happy holidays to you too (lol). This is one of the most difficult chapters of this novel, if not the most difficult, for me to read, but masterfully done. Like Maitimo in this chapter, I have a low tolerance for pain and ugliness--but the words you gave to Feanor comforted me a bit. The quest for knowledge necessarily leads one to dark places.

Thank you for ending it on a happier note. Contains one of my favorite lines as well: "Let's pretend that I am the first maiden you have ever called your love, and I shall pretend that you are the first to say it to me." Also liked Maitimo's line that preceded it, "I assure you that the sight of your burned leg will not tempt me into compromising our shared virtue." These two are so much alike, but Maitimo's tender heart cannot be matched. This awareness, however, reminds me that even the lightest notes in this story are always the shadowed by the readers knowledge of the future.

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Another Man's Cage

MithLuin - 16 May 07 - 5:38 AM

Ch. 22: Chapter Twenty-Two--Maitimo

It is so difficult reading these tender moments, knowing that Maitimo is destined to be unlucky in love and have no sons of his own.  At first, I thought you were going to kill Annawendë off or something equally traumatic, but now I think she is going to lose interest in him for some reason.  The reference to him not being the first person to say he loves her (and the ruby ring his mother noticed) suggests that there is Someone Else running around. 

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