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Necessity and Desire

erunyauve - 16 Jan 07 - 4:02 AM

General Comment

>>It would be a dangerous gamble for Sauron to march on Rivendell to wrest the Ring from his enemy, leaving the armies of Gondor, Lorien, and Mirkwood unfought behind him.

I love stories that make me see things I didn't see before - in this case, that Sauron had a strategy in mind, even if it was later changed by the movement of the Ring south.

>>It is, in my opinion, unlikely that a new army of orcs will come up through Eriador. Black horses or no, I do not believe all of Rohan is lost. Sauron's armies would not march unmolested over the plains and Saruman still stands at the Gap.

I like this bit because it reminds the reader of what was yet unknown at the time of the story.

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Necessity and Desire

Elena Tiriel - 08 Feb 10 - 3:30 PM

General Comment

I really enjoyed this, Gwynnyd. Not only did it give a plausible explanation for book events -- e.g. Aragorn's absence from the feast -- but his discussions of Sauron's potential military strategies is fascinating and eye-opening.... Of course, Rivendell would be a target for attack, now that the Ringwraiths know the Ring is there.... but I had never thought of it that way before!

Nicely done!

- Barbara

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