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After Stormy Seas

DKP - 04 Mar 08 - 4:34 PM

Ch. 8: Old Man of the Sea

You've crafted a superb characterization of Círdan: this is an Elf in which I can visualize ages of wisdom, blended with what I've always thought of as the more practical and down-to-earth (but not lesser) nature of the so-called "Dark Elves". Sealon can learn much from him, and I love her various reactions during their conversations.

Also, I've been enjoying the nautically-themed chapter titles and intro quotes, but I particularly love what you chose for Círdan - just perfect!

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After Stormy Seas

Adaneth - 05 Mar 08 - 10:32 AM

Ch. 8: Old Man of the Sea

You've crafted a superb characterization of Círdan

I'm glad you liked it.  It gave me fits, because I like to have "real" things to bounce off of, as you may have noticed.  Wink  And there is so little on Círdan in Tolkien's writings--aahh!  Too much blank canvas!  Laugh out loud

As for the quote, I didn't expect to have to go back so far to find something I liked.  (Hmm; maybe I should have gone with the shoulder-riding shapeshifter Sinbad got drunk. *snork*)  It's interesting to see perspectives on a character change over the centuries.

Oh, and a little side note: Nereus was supposed to have daughters (a whole bevy of prophetic lasses who liked to help out sailors).  If anyone wants to take that nuzgul home, they're welcome to it.

Grinding my way through the next chapter . . . only a few hundred words more . . . .



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