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Lighting Fires

Meril - 07 Sep 06 - 5:39 PM

General Comment

*squeal*  Gwynnyd, this is absolutely perfect! It has just the right mixture of seriousness and humor. 

For whatever reason (probably the elves in my head), I've never thought about young Estel, but the way he is totally unaware of his heritage (which I knew, but didn't really think about) is so wonderful.  "I thought I was going to hunt orcs with you when I grew up..."  Growing up so misplaced, and as such an oddity among the Rivendell elves, gives him this very unique perspective among Men. 

"I don't know any men."  This was the single sentence that really made me feel how lonely Estel's life was, and just how sheltered he was from... well, from everything.

This was an absolute delight to read.  (And it's the birthday that keeps on giving that's the best kind, after all! :D)

*hugs* Thank you!  

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Lighting Fires

Gwynnyd - 07 Sep 06 - 6:29 PM

General Comment

I'm so glad you liked it!

Happy Birthday, six months late!  LOL 


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Lighting Fires

Calenharn - 05 Nov 06 - 6:58 PM

General Comment

My comments pertain to the story as a whole.

I am not particularly crazy about young Estel (or, for that matter, young Legolas) stories, but I found this one to be both charming and thought provoking.   Although it started out as a story about Estel the reluctant student (of history, of mathematics, of anything academic), it really is a story about Estel the novice Ranger, and his first "experience" in survival (and warfare) in the Wild (and the lessons learned therein).

It was very canonical and in character for Estel the young boy to get this first training from his foster brother.   (Who else but the family of Elrond to train him, and who better than an older brother who he must have hero-worshiped?)  What made the story special was not that the training was yet another thing on Elrond's checklist, but was something that Estel (effectively) demanded for himself.   I rather liked the idea that even Elrond could make mistakes (in judging Estel's maturity, and the course that his studies should take).

Another bit that I liked was Elrohir's quandry in trying to justify the necessity of the academic studies to Estel, without revealing *why* they were necessary.   I thought that detail really added to the story, and that Elrohir came up with a good explanation.

Finally, I really enjoyed the physical description of their foray into the "Wild".

Well done.

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