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Another Man's Cage

oshun - 04 Jan 07 - 12:37 PM

Ch. 24: Chapter Twenty-Four--Nolofinwe

I really liked seeing a view of Fingolfin that was other than Fëanor's directly or as filtered through his sons. The letters really worked. Fëanor's letter made me want to take him by the scruff of the neck and shake him 'til his teeth rattled (not that it would have helped at bit!). Maedhros's was a perfect gem: such a blend of sincere warmth and caring for little Fingon, yet written with such self-conscious diplomacy, and unconsciously layered with the poignancy of his desire to smooth over the conflicts between his uncle and his father. (What a lot he takes on his youthful shoulders and how heartbreaking it is to watch.)


One can also read the chapter from the perspective of who are the children and who are the men here: Feanor is being such a brat and Fingolfin is not far behind him...whereas Finarfin, the youngest of Finwë's sons (and in his older brothers' view the lightweight), and Maedhros, barely more than a kid, are the ones who rise above it.  I am going on too long, but just have to add that you skillfully include family history, character development of the whole other side of the family, and reflections on everything from sexual attitudes to pregnancy that make it a goldmine for understanding this world as you imagine it. The comparison of Finarfin's and Fëanor's attitudes on sex were believable, and done with such humor. Fingolfin's impressions of Nerdanel and Fëanor me snicker, while his reflections on his own wife made me go "awww." Hard to pull those contrasting emotions out of a reader simultaneously.

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Another Man's Cage

MithLuin - 16 May 07 - 6:17 AM

Ch. 24: Chapter Twenty-Four--Nolofinwe

Thank you for this glimpse at Fingolfin!  I suspected that he had sent Findecáno away as a sort of punishment, to make him appreciate his home and tutors more - a sort of exile with his half-brother's wild family.  I see now that he really did it because he has his son's best interests at heart - he may be cool, but he is not unloving.  And Anairë sees Eärendil, how cool is that?!

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