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Theme and Variations

Ti'ana Luthien - 28 May 06 - 2:15 PM

General Comment

Oh, this was a delight to read from beginning to end. You've done a marvelous job of getting Faramir past all his baggage - and without having him succumb to angsty-ness! I have nothing against Faramir angst, but I don't think the man was constantly posessed of dark thoughts.

 I loved the whole Jane Austen angle (huuuuuuge JA fan, here); it made me giggle and yet annoyed the heck out of me, as such gossipping always does.

I loved the image of an "uncivilized" Aragorn - exactly the way I picture it, I must say; and I think he would  have continued to be something a trial to the staff even once more accustomed to life - and the drinking/smoking scene was, quite honestly, one of my favourite parts. 

I really can't say it enough...I loved this story. And if you decide to continue in this vein, then I'll be waiting along with everyone else.



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Theme and Variations

Gandalfs apprentice - 29 May 06 - 9:30 PM

General Comment

Hello, Ti'ana Luthien

So glad you enjoyed "Theme and Variations"--one of my purposes in writing it was to attempt to give a lighter touch to this often so angsty, difficult period in Faramir's life while at the same time remaining true to the story. Putting some comic characters in the Steward's family a la Jane Austen proved to be the best route! And thanks for adding your recommendation!

Gandalfs apprentice 

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Theme and Variations

Tyleet - 19 Feb 08 - 6:32 PM

General Comment

I really like this! It has an almost Austenian feel to it--Morwen is a dead ringer for Pride & Prejudice's Mrs. Bennet. And I love Faramir's somewhat easygoing narration--it worked very well. 

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Theme and Variations

illereyn - 19 May 08 - 4:43 AM

General Comment

Hey Gandalf's Apprentice!
This is a really wonderful story - I enjoyed watching Faramir's relationship with Aragorn grow - and the sisters are a real treat!

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