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After Stormy Seas

mffantasia - 29 Sep 08 - 8:55 AM

Ch. 12: Freedom of the Seas


I'm glad that you update d this story, but not too much that it is finish. I like your characters a lot, and I haven't see this plot before, the friendship between a dwarf and a dunadaneth, it is different. I like her, she is strong, and brave. I like that she has some understanding with Cirdan, at the end, he is one of the wiser elves in Middle Earth, and won't be beneficial for her and her people to be a t odds with him. I'm a little romantic, so I fill a little bad for Dirmaen, she really is hard with him. Bu do I see a little concern from her about him? Only his health? it was funny her thoughts about him not knowing how to take care of himself and want to take care of a wife. At least she knows that she is the cause of his unhappiness, Vexing man and woman, both. Are you going to write another part of this series soon? Thanks again for this story, even if I don't review often (well, almost never) I do enjoy and read it always.


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After Stormy Seas

DKP - 30 Sep 08 - 8:38 PM

Ch. 12: Freedom of the Seas

She minded him of Laegeleg, the Sharp-swift, a most gallant ship yet one that had given its best only on the very edge of the wind, prone to gripe under the hand of any but a knowing steersman.

Very apt! Although the "knowing steersman" part doesn't bode well for Dírmaen at this point. Nice to see her taking some notice of the fellow, though, and I actually grinned in approval at his comment that he might soon be leaving her. Not quite an ultimatum, but a push at least to make up her mind, although he's not winning any points in this chapter!

Nice turn with Gwinnor's name, too – I had no idea until Saelon did - and Cirdan's insights are a great way to leave the story. If only others might clue in now...

P.S. I've no complaints at waiting between chapters, or even rewrites. It's easier than waiting for the whole story to come out completed, truth be told! But please do what is easiest for you; your zealous and faithful readers will be waiting.

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After Stormy Seas

Adaneth - 01 Oct 08 - 6:37 AM

Ch. 12: Freedom of the Seas

Thank you for the kind comments, when there have probably been times when you wondered if I would ever finish!  Embarassed

Yes, Fantasia, there will be another story in the Dûnhebaid Cycle.  In fact, I've already started work on it.  (Elrûn would probably hunt me down and do something unpleasant to me if I left things with Dírmaen where they are now. Wink )

Hm; I was planning on waiting to post it until all or most of it was done, so readers wouldn't have such interminable waits between chapters, but it seems some of you would rather have dribs and drabs sooner.  If you feel particularly strongly one way or the other, please feel free to send me a private note, and I will see which way the wind is setting.

Ah, who knows what Círdan may or may not have arranged, DKP.  Isn't it rather peculiar that Saelon just happened on him in the shipyard like that?  Grin



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