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Where Love Is

Laurinquar - 20 Aug 06 - 12:55 PM

General Comment

This is written beautifully, in my opinion, and I hope you write much more in the future! I anticipate what else you have in store for us.

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Where Love Is

Beautfuloblivion - 29 Oct 06 - 11:47 PM

General Comment

You did a truly excellent job with this story. The language is so beautiful. I actually read it aloud to myself while reading. It flowed so well, sounded so elegant. There was no hitch in speech that would suggest poor wording or an awkward thought. It was masterfully done. It was just long enough to draw one in but it was not so long that one became bored with the journal format it was written in. The characters' personalities shined through very well. Especially considering the medium and time constraints. That even applies to Galadriel.

The relationship you wrote between Fingon and Maedhros . . . very well done. Very well crafted. Very well worded. You didn't feel the need to explain more than you should. Yet, you didn't shy away from expressing what was needed. As one who is part of a relationship that is similar in some fashions, I must also congratulate you on capturing that feeling as well.

You didn't ignore possible backlash, but you also allowed people to respond truly in the story. You captured that empathy in those around without their utter understanding. They can appreciate it for where they see themselves in it. But it was still understandable why Fingon and Maedhros would suspect possible fear and backlash from those who did not or those who did not think that enough.

Very well done. I would like to read more of your stories. Feel free to contact me through my email: musedepandora@yahoo.com if you wish to discuss anything further about Tolkien, this story, or writing in general.


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