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Another Man's Cage

oshun - 29 Jan 07 - 8:22 PM

Ch. 27: Chapter Twenty-Seven--Macalaure

This is one of my favorite chapters. Fantastic Feanor--thoroughly believable as the father who so engages and enthralls his sons that one completely understands how they will do anything for him. As usual the voice of Macalaurë gives us so much depth of insight, not only into his own character, but into that of his parents and brothers. Wonderful Findekáno through the eyes of Macalaurë, we really see the adult he will become in this child. Of course, once again, you give us a heart-wrenching and complex view of Nelyo. You often show me aspects of Feanor in each of the various sons but it is interesting to me that while Macalaurë speaks explicitly of his similarity to his mother and his insecurity about his relationship to his father in this chapter, his own complete submersion into one thing after another throughout this hectic day in his life really remind me more of his father

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Another Man's Cage

Freyalyn - 31 Jan 07 - 4:32 AM

Ch. 27: Chapter Twenty-Seven--Macalaure

Feanor just doesn't bend, does he.  And everyone else will break trying to live up to him or make him soften.

You're getting me so involved here I'm actually finding it rather painful.  And poor Maglor, beating himself up about his simple forgetfulness, because he's not perfect *like his father*.

 I love the imagery you tie to each character.  Feanor hot, dry, on fire.  Maitimo obsessed with his own beauty, either in his dialogue or your description of him.

And I'm so glad that there were fuzzy stuffed puppies in Aman.

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