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A Liminal Patience

Ti'ana Luthien - 20 Jun 06 - 9:18 AM

Ch. 1: A Liminal Patience

Wow...Thevina this was...this was beautiful - despite from whose mind it comes!! It could, perhaps, be from a time when Grima was not yet *completely* corrupted (or so I like to think), for he speaks of her extending her hand to him, as opposed to him possessing her.

I fear I may be rambling, but once again: well done!


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A Liminal Patience

Thevina Finduilas - 20 Jun 06 - 11:11 AM

Ch. 1: A Liminal Patience

Thank you so very much!! I'm quite interested in Grima as a character; he must have had a lot going for him to have been taken in by Théoden in the first place, so yes, I believe he didn't arrive corrupted. I do also believe he had his eye on Éowyn from a young age. In another story I wrote, I indicate that Grima had been spurned by a striking blonde in his early youth, and that's part of the reason why he's drawn to Éowyn. She's compelling enough just being there, though.

Thank you again for leaving a comment!


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A Liminal Patience

Elena Tiriel - 06 Dec 09 - 6:34 PM

Ch. 1: A Liminal Patience

I never thought I could read the thoughts of Gríma without recoiling in disgust, but you show how he could have had some honor when he first joined Théoden's court, before he became the Wormtongue. Nicely done!

- Barbara

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