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The World of Men

RS - 26 Dec 06 - 8:54 PM

Ch. 1: Leavetaking

"These were his people?"  I like Aragorn's reaction when he first laid eyes on the Dunedain.  Quite understandably so as he is used to the "privelaged" life in Imladris.

Scared!  That is what I felt after reading this. Imaging leaving the only world you know and not knowing if you'll ever see it again?

The brief looks between Arwen and Aragorn were short but quite...for lack of a better word...sexy???

Can't wait to read your take on Aragorn's new life.

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The World of Men

Vilwarin - 27 Dec 06 - 1:37 AM

Ch. 1: Leavetaking

I am glad you liked it.

Yes, it must be very difficult for Aragorn. It is like closing the door and not knowing if you will ever be able to open it again. But the poor man 'ain't seen nothing yet'.


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The World of Men

RS - 21 Feb 07 - 5:34 PM

Ch. 2: Home

I love Haldor's introduction in this story --"his black hair hung in wild, wavy strands...and a big grin was plastered across his face." Quite a memorable picture for me!  I've a feeling he's going to be quite a handful!

I like your OC's. I'm quite curious about Indelin and the angry Halladan. And Ellemir...was that a forced smile (in the kitchen)? I'm dying to know what their stories are. 

I'm really enjoying this..I'm hooked.  Can't wait for your next update.

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