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Another Man's Cage

oshun - 16 Mar 07 - 8:28 AM

Ch. 33: Chapter Thirty-Three--Nerdanel

I owe you comments on this chapter and the previous one. They were so significant and unsettling and raised large questions of interpretation, foreshadowing, and characterization (particularly of Feanor) that I really need to settle some of my own thoughts about them in my own head, before dashing off any quick comment. (In fact will probably  write you something longer in a private email.)  Loved your exploration of Feanor's relationship with the Valar and their attitude toward him. You very much hit on what Tolkien wrote on the subject that has often seemed to me to be ignored by both scholarship and fanon. That Feanor's method of reacting to the Valar was not a one-sided arrogance on his part but based upon their reaction to him and what they permitted him (up to a point?) and then it is almost as though they wanted to change the rules half way through the game to tragic consequence.

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Another Man's Cage

ziggy - 10 Mar 13 - 7:56 AM

Ch. 33: Chapter Thirty-Three--Nerdanel

I awaken with a start from a nightmare I cannot remember, only that my heart races in fear for my sons. All of my sons. All


four of them, although I cannot fathom why; all I remember was how beautiful they looked, bathed in perfect white light.

This terrible tragic vision keeps anchoring us back to the inevitable, but I love the way this story narrates IN SPITE of it- its domesticity, its desire and eroticism. The last scene of the rose quartz is just lovely- all the contradictions and fury and passion and absolute tenderness bound up in that one jewel.

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