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Details, Details

Elen Kortirion - 10 Oct 08 - 4:25 AM

General Comment

But of course!  You've brought up a perfectly logical idea that I've never seen mentioned before.  Wonderful!  Absolutely logical, completely original (as far as I know).  I thoroughly enjoyed your writing and descriptions, they conveyed the scene with great clarity... and the concept behind the story is a terrific 'face palm' moment as in 'but of course, someone had to do that!!'

Well done for bringing forward something truly fresh and novel.  :-)

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Details, Details

Aiwendiel - 10 Oct 08 - 11:28 AM

General Comment

Well, thanks, so glad you enjoyed it! Actually, it is a wee bit off canon, as JRRT mentions at least once that the Nine Rings were "held" by Sauron at some point after the wraiths became enslaved by them. But that never quite made ssense to me (how'd he do that, going in and out of corporeal substance??) and this little image kept nagging at me, so there you are. Again, I am so happy it pleased you.

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Details, Details

Tanis - 16 Jul 12 - 6:04 PM

General Comment

So having found one I thoroughly enjoyed, I had to go looking for others.  I don't do WIPs anymore and anything over 5k requires a time commitment I rarely have these days ... but these short ones I have time and leisure to peruse.

This was so very different!  Which made it both compelling and fun to read.  Though fun is probably not an adjective that best describes this stoy.  Your descriptions of the Pelennor are so good I almost felt as though I was walking in their wake as Aragorn and Gandalf trod that noisome path. 

Aragorn's descrying of Éowyn & Merry's battle with the Nazgul, just from their footprints, raised a bit of professional jealousy - that was exquisite.  But then you gave us Aragorn in temptation mode and Gandalf being ... Gandalf.  The turning point of that decision was honed like a diamond.

Great read!  This one's going in my favorite's folder. 


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