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Wind of Change

Lady Masterblott - 29 Nov 06 - 2:11 PM

General Comment

A very moving piece. It brought back a lot of memories to me in an instant.

- Even if, back when it happened, I felt oddly - untouched by the events. It's always the same: If something really large happens, I block it out, to deal with it later, from some distance. But I remember seeing the same pictures on TV in November 1989, and my father cried.

And THAT touched me, even back then. It still does touch me that there still are moments when ppl can think of something else than their own affairs. I seriously hope it wasn't the last time.

As for Maglor: Somehow I can see him right there. (And in any case: As far as singing is concerned: Better him than David Hasselhoff! ;) )


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Wind of Change

Elena Tiriel - 18 Dec 07 - 12:52 AM

General Comment

Oh, my goodness, Imhiriel, this story left me in tears! I saw Larner's comment on the HASA front page, and had to see what the story was about, and I am sooo glad I read it.

I remember the Fall clearly, despiting living practically on the other side of the world... some employees of the German divisions of the company I worked for sent emails describing their experiences, and it was profoundly heartening.

And your story thrilled me, almost as if I was there, part of the scene.

My heart went out to Maglor, seeing the twins and being reminded of his beloved foster sons, so many millennia later.... But I was so glad when he overcame his self-imposed silence... I could almost hear him, singing like an angel!

This is a superb story, Imhiriel - thank you for sharing it!

- Barbara

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