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A Cat In King Elessar's Court

Kitt Otter - 19 Oct 08 - 10:17 AM

Ch. 31: The Tunnels of Mindolluin

Today was the day I decided to read this again… so much time slipped by without my knowing. I was delighted that the cat met Legolas and Gimli! I never imagined Gimli the cat-person, but he meant well. *snickers* No, beard hairs does not sound palatable in cream.

Pippin squealing in delight at the sight of Alqua reminded me so much of my brother it was almost scary. Be sure, his enthusiasm overwhelms most of the cats. I love this line: I held my paw to my forehead. A funny image that conjures up. Oh dear, the Cat really does have a loose tongue; and here he was chagrining Pippin!

I do think eating apples and cheese to the tale of the Witch-king was a wee bit out of place. But quite hobbity. Too bad Ioreth had to swoop in on them. Poor, poor Hurin! *giggles* I hope he is not too bruised.

This was a sadder chapter. I had not thought that much myself about the continuation of Alqua's lineage. It is true that the wounded soldiers would die as soldiers, even if not at the Gate. And what could the Cat be up to now?


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A Cat In King Elessar's Court

Agape4Gondor - 21 Oct 08 - 7:56 PM

Ch. 31: The Tunnels of Mindolluin

Your comments were priceless, Kitt. Many thanks!

So your brother resembles a hobbit? LOL

And yes, soldiers will die, whether in combat or protecting their people in 'hiding.'

Bless you for continuing to read and respond.

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