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Beyond the Measure of Dreams

Arandur - 09 Mar 08 - 12:54 PM

General Comment

Skye, I thoroughly enjoyed this AU story.  It covered quite skillfully and dramatically some areas of Boromir's psyche left unfinished in the original story and films.  It isn't often writers can resurrect a character as dynamic as this without encountering problems, but you've disspelled any doubts in my mind.  I genuinely believed that Boromir could have survived, even though you never offered an explanation for that survival.  I did not need to know how he came back, because the story told me all I needed to know in order to follow the plot and character progressions.   What was most important and beautifully presented was how the characters interacted with one another.  The relationship between Faramir and his brother is exactly as I have imagined it to be, and the love and respect between them is strong and portrayed with great artistry in your every word usage.   Boromir's haunting vision of how the world would have looked had he taken the Ring from Frodo and returned it to Minas Tirith, is as visually chilling as it is real.  I could see every blood-soaked, visceral image as clearly as I perceived Peter Jackson's visualization of the battles for Middle-Earth.  I'm pleased you tackled this aspect of Boromir's guilt as well, and did not dwell so much on his guilt over his attack on Frodo, which surely would have been resolved shortly after the War of the Ring was ended.  I stongly recommend other readers on Henneth Annun give this story a read.  Those who may not care whether Boromir lived beyond his death, well, I think you're missing out on a very finely crafted character study, as well as a moving personal and pschological examination of "what might have been."  A most excellent story. --- Arandur

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Beyond the Measure of Dreams

Agape4Gondor - 27 Jun 08 - 7:14 PM

General Comment

I am kicking myself - for I had meant to nominate this for this year's MEFAs - will have to put it on my list for next year!

This is a totally believable 'Boromir lives' tale. I'm glad you didn't go into the 'how' for it sometimes detracts from a tale. I like that Boromir arrived with Arwen from Lorien. Made sense.

Now - on to the good stuff. Faramir's reaction at seeing his brother alive was exactly as I would suspect. Loved the prayer to the Valar. As a lover of Gondor, I'm very familiar with the landscape and I truly enjoyed the ease and peace of looking onto the Pelennor from Ithilien. Very nice. I loved Boromir's vision of what the consequences might have been had he succeeded in taking the Ring. I was particularly upset with Faramir at even mentioning it.... but can understand that the man had no clue as to the 'wound' that was still within Boromir's heart. Nice ending too.

Thanks for sharing.

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