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Stirring Rings

dwelf - 02 Sep 06 - 4:27 AM

General Comment


I'd like to take that opportunity to thank you for all your stories. You write beautifully but most of all you wander deep in the mind all your characters and Tolkien's. It's always such a wonderfull experience to travel at your side in Middle Earth. I fell in love with your Frodo and your Sam, and the Shire as you see it, so real and yet a piece of paradise. Aragorn is not anymore a character of legends but a man of incredible proportions. Thank you a thousand times for all the time and energy you spend writing about all of them. Also congratulation for going so far, so deep, over the boundaries of the unknown of ME, in Harad with the "Lesser Rings", in Tol Eressëa, places where few dare wandering. That brings me to "Stirring Rings".

Much is unsaid of the 5 istari, and I can't tell you how excited I am to read your vision of them.

It's interesting that Finarfin and Finrod are the one asking for help for their sister/daughter, and the one starting the snowball. I would not have thought of that. But it makes sense, there are few still alive in Ennor who have relatives in the Blessed Realms, who can "plead their case" and who needs it more than Galadriel.

Why am I not surprised by Curumo's attitude? But I'm sure he had good intentions at the beginning. We have a saying : "Hell is paved with good intentions", I think it is so true, for humans, but when I look at Sauron and what he was, it is true for many others too. And pride!

I was surprised by Manwë, more by his position in fact. I always thought that there was no stated lord in Valinor, that all look up to Manwë and seek his council because he was so more knowledgable and more powerfull than the others, and afterall he heard more of the Song than anyone else but Eru. But not as a leader or lord.


Finally, isn't Olórin facinating?! I love the idea that he did not have one "field" but a more complexe nature and many interests, and loved and appreciated all things. And where we recognise your style is in those little things that reveale so much and synthesise all of their personnality: the proud Curumo, the humble Aiwendil and the faithful Olórin who in the end only asked for blessing (small and humble request but such a powerfull one).

Thanks Larner. I shall follow you in this adventure.

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Stirring Rings

Aiwendiel - 05 Sep 12 - 6:47 PM

General Comment

I've just started re-reading your new version of this wonderful tale. And it has not yet failed to intrigue and entertain me! You do a wonderful job with the characterizations of Gandalf and Saruman, of course, but all the rest of the characters, minor, major and everything in between! And that goes doubly for your Hobbits. Thanks for this work of art in progress. 

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