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The Circles: Book 2: Journey of Sorrow

Aganaphel - 01 Oct 08 - 3:50 AM

Ch. 7: The Clerk

Thank you for updating my favorite story. Indeed what would Middle Earth look like if Sauron won the war? "Men have failed, the age of Orcs is coming", we are told in the movies. Not so. It is the world of Men - the ascending race of the Fourth Age, with or without Sauron. Elves were waning, Orcs and Trolls were nothing but Sauron's cannon fodder, but what made him strong was the support of the Men of the East. Let us have a realistic look at them then, with their merits and shortcomings, their peculiar customs and their "alien" culture. It seems the twins will soon learn more about the Men of the East than the Wise ever did.

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The Circles: Book 2: Journey of Sorrow

Angmar and Elfhild - 14 Oct 08 - 1:56 PM

Ch. 7: The Clerk


Indeed, the Fourth Age is the age of men. Tolkien never intended for the magical races to play a large role in the future of the world, at least not with the same magnitude they had in the Silmarillion. Even though there were still large Elvish populations in Mirkwood and the Northeast, they were not major players in the events of the world. To many people in the West, the elves were already slipping into the realm of legends. (The memory of Men is not long...) Though magic still remained, the countries and kingdoms of men were rising in power and no longer would there be great battles with supernatural forces as there were in the First Age.

The Circles explores the cultures of the South and East, their customs, beliefs, histories and social mores. And, yes, many of the Rohirric captives will learn far more about the Men of Darkness than the Wise ever did... for it is highly doubtful that any of them ever stepped inside the secret walls of the harem and seen behind the ornately carved lattice screens....


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