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The Heart of a Knight

DKP - 25 Jan 08 - 8:32 AM

Ch. 3: Meeting Prince Faramir

Oh, excellent! 

You've segued into this next phase of the story very well. Beregond's increasing uneasiness is plain, as events continue to weigh on him and he's had additional time to think over all the potential ramifications from the King's judgment. He and Bergil continue to have some wonderful father-son moments; I can really see how much they depend upon one another. The exploration of how others might view Beregond's actions is handled particularly well, as is Beregond's own agonizing and questioning. 

There are lots of details tucked in, not always elaborated on or explained, that give depth and background. (Though we might perhaps meet the enigmatic Balanoth later?) 

And Mistress Almarian – oh ho! *speculates avidly* 

I love your patient Faramir and how you manage his and Beregond's interactions. Their meeting is definitely the highlight of the story for me, so far. And again, small items really enrich it, like the implied closeness between Faramir and Aragorn, and Faramir's quick perception and his easy-going nature with the page, and his bemused reflection on his accumulation of names. And I think you laid out an excellent take on Faramir's reasoning behind Beregond being chosen as Captain, and the "compromise". Very nice!

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The Heart of a Knight

Larner - 20 Sep 08 - 2:23 AM

Ch. 3: Meeting Prince Faramir

Okay--caught up at last!

Beregond is one of my favorite lesser characters within Gondor, as ought to be obvious, particularly as I keep writing about the King's justice toward him from different points of view.  I look forward to the story being continued in time.

Wonderful writing, and excellent use of details from several different sources.  And I apparently haven't read all the works from which your challenge was made.  But I have rather shamelesslyn borrowed names from all kinds of sources to add to the population of the Shire and the Breelands, you see.

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