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Of Like Passion

DKP - 08 Oct 07 - 11:57 AM

Ch. 16: Trade Mission

What a delight, to have a new chapter so soon after I belatedly caught up. Yay! for Gaernath; one cannot blame him for his attitude and manner, especially given his youth. Dírmaen is obviously an excellent teacher. I also enjoyed that glimpse into Gwinnor's passion for the hunt, although it surprised me, too, that he'd be fired up to go after regular (non-warg) wolves. Noldor vs. Sindarin sensibilities? Or an excuse to get back into the hills, or to pump Gaernath for information? Or all of it...

And is Saelon's dream foresight, or subconscious wishfulness... I have to remember that there are issues and events between Veylin and Dírmaen that she knows nothing of.

Even better, we may soon be getting a taste of inter-Dwarf trading, and more of Auð! Yes! Another excellent chapter, Adaneth.

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Of Like Passion

Elrûn - 15 Oct 07 - 6:11 AM

Ch. 16: Trade Mission

Dear Adaneth,

a fortnight away from my computer gifts me with yet another three of your chapters. As always, your writing is fabulous. Please do not say Dírmaen will have to suffer forever! He is as clumsy as only love-struck men can be, and yet... Since she already dreams of him? Even the raging sea needs a calm harbour...


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Of Like Passion

Adaneth - 16 Oct 07 - 12:35 PM

Ch. 16: Trade Mission

Never fear, Elrûn; Dírmaen will not suffer forever . . . for he is a mortal Man.  (Gwinnor!  Shoo!  Elrûn already finds you annoying.  Wink )

Ah, and the good Ranger has acquired another partisan.  I try to post a chapter every week, Denise, although real life is putting me a bit behind that timetable.  At this point I can tell you that Chapter 18 will start with Dírmaen's pov.

A raging sea, you say?  Are you Foresighted, Elrûn?



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