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Father and Sons

Starlight - 06 Mar 09 - 7:47 PM

General Comment

(I hope this is the proper place to leave a review...)
I really cannot write a coherent review about such a wonderful story, but thought that you would like to know that I read it and was awed. You have such a firm grasp on these people! Even though one knows how badly things will go for them (and in the case of Denethor, how redemption eludes him in the end) one cannot stop reading and bracing oneself for the next awful blow that comes their way. They are all so human here--even Denethor--and so exquisitely nuanced. Thanks for such an amazing study and portrayal.

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Father and Sons

Dwimordene - 07 Mar 09 - 4:00 PM

General Comment

Dear Starlight,

Yes, HASA is always an appropriate place to leave a review for me, and thanks so much for commenting on this story!

I had such a good time writing "Father and Sons" and working out the basic personalities and relationships that informed this triad of characters. I'm glad you found them all convincing and convincingly able to fit in relationship to the ends we know that each of them will go to, but especially that that foreknowledge did not prevent the story from having its own dramatic tension. And in terms of Denethor, I'm glad that "even he" is human - that's a balance I like to struggle with. I'm not a fan of Denethor as a nice guy, but I don't think he is an inhuman monster - he's an entirely too human being who develops  some of the most brilliant and also worst possibilities of being human.

Thanks again for leaving such thoughtful comments!

Happy reading!


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