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Before Thangorodrim: The Last Fall of Himring Hill

Cesare - 13 Apr 07 - 4:42 PM

General Comment

I loved this... I liked your style and above all - the characterization... Sure, I'll be tempted to admire ANY story with Fëanorians, but I guess I can still tell a mediocre from a good one and this one is pretty damn brilliant. When it comes to Maedhros and Maglor, I tend to be sensitive... I don't like them written as utter villains but as saints I probably like them even less... You managed to strike quite a delicate balance. I also liked how you handled the easterlings... And Finrod.

May I say, I truly liked those Maedhros's fits of laughter... And - being an adorer of the cackling corvine kind (ravens, rooks, jackdaws, crows, you name it...) - I truly appreciated that you had my fave character befriend the lord of ravens. Fits him well enough, I suppose... And I've never shared Tolkien's soft spor for eagles, anyway...;-)

All in all - a great story. I'm glad I sumbled upon this...

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Before Thangorodrim: The Last Fall of Himring Hill

maeglin - 23 Apr 11 - 10:40 PM

General Comment

Can't believe there's only been one comment on this story!  Probably the best War-of-Wrath story on here.  Your characterizations of Maedhros, Maglor, Finrod and Finarfin are all dead-on perfect.  Enemy forces with courage and nobility - rare and wonderful!   So many good one-liners too :)

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