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Yours to command

Lady Simbelmyne - 16 Mar 07 - 7:43 AM

Ch. 20: Preparations

I only hope a warg doesn't jump on Éowyn's wedding cake...

By the way, loved the insults "The tact of a mûmak? The sense of honour of a warg?" ha ha Couldn't put it any better.

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Yours to command

Lialathuveril - 16 Mar 07 - 2:41 PM

Ch. 20: Preparations

Hello Lady Simbelmyne,

now that would be a wonderful scene to write and very, very tempting! But I've got nothing quite so dramatic planned. There will be no more wargs in this story - unless you count the human ones.

And I agree, Lothiriel's quite good at insulting!

Thanks for your comment!


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Yours to command

mistry89 - 17 Mar 07 - 12:31 AM

Ch. 20: Preparations

I'm enjoying (actually, I'm terribly tense and worried, but that is what you want me to feel, so "enjoying" is perhaps, appropriate after all!) this story immensely. If my comments are spotty it is because I am loathe to read The Next Installment and find myself more worried and am yet eager to see it unfold (I do hope that makes sense!).

At this point I'm unsure which character is most in need of a Jolly Good Talking too, previously sensible ones have lost their reasoning powers, and others are just beyond reason.

Perhaps you could consider my response to be that of the attentive listener "Hmmm, oh, hmm, do go on ..." and take that as implicit encouragement from one desperate not to break your mood or flow?

Thank you :)

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Yours to command

Lialathuveril - 18 Mar 07 - 3:33 AM

Ch. 20: Preparations

Hello Mistry89,

yes I know what you mean. And I'm afraid the worry will only get worse in the upcoming chapters - although there is a bright spot not too far ahead.

For of course while  Eomer and Lothiriel are busy sorting out the tangles in their love life, unnoticed by them darker clouds are gathering on the horizon!

But at least the writing flows smoothly, so I can promise more next week.

Thanks for commenting!


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