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Where the Heart is

RS - 22 Sep 08 - 1:52 PM

Ch. 1: Where the Heart is

The description feels like a postcard for a vacation spot or resort!  Beautiful.  Lapping of waves, scent of the north... Everything about it is comfortable...just like home.


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Where the Heart is

RiverOtter - 22 Sep 08 - 4:51 PM

Ch. 1: Where the Heart is

Postcard reads: Wish you were here

                      Aragorn and Arwen 

Address: Faramir and Eowyn

             Emyn Arnen


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Where the Heart is

Larner - 24 Sep 08 - 7:41 AM

Ch. 1: Where the Heart is

Yes, a perfect glimpse of the homecoming of the King, although this is a new home indeed.

I so love the items of memory that lie here, items to remind him of those who share his northern origins with him, and especially the picture and map.  Yes, Sam's son would find a way of bringing together in his person thoughts of both his father and of his departed name-father as well as his own childish imagination.

Delightful, Imhiriel!

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Where the Heart is

DKP - 20 Apr 09 - 8:08 PM

Ch. 1: Where the Heart is

The atmosphere in this piece still imbues me with a tremendous sense of peace and homeyness. The details are lovely, wonderfully chosen to blend both Hobbit and LotR, past and present, and call to mind so much beyond just this drabble. Excellent!

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