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Movie!Faramir’s lost honour

wordweaver - 27 Jan 07 - 2:31 PM

General Comment

Bravo!  You make an excellent point.  It was obvious to me from the moment in Fellowship of the Ring when the movie writers added the parting scene between Aragorn and Frodo that they didn't get Faramir (and he hadn't even shown up on screen). 

Faramir is the one who is supposed to be a foil to Boromir, the Numenorean who can resist the ring's temptation.  When they gave that role to Aragorn, they effectively neutered Faramir (which dovetails with what you say about their robbing him of romance and a posterity).

I also find it interesting that they shied away completely from almost any interaction between the King and his Steward, possibly because they had already done so much work to merge them.


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